Glitters from The Face Shop

Did you know that the Face Shop has opened up a few locations in Toronto?

They had one in Pacific Mall, but in all seriousness, I thought it was a fake shop. Can you blame me?!

Anyway there is one at Fairview Mall, and at the Eaton Centre.

The Face Shop Glitter

Well I got this as part of my birthday gift a few months back. I have a few Face Shop nail polishes that I got when I went to Korea a few years back, but this is my first glitter from the line.

The polish has decent coverage, and applied nicely.

One coat on the pinky nail, but two coats on everything else.

The Face Shop Glitter

I like the mix of colours and sizes of the glitter. Looks like I might consider more if I can find the room in my stash to store them lol -____-

Musical Friday w Idiotape

I cannot remember if I mentioned Idiotape. In any case, this was an accidental find on Youtube. It showed up on the side bar, and I clicked it.

Well, the fact that this was an all electronic instrumental was appealing, as well as the fact that it was so upbeat and funky. Just having the three different parts of this instrumental, made it so fascinating to listen to.

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