Musical Friday w Fast Car(‘s)

Jonas Blue – Fast Car

Remakes are always fun.

Though a lot of the comments seemed to like Tracy Chapman’s better, I couldn’t help but think that this was interesting as well.


IRL News

I know I totally fail as a blogger. I do miss this little outlet of mine. I miss the commenting on blogs, and chatting with my blogger friends. I still read blog posts here and there, but I haven’t been able to do what I used to enjoy.

My job here…doesn’t really allow me the flexibility.

So, I have piles of pictures that are unedited. I have posts that never published. I have things I never got to share.

I hope I will get to.

In other news, I finished my 5th semester here. Though I will miss the kids, this marks the 3 months leading up the end of my time here in Korea. Unless potential jobs in Toronto fall through, and I can’t find anything else, I probably won’t return for a long time…so here is to enjoying every little bit I can before I head home.

Wish me luck.

Musical Friday w Fast Car(‘s)

Musical Friday w the Hyukoh Band

Hyukoh/혁오 – Comes And Goes/와리가리

First heard of this through an episode of Infinity Challenge.
Now obsessed. Ain’t that always the way? But seriously, love the vocals, and the musical arrangement.
Beautiful :)

Musical Friday w the Hyukoh Band

Musical Friday with an oldie…

Sanulrim/산울림 – Your Meaning/The Meaning of You/너의 의미

I’m on this music kick…
I was watching an episode of Infinity Challenge (Last Years Masked Singers one…), and got really into a few of the songs that were shared.

This was the first.
Yes, I had heard the IU version, but I like the original better.

Musical Friday with an oldie…