Korea: What to do when you don’t have shoes…

Shoes in Korea

When I entered Korea, I bought 5 pairs of footwear with me.

One Diesel black hightops, one brown heeled sandals from Aldo, grey heeled boots from Aldo, a flat pair of sandals from Old Navy, and flip flops.

I was dying for more footwear choices by the end of March.

The thing was, I didn’t want to spend very much.

Shoes in Korea
Korea shoes

The first pair of shoes that I bought, were the most expensive. I do like them, but it was more of a decision that my co-worker at the time kind of pressured me to buy. It was definitely not in the price range I appreciated.

I bought the loafers and the flats for 70,000won, which was about ~$78CAN at the time.

That is just ridiculous for me! However, I have worn them fairly enough to justify the price.

Since then, I have made more…price sensible (for me) selections.

Emart has the Payless store inside some of their locations (they carry up to size 10, though the selection for shoes is quite small at that size range). It just so happens that one of the trips I made, they were having an event. They were selling these crochet flats for 10,000won.

Shoes in Korea

Of course I had to buy them in black and beige.

Shoes in Korea
I picked up these Emart brand Birkenstock knockoffs for 9,900won. Pretty comfy, and I loved the metallic straps.

I then found these beige flats for 4,000won! They were a tad small, but I was able to stretch them out a bit.

I’ve actually picked up a few pairs from Gmarket as well. One shop I have come to like is Dangol Unni. Cheap pricey, but not super cheap quality. Don’t have pictures of ones I bought. Once you know your Korean shoe size, you can start browsing Gmarket to buy things and ship to your home.

I have since brought a few more pairs of footwear with me (on my recent trip back home)


…damn…I love shoes…

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