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Musical Friday – Love Scenario

iKon – Love Scenario

Ah…another week down…today was hard on an already frustrating week.

This week was a mess. Good news and then directly followed by potentially very bad news, and other complications.

On the plus side, Im allowed to start walking…but since the muscles haven’t been used in a month, baby steps.

So for today, really poppy songs to cheer us all up.

Musical Friday w 문문

Moon Moon/문문 – Paint/물감

i actually came across this because of one of my students. One writing assignment was to tell me about the song you love to sing when you go to a 노래뱅/karaoke with your friends. Moon Moon was one that she said they sing over and over again.

Had to say that his voice was exactly the type I like, so I have been listening to it a lot. His speed and word usage is a little too fast and hard for me to sing at the proper speed. But, I get why people like him.

Musical Friday w another ballad

Kim Sang Min/김상민 – You

So, this week has been pretty brutal.

I had a slightly off calf for a week. Stretched, iced, and massaged to ease the cramp. Well…apparently my body had enough. After work I hopped a bit to cross the street, felt a pop, and screamed.

Someone said that it was just a pulled muscle, so just walk it off. It ended up talking me triple the time it usually takes me to get home. All the while, I was Googling my symptoms. I was really hoping it wasnt what I had come across…

…but it was.

A snapped a tendon.

Thats what I found out the next day. I walled carefully to the hospital. The doctor asked me what was up, and squeezed way too hard which made me scream again. Most people dont know this, but I cant scream like the girls in the movies. I usually yelp. So even I was shocked with the sound that came out of my throat. Anyway got xrayed, sonared…and then got casted.


This time in Korea has been quite horrible on my body.

The verdict is to remain off my leg for a month. The problem is the crutches are hurting the wrist I injured last summer, as well as aggravating my back issue from last summer. Then toss in the fact I had to crutch my way home for 45minutes after work on the hospital visit day, so my arms are dead.

Basically my body is officially screwed up.

Do keep me in your prayers and send positive thoughts. Seeing as I only have 10 weeks left, and this eats 4, has been driving me crazy. I had planned to see the cherry blossoms in Busan and Japan…but cant now. I wanted to go to Taiwan for a weekend again…but I cant. Its been frustrating.

Plus knowing that I had to pay cab fees daily is knocking down my free spending money for the month. Really annoys me since I had to rethink a purchase.

I know that seems silly…but those little bits of retail therapy really help.

Oh the very plus side? My friends have been trying to boost my spirits, and I am so thankful for that. Also my mother is trying to come over here. She freaked out when she asked her friend to ask her son more about this (I tried to downplay the injury). She called me the next day and told me shes coming. I didn’t cry this whole time…but I couldn’t help it when she said that. Since she was told its worse than a break, she recalled her broke ankle from last year (about this time) and decided that was best. She kept reminding me how lucky she was to have had me at home at the time. I piggy backed her to and from the clinic, then took her to the hospital. I guess that was the last time I could do that for her, since my back injury prevents me from lifting too much now. Anyway, she recalled all the stuff I did for her…and how I didn’t have that here. So when I told her it was okay, I was fine…she told me to shut up and go back to sleep, thinking about what I wanted her to bring.

I am lucky. I just hope she can come soon.

Musical Friday – We Are

우원재/Woo Won Jae – 시차/We Are

We are…what?

Well as of right now I am sleepless in Seoul (yes…I am referencing the movie lol). But seriously. My brain is overworking itself and I am being prevented from sleeping. Im going to be a zombie tomorrow. I know what the cause is, but I totally brought it upon myself, so there is not much I can do. It will happen a few more times until mid-May or whenever UBC decides to put me out of my misery for 2018 (cause I wont give up just yet. I didn’t let the issue in 2016/2017 stop me from taking classes and trying again for 2018 enrollment…I wont let this one bother me either…)

Or so I say for now. We will see what happens.

Musical Friday w Loco

Loco/로꼬 – You Dont Know/니가모르게

It was a long week. So long it felt like I was a fee weeks already into this semester. I wonder how I will cope once I get homework duties…I wonder if Ill be able to do my classes :(

In any case, I don’t know…so though I don’t believe Loco was thinking what I was, I thought this would fit :)

Have a good day everyone!