Musical Friday w Hash Swan

Hash Swan (해쉬스완) – 알렉산더처럼 왕 (Wang Like Alexander) (Feat. GRAY)

Ive been so busy winding down my time here, while juggling needs at work. Im tired, and my leg is achy. I cant wait to be home and get this checked thoroughly…



Musical Friday – We Are

우원재/Woo Won Jae – 시차/We Are

We are…what?

Well as of right now I am sleepless in Seoul (yes…I am referencing the movie lol). But seriously. My brain is overworking itself and I am being prevented from sleeping. Im going to be a zombie tomorrow. I know what the cause is, but I totally brought it upon myself, so there is not much I can do. It will happen a few more times until mid-May or whenever UBC decides to put me out of my misery for 2018 (cause I wont give up just yet. I didn’t let the issue in 2016/2017 stop me from taking classes and trying again for 2018 enrollment…I wont let this one bother me either…)

Or so I say for now. We will see what happens.

Musical Friday w Mamamoo

Mamamoo/마마무 – Decalcomanie 데칼코마니

A tad scandalous…
Actually liked the song a bit more before I watched the MV. However, it was oddly entertaining at times. Loved the bits when they were wearing a tux ensemble. Plus the one with blue hair (in the tux) was rocking it well!

There was a time I wanted to rent out suits, don a pair of sunglasses, and roam the streets of Toronto with my guys. This was back in high school. I don’t know what was wrong with me lol. But, I felt like it would have been fun. Honestly, wearing sunglasses makes you feel invincible, add that with a great outfit, and I can understand why some fashion bloggers start their week with outfit planning (like how those who want to eat well meal plan) xD