Musical Friday – Family

Chainsmokers with Kygo – Family

You may have heard this before, but I would also suggest that you watch the video as it has subtitles on another part to this song.

Musical Friday – Something About You

Elderbrook – Something About You

Silly me forgot about scheduling songs for the new year -__-



I was looking up another song, and this was one of the suggestions. I clicked mostly cause I thought, “Hmm…wonder what is the reason behind the expression he is showing?”

Clicked, and watched. The video in itself was subtle (in the sense it wasn’t overly flashy) but in conjunction with the lyrics…quite powerful.

So it reminds me…

Musical Friday – Hands Behind My Back

Amber Liu – Hands Behind my Back

There was something that made me feel like I was stuck. Trapped.
The thing is, I didn’t need to be. In my case it was a ‘simple’ solution.
Once I implemented it, I was free.

And boy…
does it feel good.

Hang in there. There will be stuff that you will go through, tough, ones tougher than mine. But, you can get through it.