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Musical Friday w 크러쉬/Crush

Crush – 넌/None

I was never really an R&B type of person. But sometimes I hear something that becomes an earworm for me.

Crush’s voice is quite smoooth here, and I thought it was a nice blend of tones used to create the song.

Plus, in the MV I couldn’t stop staring at his hair.

I wish I had dyed my hair crazy colours when I was younger. I can’t anymore (job related hazards I guess…things are weird here), but hey, once I retire! I’ll be the fun aunt who has fun crazy colours every week (temp dyes…)

Musical Friday – Yang Hee Eun

Yang Hee Eun & AKMU – 엄마가 딸에게 (To my Daughter/Mother to Daughter)

The last year I was in Korea, I had heard this song. And basically cried, cause I was missing my mother. My mother…well my mother and I have always been so rough in my earlier years. It was not easy for either of us. I know why it wasn’t easy for her. I know why it wasn’t easy for me.

We didn’t make it easy for one another.

But, I cannot explain how thankful I am for her.
I was once was talking about something, and the other person replied “That’s exactly what I don’t get about you Asians. Why let your parents burden you?”

When I tried to explain that it wasn’t a burden, that it is the least I could do for what they have done…or tried to do…they just shook their head in disbelief.

You don’t have to understand it. We drive each other mad (even when I’m 5 hours away from her…), but she is someone I am thankful for.