Musical Friday – Home

Edith Whiskers – Home

Technically, whenever I hear this song I think of Raising Hope. That was where I first heard this song (and a show I did enjoy back then).

Weird, but this is the song I thought of when I was reminded that today is actually my blog birthday.

14 years ago I started this just because I was so frustrated with life. Difficulties in school, hardships w close relationships around me and constantly trying to prove myself…working on developing myself and hitting road blocks. This was a true joy, and allowed me to share. Which I loved doing. I know I don’t post any more (my profession drains too much of my energy at the moment). But, can’t let it go completely…yet. Interesting to see how much has changed. Difficulties in school in a different capacity (albeit good way). How the relationships that I thought were close then aren’t important to me anymore. I know who I am and don’t let others dictate who I should be, feel, think because of their lack of understanding or awareness.

Not to say I am done. However, I am content.

Only two weeks and two days left of my term. Such bitter sweetness. But I am looking forward to my rest.

Have a great weekend :)

Musical Friday w 노이즈

노이즈 (Noise)- 어제와 다른 오늘 (Today Different from Yesterday)

Different from yesterday…

A day different from yesterday…

In any case I share about Noise a very long time ago. My first encounter was when I visited my cousin, which was already about ~5 years after this song was released. I used to really like it (along with the other one I posted). But as I mentioned before, I do not tolerate higher pitches very well anymore. So, I don’t find myself listening to Noise very often, unless I am in my best condition. Which…makes me sad at times.

‘Live’ performance, if you were curious.

Musical Friday w US

US – 지금 이대로 (Just like now/Just as it is/Just like this…??? Translations are fun for a second gen)

Since I posted an Kpop oldie last week, I figured I would continue.

The female singer is a bit breathier than I prefer in my preferable tones (I find sometimes depending on my day, the higher pitches are harder to tolerate), but it goes well with the music.