The last week on Instagram…

Since my friend asked me, I just wanted to clarify.
Whenever I post pictures on Instagram, I try to post them to Flickr as well. That way I have access to bigger pictures. It is also what I link to when I post them on the blog. But you can find my pictures HERE

Still recovering from lazying about…

Just received my prize from @jennmua & @eylureUSA thank you both :) #falsies #beauty #katyperry #eylure
I entered a giveaway hosted by Jenn@Spiced Beauty for Eylure Katy Perry lashes. I didn’t think they would arrive so quickly, but they showed up on my door step via FedEx employee~

이 #늦은 밤에 우리 엄마는 #Christmas #만두를 만든다 / moms making #Korean #mandu late at night. Probably scared Santa away lol
It was 1am…and my mom was making Mandu (Korean dumplings) for an order she received from our neighbour, and because she wanted to make Mandu Gook (Soup). She made 200 while watching her dramas…another thing that amused me so much this past week.

This is what u woke up to today. Mom hung the stocking on a headband, & hung it on our doors lol <3
As my mother gets older, she gets weirder. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and when I returned, I made to slam the door, but it wouldn’t shut. Too tired to care, I went to bed. I woke up in the morning as mom was making quite the rukus in the kitchen. I only noticed this AFTER I went back to my room. It is hard to see in the picture, but she wanted to hang the stockings on our door handles…but it wouldn’t fit. So she slid them onto her headbands, then slipped them on the door. For both my brother and I. I should mention that we are both closer to 30 than 20…and yet…I was so amused by it. <3

straight from #Japan from my friend Satoko #slicci #pentel #pen #0.38 gotta love it~ #penaddict
One of my friends went back home to Japan for the summer, and I only got to see her in November. She asked me what I wanted…and all I said was get me pens. I only busted them out recently…and love it. Bright, happy, and though not the 0.38 that I usually prefer, still quite nice to use.

My #aldo shoes from #boxing day arrived today. Love them but too big >_< reordered another size
A pair of shoes I bought from Aldo’s Boxing Day sale arrived! I Was super excited…unfortunately this is the first time I have ordered something since they introduced their half sizing…so this is too big for me. For the record, I used to be a 38 in their shoes, but apparently now a 38=37.5…yeah…I don’t get it. Why confuse us >_<

Finally got to wear my #canadian #pajar #winterbaby boots. I picked them up at the end of last winter, from a thrift store. Tags on & 50% off listed price. So I snagged them for $6 :) #cheapthrills
I went to North York to meet up with an Unni friend, to watch Skyfall. I really REALLY wanted to watch Les Mis, or Django (the D is silent yo! I didn’t know…) Since we had snow, I was finally able to bust out these boots. They are Pajar, and I picked them up at a thrift store for half of the price shown. It was a good deal to me :)


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