Musical Friday – Be’O

Be’o – Blurry in my Hotel Room

Okay. This was a weird week for me. Weird…start to the year, and it will only get weirder. So, I have needed a bit something in my ears to help balance it. Basically white noose but in form of music. This is what I have been playing.

Musical Friday – A song for you

Gaho – A song for you

Had this saved since laat year October. Wowza. Anyway…

We have arrived at the end of 2021. We thought that we would be going into 2022 with a little bit of hope…until we got the news yesterday late afternoon.

So…I am basically ignoring a lot of different media outlets as I have already started stressing over the lack of direction and attention to what was said.

Take care of yourself, and stay safe :)

We can get through this, Ontario.

Musical Friday – Ohayo My Night

D-Hack – Ohayo My Night

The morning was dark and gloomy thanks to the rain. This made me want to listen to Zion T on my way to work. I was almost there, when this song started playing. Not normally one that I go for, but I did end up liking it as the lyrics were adorable (proving the lyrics are as is and not something else…even if it were, Im taking it as I first heard it).

…가족이 되어주라
집이 되어주라

Finally…I get to rest.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, whatever you are doing I hope you are safe and healthy.

Musical Friday – Daniel Saint Black

Daniel Saint Black – What It Takes

I started watching Grey’s again and…the music has been on point for me. I wasn’t a fan for a few seasons…but this one recently hit me and it has been playing a lot. Has a lot to do w the way his voice registers on my insane drive to work.

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