Sephora will be the death of me…

I did my best not to buy…or seeing as I did…to stick with skincare. I did okay.

I guess…lol

Well with the employee¬†F&F (where you had to snag a code from an employee, which I grabbed from Instagram), then the VIB release of the F&F sale…my wallet was in for a beating.

I mean…for Sephora, 20% is a rather big deal. It also helped to push things over the top for some. I saw receipts to qualify for Rouge in one shot! Wowza. Cannot imagine doing that myself, but it was interesting to see the pictures that people would post online.

So here is what I managed to drag home.

Sephora F&F Sale 2014
First Aid Beauty Cheers to FAB Skin $60CAN
SUCH a great deal, so I knew I needed it. It was OOS online, but managed to snag it in store. I actually like the cream and the Facial Radiance Pads a lot…and really enjoyed the cleanser, so for me, this was a steal!

Sephora F&F Sale 2014
First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pad $14CAN
I actually ordered the Facial Radiance Pads again, as I was on my last few from my first tub. I actually prefer to get the smaller tubs, as my friend once bought a larger one, which ended up drying up on her by the time she got to the bottom. I also don’t peel the seal off completely, which makes me feel as if I am doing it some extra service or something

Sephora F&F Sale 2014
Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pad $15CAN
I also wanted to try another peel, so I got the Un-wrinkle Peel Pads. It is supposed to be stronger than the FAB ones, but I read some reviews where people preferred the FAB>PTR. I wonder what my experience will be like…For this, the smaller tub ended up being more of a value deal than the larger ones.

Sephora F&F Sale 2014
Peter Thomas Roth 21st Birthday Kit $44CAN
My friend suggested the facial wash, so when I spotted this kit at the Yorkville location, I popped it in my bag. I’ve tried the peel (not my ultimate fav), and the sunscreen (from Sephora’s Sun Kit last year…which is a tad too slick for my oily face). With my age, I need to start moving away from SA and move to AHA…but this was too good of a deal.

Sephora F&F Sale 2014
Clarisonic Brush Head Value Pack $90CAN
This was spotted at the Yorkville location as well. I had ordered the Radiance brush heads online (as they were $43CAN for a two pack), but wanted the regular ones which were sold out at a lot of the locations. I mean it will last me the year…/whydoIneedsomany…

Sephora F&F Sale 2014
I picked these up as well…mainly because they were cute and such a great deal! I think I snagged these before hand…

Sephora F&F Sale 2014
This kit actually ended up going back. I got the facial cleanser in a freebie baggie, and the other stuff didn’t really appeal to me without it. So it went back.

You would think…that would be enough. But no. Black Friday happened, and I picked up a bunch of stuff there (which I shared HERE). Luckily Boxing Day wasn’t that good, so I only got one thing (Ole Henriksen Skincare Duo). Phew…but I still spent so much frigging money. So yes…unless I learn some proper self restraint…Sephora will be the death of me.

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