New Annabelle TwistUp’s coming to a store near you…very soon :)

Remember how I went to the Groupe Marcelle event a month back?

It was there I got to see the new TwistUp lip crayons that are to be released by Annabelle quite soon (sometime this month, if not already).

Annbelle TwistUp
Annbelle TwistUp

Just as the name suggests, the products twists up to release the crayon, and you can then have a ball drawing your lips. This would be my second lip crayon thingy, the first being NYX. I love the idea of a lip pencil, but sharpening them is SUCH A PAIN! Because of the kind of product it is, it requires some (wo)manpower on my part to clean my sharpener. Plus I get so sad seeing the product being shaved in such a manner.

That is why the new TwistUps were such a delight for me to see.

There will be 12 colours in this line, for the SRP of $9.95.
Annabelle TwistUp
Annabelle TwistUp


  • Absolute
  • Bubble
  • Divine
  • Mai Tai*
  • Mimosa*
  • Tease
  • Kiss
  • Flirtini*
  • Fizz
  • Kinky Pink *
  • Breeze
  • Royale
    * are the ones I wanna swatch when available in stores, so I can decide if I want them xD

In my giftbag, I got the colour Royale to play around with. I know a few other bloggers were excited to try this out, so I felt guilty that I got it in my bag xD

But alas, I endured that guilt to do my duty as a blogger lol

Annbelle TwistUp
Annbelle TwistUp
Left to Right
First line is blended out
Second line is one swipe
Third line is two swipes (or three..)
Forth line is like 5 swipes

This picture got caught in the shade, but is closer to the real colour.
Annbelle TwistUp

I took a few more, and so these are warmer.
Annbelle TwistUp
Annbelle TwistUp

The product doesn’t twist all the way down, so you need to be a tad careful you don’t scrape the product with the lid like I did..
Annbelle TwistUp

Another thing is that this might not be very toteable. The lid attaches securely to the product, which is not something that I can say about the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils, but the product gets knocked out of the packaging. I only realized when I pulled it out one day, and it had smushed into the lid. As it is clear, it was a slightly traumatizing experience (lol I’m drama queening there, but in all seriousness, it wasn’t a pleasant sight to see). I might update a picture on it, when I can bare to look at it again.

I found the formula quite nice. I didn’t exactly keep tracking (shame on me), but my lips looked good even after almost 2 hours. I can’t say much after that because I ate a burger after that time frame.

The tip comes on a slightly pointed form, and in order to try and preserve that, I draw in my lips with the side of it. That way I can use the tip when I attempt to line my cupids bow or what exists of it…

So what you do think?
Which ones would you be interested in trying out? Any stand out shades?


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