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Musical Friday – Snow

Zion.T – Snow

Since the snow will melt soon…might as well.

Today marked the end of my 4th semester here. Officially 3 months left. Ill be glad to be done as this upcoming semester will be my worst. Ill have about 70 different students to interact w every week. Possibly 40 essays to mark every week (unless I can swing w paragraph/opinion writing). On top of that, I have classes where parents are very concerned about certain issues, may it be past mistakes, complaints about others, or other issues they’d like addressed by us. So…it took an entire week to figure out a schedule where we could avoid bleeding losses. This was the best option…but I don’t know how well Ill be able to manage it :T Fingers Crossed this goes well. Prayers that I don’t get sick from the stress weakening my body. I did get this immune booster vitamin from a parent of one of my students as a gift, so I hope that will help too xD

Musical Friday w Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam

Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – Cave Me In

I cant remember how I heard this one. Probably at a restaurant. It was weird seeing Eric in the MV since I see him as candy pop type music. But, I liked the contrast in all three of their voices. Different, yet meshed well.

Working another 10 day stretch. Luckily the long weekend is coming up next week. Still haven’t booked anything, and Im going to think its too late now. So might stay home and study. Otherwise jump across to Japan for a one day Daiso run lol

Musical Friday – Good Old Days

Jang Deok Cheol – Good Old Days

Maybes me wonder. If you reminisce about the good old days with people…were they even that good?

I guess lately Ive been wondering cause of my own reasons. If they were good, they’d still (one would hope) be the good days?

Probably thinking too much into it.

Ill just leave it as we all grow up.

Have a good day folks, especially if you reminisce about the good days like me :)