Favourites Day 4: Carmex!

When I was in Chicago last month, the church we were working in luckily was situated near a Walgreens. Which meant that I was able to make one trip…slipping out when the kids were watching a movie lol.

Anyway, I didn’t pick up much, just some polish, and these babies…

I haven’t used Carmex in quite some time, but that was mainly due to the fact that I didn’t like the pot, and it was a tad pricey. Well guess what? That week, Walgreens had Carmex on sale 5/$5. So yup! I picked up 5 of them! The Revlon was BOGO50 off, so I picked up two for friends, and two for myself. More on that some other time.


I used to use Carmex a lot in the junior grade school years. I swear I had 3 pots…one in my pencil case, another in my back pack, then one in my desk. My addiction to products like that started young xD

Anyway, I was (and still am) a fan of the minty tingle. My friend would debate me on this though, as she felt it was more of a burn… >_<

Well using this for the last few weeks, has reminded me how I loved it in the beginning, and has provided an opportunity for me to love it all over again. There is a cherry one out, but felt I should stay true to the original formula.


Holy Crow! I just checked the US website…and WOW I missed out!
There is a vanilla, lime and tinted balms!
I knew about the creams, but seeing as I had a bunch at home in backup, I couldn’t justify buying a tin to try out.


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