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Musical Friday w Akmu’s Dinosaur 

Akdong Musician – Dinosaur 

This week was Korean Thanksgiving. So, I had Tuesday until Sunday off. Unfortunately I caught something last Sunday evening…and still battling it now. Thought it was a throat infection, but there was no usual white spots I get, and so the doctor said it was just a cold. Not fun. The meds arent working their magic either. I only have two days left to get better, so Ive been listening to upbeat mysic and dancing to tire myself out so I can keep sleep lol. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday :D 

Musical Friday Yeah Yeah…

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah

Ah…finally the weekend. I have an early work day on Monday, then Im off for 6 days. So, if you wanna visit Korea and have a free translator, now would be the time!!! lol who am I kidding, Id be a poor translator. However, Ill be good company xD 

I really wanted to go to Japan for a few days but oh no. No, my back is not up for that at all. Which is fine. I have my shows ready, and got almost all the food I need. 

Staycation, Im kinda ready for you xD 

Soon baby soon…

Musical Friday – Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

Im not a huge fan of the entire song. Actually only like the whistling bits…

The week was a long one, and Im just excited to be horizontal all weekend. My back is still not fully cooperating, so weekends are rest and recovery days for me. 

I still really want to go home for the first week of October. Problem is that flights back are nuts. Some over 2k pushing 3k for some. Sigh. If I could find a $1200 flight Id come home for 4 days and be happy. But then again, maybe I wont want to return if I go home? 

Musical Friday – Hello Friday

Flo Rida – Hello Friday

I came across this only since I returned to Korea. 
Pretty much play it everyday on the weekdays…waiting for Friday to come.

Finished another semester, meaning I have 9 months left. Things will be interesting when I get home since everyone will be preggo/married. 

Hello May…Ive been waiting for you for a long time…