My fav products of 2012

*Cause it is annoying me…I apologize in advance for the fact that the pictures are all different sizes. Some of them were edited on my phone while I was out, and others were brought in from previous posts*

Top products of my year of 2012

Lips were big for me this year. I started crawling out of my comfort zone, and started going loud. Helped that I already liked the colours, I just need the extra boost of confidence to wear them out. It helped that I kept (and continue) practicing lining my lips to wear brighter colours. My lips are a tad lopsided, thus it needs a little bit of help to level things out. Even then, my smile is lopsided lol, ah well :P


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Lovesick
I picked this up in Chicago (check out my post HERE), and wore is out a lot. It was a tad bit drying, but I loved the crayon aspect of it. Like I loved it a lot. The colour was bright, but I felt that it was a nice colour on me. It helped that it was a stain as well.

Essence Stay With Me
Essence Stay with Me Gloss in Candy Bar
A cheap buy that I enjoyed using. The gloss allowed me to sheer it out, or build it up. It helped that the price was quite good. You can find my post on it HERE.

Annbelle TwistUp
Annabelle TwistUp Royale
I got this in my giftbag from the Annabelle+Marcelle Press event in June (which I wrote about HERE). And it was love at first use. I haven’t re-bought, and only have a few use left, but I know that I want them. Just trying to use up a few other things before I do. My post HERE.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine
I didn’t do a post on this, but this was my neutral lip that I reached for most often this year. The cap was wonky, so I didn’t carry it around with me, but it helped to define my lips, while giving me some colour. You can see swatches on Google Images

When I was in Chicago, I also picked up Carmex, and fell in love with it all over again. I remember in grade 7 and 8 I was obsessed with it, for the tingly feel it gave my lips. But seeing as I wasn’t a fan of the squeeze tube, I left it behind for Blistex in mint. There was a sale at CVS so I snagged 5 of these for $5. STEAL!



e.l.f Booster in Sheer

I received this from Jill@Jillojello. I had used CoverFx Setting but as I finished that, I didn’t really use a setting powder. I had just used a bit of regular mineral foundation. This is light, doesn’t make me look cakey, and the price $3 is just lovely.

Daiso Blush xD
Daiso Neocolor Blush in B
I received this from Watercoloursky as a gift, and have enjoyed using it the last few months. When I was a tad more tanned, I used it a bit more heavily, but now with winter, I use a touch of it. It has a bit of shimmer, just as I like it. You can find my post HER strike that, I spent time looking for it…only to realize that it never published! so you will see it in the next few weeks, or this week (I posted it HERE).


Annabelle Smoothie Cocoaloco
I had bought one in September of 2011, and snagged a bunch of these at the fall press event (Check out the post HERE), but didn’t really get around to using it until the spring. This line (minus Lichoriche, as it smudged like no tomorrow for me), was how I was able to keep my eotd together during our summer, and the humidity I had to tackle when I was in Chicago. I liked Cocoaloco as I could blend it out quickly for a colour for my lids, or use it to line my eyes (or both!). You can see my comparison post HERE.

Marcelle Xtension Mascara
I got this in my giftbag at the fall press event, I wrote about it HERE as my lashes are to pathetic to start off with, it wasn’t hard to see why I liked it. I would love to see a waterproof version, and if you are interested in it, I have seen a double package of it being sold at SDM. It is bundled as a boxed and unboxed version. Not sure if they are still available, but I know it was still there at the end of November.

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes #06
I came back to this in September. I had neglected to use it prior to this. As I restarted university, I found less time to do my makeup, or rather I wanted to spend less time on my eyes. So having 4 neutral colours, helped me to tote them around with me, and not have to worry that they would shatter, as they are a tad more durable than regular shadows. A tad pri


Marcelle New Age Eye+Lip Contour Cream
I received this in my giftbag from the PR event. I was deterred from eye things cause of my other experience…which I will mention below, from another brand, so I didn’t try this out until a month later. This helped to restore my faith. It would moisturize my eye area, without suffocating it, or causing weird bumps to form. This nighttime application helped to create a smoother area for me when I had to apply my concealer for dark circles. Airless pumps are always nice too :P

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil
I had bought these guys at the MAC warehouse sale in 2011, but I had been using another brand TISS (Shiseido), so didn’t get to start using it til February. And wow. I thought TISS was good, but BB is pretty neat. It is far better at emulsion than the TISS.

Just to level things out, I wanted to addd…

Things I’ve fallen out of love with/won’t rebuy:

CoverFx ConcealFx
When I first started using this, it was great. It was creamy, and blended well. But due to a few changes, I don’t think that way any more. First I didn’t like that the product separates. I get a glob of a watery substance before the product. Not fun. Another was that it emphasized my uneven skin under my eyes. That was a tough one. Age is really taking a toll on my skin >;;_<;; Unfortunate, as I still have another backup tube in Light somewhere. Plus this was my go to concealor for quite some time now. Currently switched to MUFE.

Burts Bees Anti Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment
The main reason to this is that my skin got used to it. It would take several applications throughout the day to get the effect that a twice a day application used to do wonders for. So I have gone back to my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Smashbox O-Glow
I was lucky that a friend picked this up for me dirt cheap, cause it is one of the things I would have majorly regretting buying full price. For some freaking reason I can’t get it to turn pink on me! I tried to hard…and just…sigh. Super disappointed cause I have wanted this for YEARS.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
I got the eye cream with last years Sephora VIB GC. A few reasons why I didn’t like, and I won’t rebuy it. First is that it was rather expensive for the amount you get, and time frame given to use it. It was $48, and it expires in 3 months after opening! Holy Crow! Second was that my eyes didn’t seem to like it. Though I wouldn’t apply it to my inner eye, it would irritate it, so it would get red. Looked like I had a small pimple >;;_<;; Though I must say, for several weeks I used it on one eye, and felt like it helped with dark circles. I would keep asking my mom at the end of the week, “Which one looks darker?” and she would point to the right one that hadn’t received the treatment.



Well thats enough out of me everyone.

THANK YOU so much for visiting, commenting, and well just interacting with me in many different ways. I appreciate it all!

For those in Canada, I will have a small giveaway for current readers (must have left a comment on any post) or current twitter followers. So if you have been a silent reader, do one of those two before I post the giveaway (prob towards the end of January) and you will be eligible to enter.

For those in the US, I’m going to try to do a Sephora thing for you…need to check it out first :) so I’ll get back to you on that. For everyone else…I’m so sorry :(

Have a great evening, and will see you in the new year with more posts about life, makeup, books, music and rants…oh I predict no matter how hard I try…there will be rants…lol


6 thoughts on “My fav products of 2012

    • Oh really? I find that the blue one I have does fade a bit more. But then again it wasn’t very pigmented to start off with.

      I use the usually, UDPP~

    • I do like the Revlon as well, but I find that the Annabelle ones are just a tad more moisturizing. But I do like the firmness of the Revlon product more than Annabelle. Anyway thanks for commenting :)

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