Musical Friday w Fast Car(‘s)

Jonas Blue – Fast Car

Remakes are always fun.

Though a lot of the comments seemed to like Tracy Chapman’s better, I couldn’t help but think that this was interesting as well.


IRL News

I know I totally fail as a blogger. I do miss this little outlet of mine. I miss the commenting on blogs, and chatting with my blogger friends. I still read blog posts here and there, but I haven’t been able to do what I used to enjoy.

My job here…doesn’t really allow me the flexibility.

So, I have piles of pictures that are unedited. I have posts that never published. I have things I never got to share.

I hope I will get to.

In other news, I finished my 5th semester here. Though I will miss the kids, this marks the 3 months leading up the end of my time here in Korea. Unless potential jobs in Toronto fall through, and I can’t find anything else, I probably won’t return for a long time…so here is to enjoying every little bit I can before I head home.

Wish me luck.

Musical Friday w Fast Car(‘s)

Musical Friday: On My Own…

Les Miserables Korean Production On My Own

Time is counting down for me. I should be home by the end of August. Initially I wanted out in a few weeks, but honestly, it was too hard for me to do it.

I’d miss the kids, and I had a few things I still wanted to do in Korea.

However, I have a few things I am not looking forward to back home. Especially after recent revelations. So, though I am no in love, was something that felt connected to me.

In any case, saw the Korean production a few weeks back, and loved it. I cried. Was almost tempted to watch it again, but it was a lot of money. So, I settled with the one that I did end up watching.

Musical Friday: On My Own…

Last week on Instagram…

Starbucks and Baskin Robbins. Is there any other way to start off the day??

I was treated to food. It was really yummy. I actually really do miss my mom’s and dad’s kimchi chigae.

A regular brewed venti costs a little over $5CAN. Crazy. However, it was the only way I could get my hands on the pretty cup. So, I did it.

Suwon Temporary Fortress
My friend and her sister wanted to go, so we went. They even went to go ring the bell, though it costed a bit more money. Here we are stamping. There were stamps around the place, which all had different pictures. We wanted to collect them all.

On a final note,
Despite what others may say about my belief…
I know that He has risen.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

My dear friend J was over with her sister. Traveled 30 hours just so they could spend a week with me.

So I got to do a few extra things…

Last week on Instagram…