New Xtension Plus Mascara~

So back in November, I was invited to the Groupe Marcelle event, where I was introduced to a bunch of products that are being released (BB cream, makeup remover…).

This is one of those products!

The ladies who work for Groupe Marcelle were raving about it, and rightfully so, as their lashes looked gorgeous! So I was really excited to find that I had one in the goodie bag that they sent us home with.

However as I had been using Annabelle’s Le Big Show mascara, a Benefit one, and a few sample mascara’s…I haven’t been able to put it to use.

So in my “To Try Out” box it went.

But late last month (January), Sparkled Beauty announced on twitter that she had spotted a new display filled with Marcelle products! She also mentioned that there was a $2 off coupon for the remover and the mascara, so I figured it was due time I busted out the sleek new product.

And truthfully I wish I hadn’t waited.

So what makes the Marcelle Xtension Plus mascara so great? Well it is advertised as a 2-in-1 product, lengthening your lashes while curling them.

Now that is a big claim for me, as my lashes are insanely straight. They are almost parallel to my face! ESH! (Major annoyance in my routine lol). But I was really excited about the lengthening, as my lashes are short and flimsy.

It states right on the box (which I forgot to take pictures of…*fail*)
• Gentle polymer brush to extend, define and separate lashes
• Specially shaped bristles grab even the smallest lashes
• And no clumping or flaking!

Too good to be true?

Well lets see…



The brush is quite interesting…if you look at the two photo’s below…
You can see that the brush has different bristles on one side, as you can see from the second photo. It is longer and more far apart on one side, short and closer together on the rest of the brush.

One Coat on the left side, natural (I think it was only curled,) on the right side
Two Coats on the left side, natural (I think it was only curled,) on the right side

My apologies on the crappy close-ups. I don’t have my point and shoot at the moment, and I use my brother’s hybrid and just to really close crops.

Natural annoying lashes…
One Coat (It was my fault it looked patchy)
Two Coats

Physical Product
I like when my mascara’s are longer, and thinner, rather than shorter and chubbier.
So Xtension > Le Big Show

It is a personal thing as for me I like the storage options that I have with thinner ones.
Approx 12.50CAN (don’t forget to use the coupon that is found on the display!)
0.33 oz/9ml

The bristles
Oh man…I didn’t think it would really lengthen, but dang, this does the trick. More so than any other mascara I have used. Though I have never used a fibre one…

If I just use the mascara on my bare, regular, uncurled lashes, it does lift them a bit. I wouldn’t say a perfect curl, but seeing as my lashes were ridiculously straight to start off with, they do lift them up quite a bit. In order to get the lift on my uncurled lashes, I did comb the bristles through my lashes quite slowly. That might have helped, but I know that it doesn’t in the case of the Le Big Show, so yes, I would say that it does curl a little bit.

Due to the way that the bristles are arranged, I didn’t notice any clumping. Which is good. The bristles actually remind me of the Lancome Oscillation mascara, so I was worried at first, but its far better. However I can see clumping being a potential here, as the tip of the wand head has a lot of excess gunk. However I found that if I used the shorter bristles, then the longer bristle side, I didn’t have any issues.

One coat the lashes were nice and separated. Two coats, you could see like 1% of clumping. You can tell that a tiny bit get stuck together, but seriously not a big deal. I’ve seen clumping and this was nothing close to it.

So what do I like about the mascara?
I like that the formula isn’t as wet as some of the others I have tried. This means that it also dries faster than some others. Which is good in my case, as my monolid eyes would make it smear. I also like that I can layer with another mascara. It doesn’t make it look weird at all. I also like that the mascara comes off easily when I am washing up, even without a proper makeup remover.

My only gripe was that I had a huge clump of product at the tip of the brush whenever I pull it out, so I just take extra precaution to save that glob, by tilting the brush before I pull it out.

Have you tried the Xtension Plus mascara? Would you try it out?


2 thoughts on “New Xtension Plus Mascara~

    • haha SB i liked it more.
      but combining them together makes it even better~
      so try that if u decide on getting the marcelle on :)

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