Musical Friday – Love Shot

EXO – Love Shot

One of the members, Kai, was in a drama that I loosely followed. He acted quite well, and his scenes were fun.

I came across the video as one of my old students said that the new MV was awesome.

Um…Kai…if only you were 10 years older…LOL. (Yes, yes…the reports are he is dating. I’m just speaking on the sense of crushing on celebrities in general)

(If you don’t know which one Kai is, he is the one in the red. The one with the shiny chest. Honestly, did they shimmer him or oil him?)


Musical Friday with Joel

Joel Adams – Please Don’t Go
(it is still Friday in Vancouer, so I am not wrong when I saw it is still Friday!! But I do recognize that it is Saturday in Toronto…)

Happy New Year!

Hm. Yeah…well if you are seeing this, I am still around!
A lot has changed in terms of blogging, and I didn’t have the same drive that I used to. I also don’t have the time I used to. But, this was my small outlet in the vast world. This makes it hard to let go.

I was thinking that I liked this song because of the music itself, rather than the lyrics. But maybe, just maybe I am pleading to myself not to let this blog go?

In any case, happy new year. I hope that this year will bring you a lot of laughs and life long happy memories!

Path -> Grey

Last week my class did a mini activity that was to come up with a few lines to describe the concept that was meaningful to us, and associate it with a colour.

I liked mine, as simplistic and weird as it was…


Though others might see it as being bleak,
I see it as the colour of hope & excitement.
Where will this path of mine lead me too?
Where will I end up…
Now that I’m finally back on my path

Things aren’t always the way I would want them to (especially with another recent curveball that I didn’t expect). However, I continue to be thankful that the plans have lined up, and I’ve been granted this opportunity. That my schooling from UofT has prepared me not to freak out over the interesting course load.

Musical Friday w Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode – Damaged People

I’ve enjoyed Depeche Mode since my early high school years. It was all thanks to a pastor at my church (of the time).

Now, lately Ive been playing this a lot (recap, when Im digging I song I reply endlessly until Im completely done with it). The chorus-like part reminds me of the time I was screaming from the inside. I had been going through something that was…not good and it is something that I still struggle with to this day. I was made painfully aware how personal discomfort prevents us from helping those who desperately need someone to help them. As the years keep turning, I am starting to feel more like myself. Which I am so every thankful for. But this part still resonated with me…

We’re damaged people

Praying for something

I keep pushing on ahead so I can find that something. I am thankful that I’ve got important individuals in my life (both those Ive known forever and those whom I have known for a shorter amount of time who have had my back). I honestly cant tell you how thankful I am to have you in my life in the capacity that you are. Randomly Ive said thanks to one…and finally they asked me what it was all about.

Thank you.

Hoping that things keep getting better :)

Musical Friday – No Question

M-Flo – No Question

I didn’t realize that M-flo came out with new stuff! I was so excited to have checked this out. It was interesting to find out that Lisa had come back as well.

Gotta love nostalgia…
I also didn’t know about their history before developing the grouping! I can’t believe it never occured to me to Wiki them. The things we learn thanks to Wiki :P