MAC sale December 2011 (updated Dec.5.11 with haul pictures)

I had the opportunity to attend the MAC warehouse sale again. This time around on a Friday! Was so happy! (thank u JJ)

Anyway I got there about 11 and left around 1. The lines made the trip longer than usual.

The best deal for me was the $25 Clinique gift sets. It contained a full size Moisture Surge, a mini facial spray and a sample eye cream. All contained inside a silver makeup bag. Nice really as apparently MS is over $40!

The man said that there weren’t a lot left so don’t know, but it was great! (first room, left side)

Also in the first room, towards right back, they had the MAC Tartan tin giftsets. They were priced at $20. They had the pigments( 2 diff sets), nail polish, but sold out of the lipgloss sets while I was there. I almost bought then, but decided against it when I was checking out.
Lip products were 2/$15 again, but generally the selection was slightly smaller than the last two sales. Unfortunate as I was excited for it. They did have the Cyndi Lauper lipgloss. Might want to consider getting the Estée Lauder Sheer lipstick line. They are not completely colourless, and smell lovely. Fruity but lovely. (last room towards cashiers)

$4 section was alright. Yellow Clinique powders (redness reduction?), various mascaras, BB under eye brightening something or other, Clinique step 2 sample toners, Clinique and MAC facial washes, 3 different types of lashes (dramatic lashes, short full lashes, lower lashes, half lashes), Estée Lauder sample lipgloss, moisture surge tube samples, and Clinique dramatically diff gel samples.

Was a tad sad that thy didn’t have any MAC shadows. One of the reasons I had wanted to go!

$4 section has a limit of 3 products

I picked up Bare Study paint pot, and a few more (old container) pigments. They don’t seem to have a lot of these left (in terms of colour). Sucks cuz I like the value better! xD

They had the Estée Lauder double wear pots, which are really nice. I have one w multiple colours that I was gifted by DA, so I didn’t get any, but I really wanted to!

Lastly I got the Bobbie Brown oil cleansers. It is BOGO free, near the check out! Otherwise the lady that was manning the area back in room 1, was baggin them ONE for $25. Do try and look around everywhere cuz this happened somewhere else as well. They had two places were you could get Origins, and they were priced differently. I believe one was $12 while the other $15.

The cashiers were quite slow this time around. Usually they are better, so might want to have one person line up.

The charity bags are back!

Only one choice on Friday early afternoon. Contained Double Wear 5 & 8. So I got a bunch of those. But that was all that was contained in the bag >_< long gone are the days were there were 5 lovely products.

The free gift was the sheer powder in nw20. Not awesome (one shade) but meh. Give it to a friend or B2M it. Plus it’s better than the sponges that I received it last time xD

So what did I end up with?
Clinique Gift Set – Full Size Moisture Surge, mini eye cream sample, and mini facial spray ($25)
Mini Clinique Moisture Surge ($4)
Mini MAC Studio Moisture Cream ($4)
Mini MAC Oil Control Lotion ($4)
MAC Lashes #42 ($4)
MAC Barestudy Paint Pot ($12)
MAC Reflects Trans. Pink Glitter ($12)
MAC Ruby Red Pigment ($12)
Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil (BOGO $25)

On the left is the Charity Bag, on the right is the free gift.


Double Feature 5 (Left)
Double Feature 8 (Right)

Free gift was the Sheer Loose powder NW20


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