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I got to try grilled/BBQ’d pig intestines. My mother was amazed I tried it out. But, I actually really liked it when it was super crispy. Yum.

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I love fried chicken here. The problem is, I have a wedding soon. I cannot gain too much weight, or else the dress won’t fit well on the sides. So, my students have been trying to keep me accountable lol. I totally crumbled. It was yummy. Good times xD

I picked up the TOMS for about $30CAN. They are the first pair I have kept. The first pair was a few years back, but it was just too narrow. Friend said if I wet the canvas on the side, I can stretch it out faster. So far, it seemed to work.

I also picked up the Muji 3 drawer. I don’t know how to stuff it!!!!! lol

Not sure if it is available back home, but this is the Maple Peacan Frap from Starbucks Korea. It was a BOGO/1+1 deal, so my friend treated me. SUPER CRAZY sweet…She needed to ask for more milk. But…I powered through it.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

I know I know…
I haven’t done these in ages…

It was a coworkers birthday recently, so we all went out to eat. This was a seafood and bean sprout mix…which was oddly amazing. But then again, there are few things I have found not to taste amazing in Korea…

Can I just say how awesome Uniqlo is? I have bought some great dress shirts for about $11CAN. Super happy camper. I’m not petite in width, so I was glad I fit in their sizes. Plus, their fabulous organizing process for even socks…blows me away :P

It was Hangul Day last friday. Hangul is the Korean alphabet. Designed to increase the literacy rate for his people, King Sejong created it based on the speech anatomy. Luckily I didn’t have to work, which meant I could go biking on the Han River with the coworker. There was a festival going on at Yeouido, so we catch some action there.

Just look at this. What a beauty. It looked better on the phone…as the colours were brighter.

Took a wall to pick some stuff up. Dedicated players… ##soccer #park #spectators

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Plans fell through for Sunday, so I walked about for a bit. This is a park about 10 minutes from my place. The older men are always playing soccer. So energetic.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

It has been awhile since I have done these.

I was on a roll too!

In any case…

I returned from my very mini trip to Toronto (business rather than pleasure). I didn’t do any groceries, so I opted to have McDonalds breakfast. Not a hard choice when it is basically my next door neighbour.

I had lunch with my dear S. We wanted to get coffee, but ended up grabbing Korean lunch boxes, and Starbucks. I bought 3 drinks, and it was basically $20. I died. A tall green frap is about $6.50. Yummy, but I can’t keep up the habit I had in Canada, here, in Korea.

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Later that evening, S wanted to drink, so I accompanied here to an izakaya bar. Food was pretty good. Loved the touch of One Piece Characters on the bar.

When I finally arrived home, I had to lay down on the floor, under the AC. It was just too damn hot.

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The next day, I was treated to lunch, seeing as I had to pay for drinks last night on my own…due to issues -__- It was yummy going down, but WAY too much MSG. I was nearly passing out an hour later.

I got a mini vacay, so I met up with some of the others to go to Garosugil. We went to Cabogrill. Not too shabby. They have an unlimited meat option, but they don’t like to offer it to ladies, as they never end up eating enough.

We walked about, checked out the Line store. Such cuteness! We got drinks at Godiva, then headed off to Hangang River. Such a beautiful night…though still too humid for a Canadian like me :P

Ate some more BBQ the next evening, after a trip to Costco. It was a different kind of grilled chicken.

Of course we had to kill it with Karaoke singing xD

So that was my week back from Toronto.

It almost feels like that mini trip was a dream. I was so excited to see my kiddies here…I missed them. Funny how attached I’ve become.

6 month milestone is coming up soon…I was amused when I realized that.

Enough out of me. I should attempt to sleep…I figured I would write this up quickly while I couldn’t get to sleep.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

I was pretty poppped. This meant caffine lol. The ice cream bar is called “Wild Body”…yess…

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I took a picture as the lady was mixing the rice. She tells me, I’m not done yet. I thought she meant mixing the rice…then she proceeded to shape it into a heart. “NOW I am done. You can take your picture now.”

This is one of the entrances to the grill place (from the previous picture). It is MASSIVE. I just cannot even begin to explain how large it was. You could probably host 4 weddings here. It was just nuts.

Cookie butter, and flats. All ~$4 each. I love my Emart :D

Yet another picture from the grill place. This is the action shot at one of the other tables…The rice comes at the end, after grilling the meat.

#partnerincrime #junco #korea #kareoke #노래방 #데일리 #longweekend #loveit

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I went to meet one of the other teachers. Being Korean born, she knows the place. She also studied abroad for several years, and gets the feeling of being on your own. So I was so happy when she called me up and said let’s hang out xD We went to a Karaoke place. Ended up spending about $30 each, and had a blast for three hours. That was after the massive dinner, and Korean movie :)

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Last week on Instagram…

Testing week. I need my watery caffine fix in drink & bar form :p #coffeeinabag #korea #데일리

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Coffee is a tad expensive here, so I figured I would try out this baggie coffee. Not the yummiest…But the coffee ice cream bar was lovely :)

Absolutely love these markers. Fine tip, and cheap-ish. I tried them out when I was in Korea in 2010, and have loved them ever since. I like the green ones, but I ended up getting the orange as green was OOS. Stickers were for my little kids.

#mcdonalds #curlyfries #맥도날드 #컬리후라이 #후라이 #데일리 #먹스타그램

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Curly Fries!
I told you that McDonalds was deadly…seriously. When you include the elevator travel, I can walk within 2 minutes… -_______-

I met up with my cousin today. I had asked her back in April, but she was really busy. It was great to chat and catch up. Nice to rant too lol. Anyway, isn’t the stream lovely? Cheonggyecheon stream/청계천 would have been nice to walk, but it was pretty humid. We basically speed walked to the nearest Starbucks :P

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Last week on Instagram…

I saw Fast & Furious 7. I cried at the end. This was taken as we were walking home. Passing through the underground shopping area. Quite creepy when it is closed.

Celebrating their anniversary, they have the combos + LE cup sale. This was 6,500w (the cup was 1,000w), VERY roughly $7Can. The Tabasco/Ketchup sauce wasn’t that good. Better when you do it yourself at home.

Now, they also have their Birthday Cone. 800w, it is coated with white chocolate that is flavoured like birthday cake xD

One of my coworkers remembered that I said I hadn’t had a BBT in Korea as of yet…so she picked one up for me. Thankful for the ladies who look after me :)

I cannot tell you how delicious this thing was. Grab a B, near Bupyeong Station is just…love. This is the Avocado Burger, which is their special menu. I usually get Cheese Delight, but dang this was awesome.

Mum sent me the picture of my SampleSource box. She labeled the email ‘gifts’ which was amusing :P

#cannival #bupyeong #korea #데일리 #kareoke

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I was pretty tired Friday night. I came home, ate, and started reading the Bill Gates Bio for my class. Then I got a message, and hightailed it to the Karaoke place xD

I went to Songdo with one of my other coworkers, and she took me to Relish. I had the fish and chips, and DAMN. Satisfying, yummy, and loved how friendly the owner was :)

We were walking around, and my friend found the Mexican style Corn on the Cob. It is grilled, then mayo is spread on it. Then they sprinkle some cheese on it.

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Last week on Instagram…

Just behind my building, there is a school. Around the school, there are these beautiful cherry blossom trees. I spent a few minutes just letting the petals fall, and watching the branches sway.

I had taken a small trip to Myeong Dong to pick up a few things, after meeting someone. I picked up these Modi Polishes from Aritaum. Unfortunately the pink one SUCKS. It applies…plastic-y? It chips right after it dries. Yay for the 1+1 deal, but boo cause it was still about $2 each :T (On a side note, the brown one does much better so far…)

#lunch #korea #incheon #먹스타그램 #데일리

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Had lunch with the other teachers. I’m not sure what this was, but it was pretty good :)

Isn’t this just the cutest?! One of my students gave me it. It is Animal Stamp Candy. You lick it, and then stamp away! Tastes like Coca Cola. Yum.

I then found a bag at Costco Korea. I didn’t plan on seeing them, so I didn’t have the room to take it back with me. Next visit…I think I will xD

My meals have been…well very typical for me. I don’t need frills when it comes to eating. But…I am getting bored. This one one of my meals for the day. Chicken breast cooked, ripped apart. Mix in a block of tofu, flavour it with random things, and then shove it in a fried tofu wrapper.

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