Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013!

Oh 2012…

You were…amusing…

I called in sick to enjoy a day in Niagara for the day. Bad, but I needed a personal day, and seeing as we weren’t allowed that option, sick day was the best I could do.

I turned another year older.

I found out that despite having known someone for over a decade, people change.

I also found out a friend I have known for 13 years…thought my birthday was only a day after his -___-

I realized that despite being against it for all these years…I did want to become a teacher.

I learned to watch my mouth. Specifically not to complain to someone who has it worse than me. This is mainly because I was sick of people complaining to me, when they had it better than me.

One of my childhood crushes got married.

I graduated, and received a diploma from George Brown College for Early Childhood Education

One of my students, who was convinced she would fail gr9 math, and had given up all hope…passed. She was so excited she called my boss. I smiled all day long when I received the text notification.

My first dog, Yepunee, passed away

One of the girls in my old HS group got married. The first in our group of friends to get married.

I went to Chicago to volunteer for GKYM

I learned weddings can be messy. You might think that things are beautiful for that day, but the days leading up to it, the hidden stories, can shock you.

One of my crushes in my early 20’s got married.

One of my crushes in my teens got married. (why they all needed to get married this year is beyond me lol)

I restarted my university education

It took 11 months, but I finally accepted my age. it helped that so many ppl my age were proposing/getting married left and right…

It took me 11 months, but I also finally remembered my age…I kept saying I was a year younger than I was lol (honest mistake I swear!)

I started losing the confidence I had just gained, to make -A’s at UTM ( it might have been really far fetched to start out)

I wrote a exam which was the worst exam I have ever written. I had studied hard for it, and for some reason could not comprehend it. Disappointing, but as the class is needed towards the major, I need to retake it for the next semester. Well…this is providing my calculations are correct, and the TA who is marking it wasn’t as generous as I had hoped.

I caught up on sleep.

I realized, there are people I would do anything for, even if that might not be the case for them. But I wasn’t completely upset by it.

I am learning to accept certain things that are out of my control.

I learnt things about myself that are helping me to move forward.

I grew.

I continue to grow…

So as this new year begins, I can only hope.

Let’s go 2013…show me what you have in store for me…


4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013!

  1. Love this post, E. My memory isn’t as good, if I were to write a similar post, I wouldn’t be able to remember this much :)

  2. Happy New Year!! I realized a long time ago I was getting older but thankfully don’t look my age. Also its just a number. Funny all your crushes got married. I too went to UTM!!

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