Musical Friday w 강태관

강태관/Kang Taekwan – 한오백년

I think the original was sung by Jo Young Pil (I forgot to check with mom)

I absolutely loved this. The way he started off on the floor was so ‘weird’ for everyone. However, the powerful statement he makes through that start, really resonated to your core as you listened to the rest of the song. His speciality is singing in the Korean traditional style of Pansori. I had a student in Korean who was a descendant of a well known Pansori singer. Fun story. A TV program was coming to see her at our academy. She wrote lyrics in English, and to be sung in the Pansori form. I worked hard on adjusting the sentences to suit understanding. She was a champ about it since it was brought to me last minute. In any case, I was excited to hear her and be on TV. Well…I am physically Korean, and they didn’t want me there. Only my non-Korean looking coworkers. Ha…oTL

Musical Friday – Drink Makgeolli

영탁/Young Tak – 막걸리 한잔/One Glass of Makgeolli/Drink Makgeolli

Another powerful start to the song. It set the mood for the rest of the song, and really got you interested in what he was saying singing.

Musical Friday – The Story of an Old Couple in their 60’s

임영웅/Lim Young Woong – 어느 60대 노부부 이야기/The Story of an Old Couple in Their 60s

Original by Kim Kwang Suk

This wasn’t the first time he sang it (you can see that one here), but this one had English subs, which is why I opted for this one. The story in the lyrics is just a very…heart string pulling one…one I still wonder what it will be like when I am 60 (which…when we think about it, isn’t all that far away…).

Musical Friday – Pitiful

영탁 -찐이야

Words are funny. At least in English, we can sometimes rely on root words to determine the meaning of a word we do not know. But, I can’t always do that in Korean, and when I do…its wrong. Wrong because I am applying the wrong concepts to the words since my perception of it was wrong to start off. In any case, I started off 2020 with Mr. Trot, and had a fun time with a few songs. I thought I would share a few this month that were memorable.