Stay w Me Gloss by Essence

So, Essence Cosmetics was released to Canada only a little while ago. When twitter was a flutter with all the news about its upcoming release to us, I can say that I was excited along with the other bloggers/twitters.

I saw the posts from the Press Event, and knew I had to track down the SDM’s that would have them stocked. But several weeks went by, and it didn’t happen. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find it, but rather I just didn’t make it to a SDM.

Finally, I knew I had to change this when I saw a tweet from @macnunu mentioning the lip products were awesome. When I inquired about her favourites, she told me about her post HERE…on the lip gloss. And I am so glad she did…

I picked up Candy Bar, but you can check out the colours HERE on their website.

Essence Stay With Me

I went for a louder colour, as I wanted to avoid lighter ones, as it would increase the chance that the gloss would accentuate my lip lines. My mother actually said to me a few weeks back, “What is wrong with your lips?! They are so wrinkly!” T__T

Anyway, the glosses are $2.99, and my goodness, despite the fact that I have too many glosses to go through at the moment, I do NOT regret this purchase at all. It is a little heavier than I would like, but the pigmentation and the way it seals my lips, totally makes up for it.

Essence Stay With Me

I mean it even makes up for the fact that I am not a fan of the applicator.

Essence Stay With Me

It is very unique, as it is the first time I have seen it. Had I not read Nunu’s post, I wouldn’t have known that I was to use in placing it parallel to my lips! lol In any case, my aversion to it might be the fact that it is such a foreign concept to me, so maybe I will like it more when I am done using the tube. I just find that I can unable to achieve the crispness that I would get to other applicators. This may be different from you, but just my insight on it.

Just a heads up on when you buy it. You may want to check your tube before heading to the check out. I bought two, without checking, and one tube had been used. So I chucked it in frustration. I should have kept it to swatch it >_< ah well.

One last thing to mention. For those who are animal testing aware, good news is that Essence does NOT test on animals :).

Essence Stay With Me

So what do you think? Would you try it out? Or do you have enough glosses to last you a lifetime??


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