Musical Friday – Oops a tad late…

Alex Chu most notably known by Clazziquai, has shown up in a new drama ( Im a Mother, too). I was so surprised as it has been a while (prob cause of another issue from a few years back). Anyway I dont watch the show as often as my mom (who watches diligently) mostly cause one of the actors does her job so man well that I cant stand to watch her (she plays the cut throat, horrible person in the drama).

But as I was playing Games on my phone I heard a familiar voice. It turned out to be Alex xD I found out later that he was in the drama. The only reason I watch it really.


Musical Friday – Stereo Love

Edward Maya, Mia Martina Remix of Stereo Love

Apparently an old song, but the intro reminded me of another oldie which drew me to listening to the rest. Now its perma playing in my head xD

Its yet another Friday, and boy was this last week fun. Just been all over doing things…getting ready for my first All Inclusive trip. It will be fun…despite hating the heat.