Annabelle Smoothies vs Urban Decay 24.7 Shadow Pencils…

Dang time flies…
I mean we are already at the end of MAY! Isn’t that insane?!
I mean I swear…SWEAR that it was just the end of April…
Time flies…

It also flies, considering I meant to put this up in March…Bad blogger…
Anyway I spoke a little about snagging the UD shadow pencils for a great deal HERE, but now I’m back to talk a little more about them, in comparison to the Annabelle Smoothies.

Colour Comparison

Colour Comparison
Colour Comparison
Annabelle on top, UD on the bottom.
I’m writing about them from left to right…

UD Delinquent vs Annabelle Grapeful
UD has small purple glitter bits. Very nice, and they seem to stay put fairly well. Annabelle has micro blue shimmer/glitter?? It isn’t that noticible but when you do see them, does look fairly nice. Also UD leans towards the darker purple, whereas the UD is more of a lighter pinker side of purple.

Colour Comparison
UD Rehab vs Annabelle Cocoaloco
Rehab is more of a shimmery dirty penny, whereas the Annabelle has a deeper darker brown to its colouring.

Didn’t have a similiar colour in the quint that I bought, but in general it is a nice colour xD

UD Sin vs Annabelle Melonade
The pencils aren’t really the same. The UD is lighter, more of a shimmery beige, whereas the Annabelle leans towards the peach side.

UD Clash vs Annabelle Acaidasiac
The pencil used in the pictures isn’t mine, so I couldn’t swatch it. But from what I could tell, it looks like Annabelle is a bit of a darker blue

Colour Comparison
In general the UD pencils lean towards the shimmery side, whereas the Annabelle pencils are more of a flatter, every day friendlier pencils. Or course the biggest difference other than the shimmer, is that the UD mini pack is a FAR better deal. UD pencil is 2.5g/0.088US oz, whereas the Annabelle is 1.6g/0.05 oz.

But seeing as they aren’t available anymore, lets ignore price. If you want a more matte colour group, check out the Annabelle Smoothies. I have been wear them as eyeliner these days, (and we have had some muggy weather in Toronto -___-), and they have stood up to the insanity. The only one my lids didn’t like was the Licoriche (black). I did use them over UDPP, as I am in the habit of slapping it on my lids every morning, regardless of what I’m doing.

If you want shimmer, you need to check out Urban Decay. I found that their pencils lasted quite well, and were worth the price. However I didn’t really like that so much of the product was exposed at one shot. Which is why I like the Annabelle pencils. They have enough of the product without worrying me that I’m doing to accidentally destroy the whole thing! But it is forgiven, as they have a wide colour range that you can check out HERE on their website.

Alright peeps, it is the last day of the month!
Hope you enjoy it to the fullest, and lets slowly prepare for the arrival of JUNE!
I still can’t believe it is almost June…BAH


2 thoughts on “Annabelle Smoothies vs Urban Decay 24.7 Shadow Pencils…

  1. Thanks for comparing these! I have the UD in Rehab and wasn’t sure if it’d be too similar to the Annabelle Mokamirage. I think I might pick up the Melanade shade too! If you like these types of jumbo long wearing pencils, you should give the Sephora ones a try – stays on really well and they have a good colour selection!

    • You are welcome!
      I’m glad that they could of use to someone :)
      I have no tried the Sephora ones, and didn’t even know they were that good! So thank you for the suggestion~

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