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Tunng Follow Follow

On an Elementary kick right now. Well, I’m using it in the sense of background noise, but hey, it is bringing me back to some old music that I did like when I watched it the first time.

The plucks in this contrasted the overall song. In a sense, it is just busy. And yet, it is oddly becoming an earworm for me.

Last Week on Instagram…returns!

Since I had COMPLETELY forgotten it, and cause I don’t have anything interesting to post. However, I think it is important to try and bring life back to this blog, so…

Honestly, have you blow dried your feet before? As I mentioned to my friend, it was completely my fault. I didn’t wear proper socks with my shoes that day. I paid the price. I was chilled for hours after I got home. Luckily I didn’t get stuck with anything horrible. I would have been truly disappointed.

that is the end of that.
That’s why I said…”sadly” in the beginning.

Lately I have been studying highschool math to prep myself for some things. So, I haven’t had any type of social life. I guess that’s normal for me right now. Hopefully, things will pick up in the next few weeks. Fingers Crossed.

Finding a way to de-stress…

Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress

Lately, I’ve been having a rather…interesting time.

I turned a year older, and was met with a few disappointments, let downs, and just overall crap. Honestly, it has been hard. I think what made it even harder, was the fact that…just because I am older, it doesn’t always get better. Well, just not yet for me. So, I do have a few hurdles that I have to get over, even at my age. I guess, it gets harder, since I know some of the stuff is being talked down upon by people who I should be close to.

So, I have been finding ways to try and chill.

I probably shouldn’t be chilling…but I need the mini breaks.

I see alot of people on Instagram decorating lovely envelopes for their snail mail penpals. I figured it was a way that I could use my washi tape, and play around. On that note, the washi tape that I am using are generally from Daiso, and has a plastic film. This makes them rise, so I need to glue them down.

Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
Finding a way to De-stress
I also learned from an Instagrammer, that I could use Deco Rush and create mini stickers by rolling them on labels. Unfortunately, I don’t have mini labels, but I was able to use the name stickers I got from Daiso. The same stickers are usually used for labelling your own things.

I had made a mistake for one of the stickers, so I added other stickers to create a super strong sticker. Okay…even I am getting bored at reading this…lol

Musical Friday – If You Came into My Heart

Lee Jonghyuk – If You Come Into My Heart
So, I was going through my songs, and came across this again. It made me want to watch the drama all over again…which I proceeded to do. This was the clip from the drama, and it has the subtitles. Lee Jonghyuk did his rendition for the drama, A Gentlemen’s Dignity. I do like his voice, but it was originally sung by Jo Dukbae, and its longer than what they previewed in the drama. So, of course I have to favour the longer version more :P

조덕배/Jo Dukbae – 그대 내맘에 들어오면/If You Came into My Heart

Anyway, it is just so heartwarming, which makes me feel all happy.

Anti Valentine’s Part 2

Anti Valentine's

Again, not a post to protest Valentine’s Day (though, yes I am spending it single), more so that it isn’t along the colours of red, white, or pink that we typically see. You can see the first one HERE.

Anti Valentine's
I had COMPLETELY forgotten that I had these nail art stickers. I had bought them YEARS ago…seriously…5 years? Maybe more. In any case, since I have been back, I have been tossing and reorganizing my room at my parents. Since I came across the stickers, I figured I should put them to use. Upclose, you can see that they have greenish glitter. Not very pretty. But, thankfully you can’t see them in the pictures xD

Anti Valentine's

Anti Valentines

Valentino Inspired

I really had no proper thought for a title. So, Anti Valentine’s it is! lol

Not that I am really anti, I guess the anti part would be the fact that it isn’t the typically red, white, or pink polish you would normally see.

Honestly, I just missed using my nail polish. Having been in Korea for 2 years, I know I could have bought cheap polish. But, with the things that I do, I couldn’t maintain unchipped for very long. Nor did I want to wait patiently until they dried.

Valentino Inspired
Anyway, this was inspired from the Valentino’s. I had seen people score some of the more trendy versions at Nordstrom’s for only a few hundred. I got jealous. So, I did this instead lol.

Valentino Inspired
Revlon Top Speed Polish in Black Magic
Silver Glitter from Michael’s

Musial Friday – Reminiscing

Xue Zhiqian/薛之謙 – 官方完整版

Okay, so the MV is kinda depressing. So, not a great way to start off the weekend, but it was another I heard during my travels in December and wanted to share :)

Actually, it reminded me of another singer, and another song…but cannot recall. Haven’t listened to Taiwanese or Chinese music in ages…If you have suggestions, do lmk.