Dont Have a Cow, (Wo)Man

That is what I thought when I first saw this on the Face Shop website [Korea] I knew that despite the fact I had wanted to place an order for the Jeju Volcanoc Lava Peel Off Clay Nose Mask, I had to get these, too!

Bart is just the regular Jeju Nose Strips repackaged to fit the collection. But, I couldnt help myself. You can see the rest of the stuff HERE

Anyway, my main purpose was the Jeju Volcanoc Lava Peel Off Clay Nose Mask [Korea] [Canada] since they were on sale for just under $3 CAN. 

I have been using them for their older versions since 2012? I had picked them up when I went to Korea at the end of 2010. Then once I started running out, I got friends to help me. They actually revamped it to the Blue version, but the Jeju is the latest reincarnation of the peel. 

The blue one is the previous version, whereas the brown one is the current. 

Tried this one out to see if it was any different, but got to say it is the same thing I do love using. 

Now full background. My pores have always been on the large side. Genetics, as moms are a little big too. In addition, the air in Korea is messing with them, meaning they get VERY congested. So, the reason why I like the peel off mask is that I can apply anywhere I need the help. 

Here is my current process. I prep a week in advance. Now I dont know skincare enough. I just know little bits here and there, and try to make sense of it myself. But, I use the AHA to loosen the top layer, and BHA to loosen the inner. Then slap on the mask where needed, and bam. I follow up with the BHA, and then a nice massage with my evening creams. I know that there are those who are against them, but these work for my process which is why I love using them. 

I do have an after shot to show, but cant figure out on the iPhone how to make it smaller. So, Ill need to add it later. 

Now, I know the instructions say 10-15 minutes, but I keep it on until it feels bumpy/rough. You should be careful when peeling. If you feel you are in pain or whatnot, apply a bit of water to loosen the pack, and peel carefully. 

Do you use the strips? Or have you tried the liquid versions like the Jeju Volcanic?


Apparently it’s National Lipstick Day?

Honestly I dislike the random National-whatevers. But, it gets me posting randomness on the blog. Maybe I should continue it and keep posting on national-whatever days…

In any case, if youve been with me awhile, you will know I love collecting lipstick.  However, I feel awkward wearing them. 


Basically I was too insecure out the fact that my lips are different. It causes me to have a lopsided smile as well, but thats another story. 

Anyway, that has changed since I started blogging (fun fact: thr blog turned 10 at the brginning of this month. Craziness…). 

Also kinds all ages under the sun are colouring their lips here. So, it feels more awkward that I dont have anything on!! LOL

My go to recently has been to first tint my lips w a pinkish base, then wear NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. I think this was part of a Birthday Set? Anyway I do like the colour. Not too in your face, but not too MLBB. 

To end on a more important note…did you get your free Mac lipstick?! Haha I was so jelly that it was available for Canadians as well. If i were home, Id have been there for sure!

Well, Im about to head out for the day. Hope that you all have a great weekend :)

Korea: Some things are cheaper here…

I mean, I know that the Korean brands are all cheaper here. Especially when you factor in the fact that they give you a lot (and I mean a lot) of samples if you buy over $100 for the prestige brands (and a decent amount for the mass market brands…omg this sentence was long…).

But, I didn’t expect these two to be cheaper as well.

First up is Birkenstock’s. Some are quite the catch here. These are the silver Rio’s I picked up. Taxes in, I paid $67CAN. Of course…I need to sell these off. I didn’t realize that they were two width, and the ones in Korea only come in Narrow for the women’s sizes OTL. What sucks more is that they are under $56CAN since they went on further sale (and Korea doesn’t adjust pricing once it has been bought).

Next is Avene. I love the Thermal Water. The problem is that is is pretty expensive back home. Even when I use my SDM points to get it, and on bonus points days. But here, I got the BOGO for $22CAN (since I had a coupon for an addition $1 off). That is about $12 for one bottle. I’m sure it is much cheaper in France, but this is better than back home in Toronto. I know I will have to buy a few more before I leave…

I also found out from a potential new instructor, that she has a wifi egg that she carries around with her. It only cost her about $25 a month, and she gets 25gigs. Why don’t we have this back home?! Haha…With my trip back home coming up, and the fact that I will be without data access for 3 weeks is making me uncomfortable. This would def come in handy back home.

Last week on Instagram…

Seriously, love this thing. Makes data transfer SUPER easy. Don’t have to fumble with cords…

Just some of the socks I will take back with me in September…

One of my LOL & SMH moments with mom.

My poor students doing their best for the written part of testing week…

Bobby’s expression. Love it! xD

Last week on Instagram…

Cosrx has taken me some time to get used to. I loved it at first, went nuts, and my skin went batshit crazy. Once I got that sorted, I know that I do love it, the way everyone does. Anyway, just a reminder to be careful and don’t go nuts on it, and overuse it. It will turn your skin nutso.

Luckily my back is doing better. Still in pain, but not “I can’t roll out of bed” pain.

Sheet Mask Hauling

Sheet Mask Hauling
If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen this picture.
I don’t need to buy any more…but the deals were too good not to pick these all up.

I had seen the Tony Moly masks on Sephora. Knowing the retail price in Korea, I couldn’t get myself to try it from Sephora. But, the reviews seemed alright. It helped that it was a members day event, and I got 20 masks for ~$10CAN. A STEAL! (In truth, I bought 40 masks…I couldn’t help it. I wanted to try both lemon and avocado…but the deal didn’t let you mix it.) They also threw in an extra goat milk mask, which was…interesting.

I’ve only tried the avocado, which, despite being super wet was quite hydrating. Side note, avocado isn’t for you, if you don’t like mineral oil. It’s high on the list. Oh, the masks are a little on the smaller side. I’m used to them overlapping my hairline, but this was a little short. Unless…my hairline is starting to recede…which it BETTER NOT BE!

Sheet Mask Hauling
Sheet Mask Hauling

Sheet Mask Hauling
Sheet Mask Hauling

The Mediheal masks are from a Gmarket purchase. It was a GREAT deal. The black versions usually go for about ~$2.30 CAN. I managed to snag them for about $1! So, of course I had to buy them. I have heard good things about them, but haven’t tried them out yet Let’s hope they are good.

I got 10 of the White Hydrating Masks
Sheet Mask Hauling
Sheet Mask Hauling//
Sheet Mask Hauling//

Then 10 of the Pore Stamping (I honestly don’t get the name…)
Sheet Mask Hauling
Sheet Mask Hauling
Sheet Mask Hauling

The deal came with 5 of the Tea Tree. My skin doesn’t do well with tea tree, but this is what helped to bring the cost down to about $1 each.
Sheet Mask Hauling
Sheet Mask Hauling
Sheet Mask Hauling

Sometimes you gotta organize…

#cosrx #verite #snailcream #koreanbeauty #korea #코스알엑스 #다이소 #daiso

Or should I say rearranging…since it isnt organizing? But I am organizing in a way….


Anyway, I never thought I’d use a snail product. Really.


But Cosrx had a cult following that I got sucked into. Before I knew it, i had dropped a little over 100 on a bunch of goodies. It did take me a while to figure out how to best use the actives for my skin…but the cream were easy.

The problem is a lot of them are pots. I had that. So thats where the Daiso pumps come in handy. Honestly, it I didnt transfer them, I wouldnt use them. I did end up covering the container with sticker paper. Just so I can keep the product in the dark. Now I go through this properly.

The Verite water spray is something I wanted to carry around with me. But the bottle is huge. Daiso had a small teo pack for the spray. So, I decanted that too.

Do you find you decant things to use them??