Checking out the new Isaac Mizrahi Live! collection…

(I won a place on the guestlist for the event through Twitter. I was not paid, nor prompted to create a post. I did receive swag that I mention at the end. This post is merely to share about an event I attended, and the thoughts are my own)

Isaac Mizrahi Live!

I saw the tweet on Thursday, just after the Loreal TIFF screening of Life of Crime…and ending up with the opportunity to check out the Meet & Greet for Isaac Mizrahi. I had little information about it before going, but here is the gist of what went on.

Basically, Isaac Mizrahi has created a collection that is sold by QVC (in the states), and will be sold by The Shopping Channel in Canada. The collection made its premiere last night at 10pm est.

If you don’t know Isaac Mizrahi is, I would highly suggest you check out the Wiki Page (which I hope is accurate for the most part. I mean look at all that he has overcome through his time in the fashion world!). A lot of us might know who he is from the Golden Globe thing, but he is more than just that.

I was also lucky to have Leloartistry to be my +1 to this event (You can check out her post HERE). We all know how easily I can freak out when there is a large crowd lol -___-

Moving on…

The event was held at Paese, located downtown, 333 King St (near the Bell Lightbox).

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
I really liked the fabric draping along the walls…

When Mr Mizrahi had arrived we had a bit of an intro from…

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
Chatelaine Publisher Tara Tucker

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
Susan Yull of The Shopping Channel

Absolutely LOVED how this outfit was put together! The blouse is just so fun~
(Just realized that the top was also part of Isaac Mizrahi’s collection O__O You can find it HERE)

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
Taylor Kaye was the Interviewer, asking various questions to Isaac Mizrahi.

Questions such as…

Who makes you nervous?

Well you know I have to say that what you end up learning is that, Meryl Streep is as insecure as you […] But the thing is that you end up learning that the best way to make her look beautiful is to make her feel comfortable […] So the best design/style is good friends.
I think they are all terribly insecure, like us […] the thing that is great about good clothes is that they make you feel better about yourself.

What is one item for this fall that you think is a necessity and a go to piece?

Flats. I’m bored with the big giant shoes

Speaking of flats, I [like] a good riding boot with anything (like THIS one). She can dress it up, or way down.

What is the biggest fashion faux pas in your opinion?

I don’t like lip liner […] It’s like a sharpie.

Who is/was your mentor?

I have a few mentors, but the one that comes to mind is Perry Ellis. […] because that’s where I had my first job.

What do you love about Canada and Canadian women?

“I think I like to design fall clothes than […]”

I love the geography. I don’t like the hot weather, I like the long winters. I like the freezing cold.

(Note: In regards to the answers, I did record the interview, however there was a lot of back chatter that made it difficult to hear my recordings clearly. I have indicated adjustments I made if necessary with the ellipses and brackets)

Once the interview was done, Mr Mizrahi was whisked away to get ready for the Shopping Channel so we didn’t see him after. Instead we checked out the new outfits that the models were wearing (the models were super nice. Love when you meet people like that :))

Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
I actually didn’t get the whole point of the sunglasses. I think the stylists should have knocked those off…I would have photoshopped them out, but I was editing them late last night, and just didn’t have the drive to do so..

Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
The room filled with chatter…

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
LOVED this print!
(You can find it HERE)

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
Another shot of the dress…

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
I really liked this dress…
(You can find it HERE for $179.99)

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
I liked it even more because it has POCKETS~!! xD!!

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
Another one of the lovely dresses
(You can find it HERE $149.99)

You can find all the products available to The Shopping Channel HERE

I think I prefer most of the dresses over the regular single pieces. Mainly because they are more fun. But as a student this line is definitely harder for me to stomach. But really like the leather looked dress. In any case, if you are a fan of his stuff, you might be interested in it, even though it is a tad pricey. Just be sure to note that The Shopping Channel has gone through some changes, with new people, new bosses, and a new look…which also means a new return policy. It seems that a lot of people are unsatisfied with it. So something to keep in mind. Maybe if cost is an issue, you may want to stick with his diffused lines…On a final note, the dresses don’t seem to be petite friendly…from what I could tell. I mean I’m not that tall either >_<

Now, just as we were heading out…we were handed SWAG XD

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
The Chatelaine Magazines, the IsaacMizrahiLIVE! Mother of Pearl Ceramic Watch, and a $20 Gift Card for The Shopping Channel.

The watch isn’t on the website as of this very moment, but I still wanted to share it…as it was amusing to me. It is currently being sold on QVC, with 11 colour choices (I wouldn’t mind a black or chocolate).

The watch is of a good weight. Not too light that I feel like it will break, but not so heavy that I would hate to have this on my wrist. The watch came with a plastic band around the time adjustment, I believe to preserve the battery. Other than that I can’t do a proper review on it, as I only just got it, but wanted to share because…well you’ll see :P

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
If you ever buy this, take it out of the box quickly and slap the lid shut. I think it is the glue but the box smells horrible!

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
I didn’t realize it was mother of pearl, until I read it online. The shift if the colour in the pearl is very subtle.

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
I really liked the invisible clasp, as it makes the watch more seamless

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
You push on both sides to release the links

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
And snap them back one side at a time to fasten it again

Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Thank goodness for the instruction manuel, as I was SUPER confused on how to adjust the time. I was so used to the typical ways…so I was able to pull it out, but I could not, for the life of me, get the knob back in!

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
The key was to push and turn at the same time -____- haha, I should have read it before thinking I knew all about watches :P

Isaac Mizrahi Live!
I didn’t know this, so it was good to know!

Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Yes…yes I do…now :D

(I think the pictures are the same, except for maybe 3? but I did post an album on Facebook as well)


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    • Actually that would be better. I have a hard time seeing myself in the dress, but as a separate piece I would feel more comfortable. Wish they had that option :)

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