Last week on Instagram…

So I STILL don’t have proper internet access. By proper…I mean my own -____-

I think my ARC card came in yesterday, but the Director was really busy. Or to be severely pessimistic, maybe it is being withheld cause I might get fired. Ha. OTL

In any case, I only have a few pictures about last weekend to share with you
First, I had this crazy idea to doll up a bit…and hit up Ikea.
Ideally, I would have LOVED to go on a weekday. However…I have these meeting in the early afternoon, which messes up my time ability to make a quick run before I work. Sooooo…weekends are the only time I can get out. The other thing is…Ikea has only been around for a few months, and the new shiny aspect of it is still going strong.

That being said, avoid Ikea Korea on a weekend if you can. It was MADNESS! They didn’t have stock of a lot of stuff I wanted to buy. I ended up only bringing back a few essentials, and random bits I would love around. They had a LOT of staff around, which was nice, but useless when there is no stock to be helped for. There were a lot of people buying only one thing. One thing that they could potentially buy at ANY Daiso…so I was shocked they were buying them.
I figured I would get a hotdog, seeing as I was being herded like sheep in the damned place. The hotdog and drink combo was only 1000 won (VERY roughly $1). I can’t say that it was good, but it was definitely an experience. The hotdog was like…super thing, and long. But quite small. If I knew, I would have probably hopped over to Costco instead~ But I did like their ice cream XD
I ended up heading over to Gangnam to hand out with my training group. That started off as a disaster since one guy we were meeting was 40 minutes late. One of my pet peeves. We headed off to eat, and then went to kill some time at Darts. I actually don’t know the name. I thought it was Darts Prince…but a quick Google search brings up NOTHING! Note to self: remember names
We then wandered a bit, and headed to something I had never seen before…the infamous Beer Lockers.

Basically, you sit at a table, and there is a bucket. Then there is a wall of beers. It looks like the refrigerated beverage section at a convenience store. They are separated by their price. So basically you serve yourself in the bar, put your beers in the bucket, and take them with you when you want to pay. They scan the bottles at the counter, and you are on your merry way.

I want to try the 1906 next time. I had the tequila flavoured beer, which was an experience.

Anyway, I’m heading back to the Ikea area to visit Costco today. Let’s hope that I don’t lose my mind there! lol

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    1. Oh no :T I wonder if it was down on Instagrams side? It seems to be working now…but it wasn’t anything too spectacular :P But thanks for checking it out anyway! :)

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