Musical Friday with Block B

Block B – Very Good
Guys, this is magical.

Not just the song, the speed changes.

So I was fortunate enough to click immediately with one of my coworkers (sucks that she is leaving so soon :()

Anyway, I was over at her place, when she told me to play her playlist, and change the speed to 1.5. I was like What?

I didn’t know you could do that!
But guess what?
It made the songs THAT MUCH BETTER! I actually don’t like the songs that I will share in the next few weeks, at the regular tempo.

However, I am addicted at the 1.5 (or 1.25 speed on the Samsung Music app)

Musical Friday – Stained Love

영과영 – 얼룩진 사랑

This was the last song I Shazzam’ed while I was in Korea. It was playing in the taxi the day before I left. What drew me into it, was the fact that I had interpreted it as a man who had been abandoned by their loved one. One whose love had changed. That is, how I somewhat felt about my time in Korea.

Okay no need to get into the long story now.

Anyway, the translation of the title is Stained Love. So when I think about it that way, it still…sits with me.

Funny thing?
I should be in Korea by the time this publishes. Well, have been there for almost 12 hours. Funny how things happen…

Musical Friday w the Hyukoh Band

Hyukoh/혁오 – Comes And Goes/와리가리

First heard of this through an episode of Infinity Challenge.
Now obsessed. Ain’t that always the way? But seriously, love the vocals, and the musical arrangement.
Beautiful :)

Musical Friday w a interesting mix of two voices…

Gary/개리 – 뚝방의 꿈 Feat. John Park/존박

If I could list a few people I WISH I could meet before I leave Korea…
– Gary
– Jo In-Sung
– Verbal Jint
– So Ji-Sup

Though I’m sure that will never happen…I can enjoy the music and dramas they produce instead lol