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Starbucks and Baskin Robbins. Is there any other way to start off the day??

I was treated to food. It was really yummy. I actually really do miss my mom’s and dad’s kimchi chigae.

A regular brewed venti costs a little over $5CAN. Crazy. However, it was the only way I could get my hands on the pretty cup. So, I did it.

Suwon Temporary Fortress
My friend and her sister wanted to go, so we went. They even went to go ring the bell, though it costed a bit more money. Here we are stamping. There were stamps around the place, which all had different pictures. We wanted to collect them all.

On a final note,
Despite what others may say about my belief…
I know that He has risen.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

Not much to share. It has been a little busy for me. Most is settling down, but for the most part, things are better.

T-Express is a popular ride at the amusement park, Everland. One of the reasons it is popular is because of the fact that it is a wooden roller coaster ride. In addition, it was featured on Infinity Challenge, Episode 428, where they attempt to eat Jajangmyun and do their makeup throughout the ride. It was pretty funny xD

Papers. Every three months, we all dread this work. We have to mark, sort, punch, and bind into a book. Looks pretty, but so much time/work goes into it.

Cosrx has been a slowly growing favourite of mine. It was a cult favorite in the ASian Beauty thread on Reddit. It has now found a good home at my place as well. I still have to work out the perfect system, but I do like what I can see so far :)

This was photoshopped so that the colours were prettier, but this was taken in Itaewon. It was near the Jo Molane store. I was in the area since I wanted to see Les Miserables. The dog, just made me happy. I miss my dog.

Recently, I have been addicted to collecting the stickers from certain promotions. They are attached to gum, or inside chip packaging. This series is called, “Cheese in the Trap”. Yes there was a drama about it, and no, I wasn’t a complete fan. I did however enjoy most of it.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

Mechanical pencils make me happy. Especially when they are cheap. These guys were about 80 cents each. Muhahahahaha

I added more to my Cosrx collection. With two sales/promotions, I saved 8 dollars.

One of my coworkers went to Japan, and made these little goodie bags for us. Really excited to use the eye mask. I’ll have to use it when I come home…don’t want to waste it on a short flight.

I did my gels back in NOvember…and haven’t bothered to do anything with my nails. Loving the length, but I do need to trim them. Making too many spelling mistakes when I am typing lol

Demolished #koreanbbq #bbq #meat #grill #korean #instafood #먹스타그램 #데일리 #얌얌

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Kbbq is always a good meal

My coworker shared her favorite smoke meat/jerky. Ben Cheng Hiang. A Singaporean yummy snack. Expensive, but I really enjoyed it.

Uniqlo is having their winter sale. Their heattech was on a super sale. Ended up picking up pairs of mens bottoms for ~$5, and womens for about ~$10. So, I got my family covered :)

I needed to relax in the warm comfort of the Jimjilbang. So…I went.
Love it.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

I said I was going to be good!!!!
I failed already! lol
I missed last weeks first Instagram post…which is why if you have an account you should follow there xD

Naw…I should just stop being lazy! haha

Anyway…going through rough patches…
Mostly it is because people think that I would be stupid enough to be petty. They don’t realize that I am trying to ensure that my students get the best education that we can possibly give them. If only they could understand that…we would be golden.

Also wish that people would keep their mouth shut, and that people had the intelligence to discern for themselves.

But that is besides the point.

Can’t help buying multiples when there is a great deal :P But then I found out on the weekend that they have a sale on these for the same price I paid, at Boon’s. Booooo

Saw this on 9gag and laughed. Poor kitty. #1000 #milestone #everyday #lol

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This was my one thousandth post. It seems odd, but it was actually fitting for that day…
I’ve been going through a rough patch (work, and personal issues…). But this one made me laugh. I actually had to download a funny facial Gif to my phone to make me laugh as well. Good vibes, and prayers for acceptance could help too :)

One day and one night of wearing heat tech, and I was sold. Picked up these all on sale. I spent 54,000w on all 5 pieces. Things I got to send to mom, and for myself.

We don’t have a Uniqlo in Toronto, and I hadn’t gone to one before I came to Korea. Got to say, I love it. I understand the hype. I snagged these babies all for 35,000w. Picked up more for mom and myself.

Cosrx has made a lot of noise in the ABeauty Reddit feed. That is where I accidentally came across it. I am quite intrigued by a lot of their products, but indulged in the One Step PimpleClear PAds first. Simplicity is what I need. I will venture into the Asol and Blackhead products after.

Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

No additional captions this week. Keeping it simple…

Pretty #christmas #holiday cups from #ediya #데일리 #이디야 #커피

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Last week on Instagram…

Last week on Instagram…

I got to try grilled/BBQ’d pig intestines. My mother was amazed I tried it out. But, I actually really liked it when it was super crispy. Yum.

Oops…#friedchicken #부어 #치킨 #데일리 #먹스타그램

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I love fried chicken here. The problem is, I have a wedding soon. I cannot gain too much weight, or else the dress won’t fit well on the sides. So, my students have been trying to keep me accountable lol. I totally crumbled. It was yummy. Good times xD

I picked up the TOMS for about $30CAN. They are the first pair I have kept. The first pair was a few years back, but it was just too narrow. Friend said if I wet the canvas on the side, I can stretch it out faster. So far, it seemed to work.

I also picked up the Muji 3 drawer. I don’t know how to stuff it!!!!! lol

Not sure if it is available back home, but this is the Maple Peacan Frap from Starbucks Korea. It was a BOGO/1+1 deal, so my friend treated me. SUPER CRAZY sweet…She needed to ask for more milk. But…I powered through it.

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Last week on Instagram…

I know I know…
I haven’t done these in ages…

It was a coworkers birthday recently, so we all went out to eat. This was a seafood and bean sprout mix…which was oddly amazing. But then again, there are few things I have found not to taste amazing in Korea…

Can I just say how awesome Uniqlo is? I have bought some great dress shirts for about $11CAN. Super happy camper. I’m not petite in width, so I was glad I fit in their sizes. Plus, their fabulous organizing process for even socks…blows me away :P

It was Hangul Day last friday. Hangul is the Korean alphabet. Designed to increase the literacy rate for his people, King Sejong created it based on the speech anatomy. Luckily I didn’t have to work, which meant I could go biking on the Han River with the coworker. There was a festival going on at Yeouido, so we catch some action there.

Just look at this. What a beauty. It looked better on the phone…as the colours were brighter.

Took a wall to pick some stuff up. Dedicated players… ##soccer #park #spectators

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Plans fell through for Sunday, so I walked about for a bit. This is a park about 10 minutes from my place. The older men are always playing soccer. So energetic.

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