Musical Friday with Humming Urban Stereo

“What does Popping Popping Banana imply Esther?”
No idea.

But the way they mix up the song, or any of their songs, has always appealed to me. So I couldn’t believe that they came out with a new album…without my knowledge! lol But that seems to be happening a lot lately, as I didn’t even realize Outsider had released a song, as well as MC Sniper.

Hope that you all have a great weekend :D

Musical Friday with Jang Beom Jun

Jang Beom Jun, most known through the group Busker Busker, released his own mini album. One of which is Difficult Woman/어려운 여자. The fact that he has a slightly unique voice, makes it fun to listen to. At least, for me :)

Have a great Friday everyone~

Musical Friday with Kim Jong Min

Hi folks :)

So I returned from my mini trip to Korea last week, and have taken it a tad easy since then. Then realized my scheduled posts were all done on Sunday >_< I should have new ones up soon, and will be sharing mini bits of my trip when I can as well.

But for now…

…The ever goofy Kim Jong Min.

And I mean…its so hard to take him seriously with that Ahjumah Perm!!

But here he is with a fun video for us to watch, and great voice to have us bounce along to. Okay, well I know some people would argue the great voice part, but shush! I like him :P Plus Koyote is a group I still cheer for xD

Musical Friday with Outsider

Hi everyone :)

Currently in Korea, and having fun!

Today I wanted to share Outsider’s MV for Sohn (Hand). I actually liked the video for the making of the track, so I embedded that one. You can see the official MV which incorporates animation on the channel of his new company Assa Communication. Couldn’t find translations for this, so couldn’t link one, sorry! But maybe you will like the sound of the vocals?? (Ack…I tried sorry)