Dabbling in PTR

Peter Thomas Roth

I’ve fallen in love with a few products from Peter Thomas Roth. So I was really really hoping to like their sunscreen as well. Seeing as this was a very neglected part in my earlier 20’s…my prevention is coming in form of damage control OTL

VERY bad, I know. For you youngins who are reading, WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!

That is the end of this public service announcement.

Just kidding.

Peter Thomas Roth
I got the smaller size in the annual Skincare set that Sephora puts out. A great kit that I was only able to get my hands on, last year. The bigger one was part of the PTR Birthday Set.

I totally love using my O Hui sunscreen, but I knew I had to use this as well…so I pulled it out and started trying to use it.

Now, this product is a little hard to love.

Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth
Peter Thomas Roth
Peter Thomas Roth
In the summer, this is out of the question for oily skin. As you can see, it leaves this sheen on the skin, making it look oily. This doesn’t completely absorb in to the skin, even after waiting a while.

However, in the winter, it is interesting. Since it is already quite dry, this is absorbed a little by my dry skin, and clings to the powder foundation that I layer on top of it. I do have to be gentle when applying the foundation. If I rub too hard with the brush, you can accidentally make the powder pill up. You don’t want that.

Being Broad Spectrum SPF 30, is nice though. The price…not too much, as it pulls closer to the $50 range. For that, I would definite suggest trying out La Roche Posay (one of my other favourites) which is also all season friendly for my skin.


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