Last week on Instagram…

Oh man…still recovering from last night.

I went to a wedding of a good friend of mine. An event I have been waiting for since last December :D

In any case, I was not too impressed with all the staff at The Venetian Banquet Hall. That’s all I will say since I am still hoping that action will take place.

Beginning of the week started horribly for a few reasons. More importantly that people can be so ignorant. Unfortunate. Luckily the rest of the day went better.

I picked up a few things, thanks to the Sephora code I got on an employee on Instagram. Thankful for that :)

Because of the said wedding, I was treating my face like crazy since I was breaking out a lot. Peel off masque for the clogged pores, and a sheet masque to work the pores. I did a clay masque towards the end of the week.

I went dress hunting a few times, and this was the only dress that was ‘suitable’. I wasn’t a 100% in love with it, but it did its job for the night.

I received a few packages I was excited to get. BzzAgent Hair Campaign, An envelope that was STUFFED with Annabelle Goodies. Because I was so happy, I made a mini video too.

The wedding. The Bride was keeping the party favours underwraps, but accidentally let it slip the last time we all met to have dinner. However, I didn’t realize they had found these containers to put them n! So cute :D

The didn’t want to have some of the usual things you have at a wedding, so they hired Ray Chance. Really cool Street Magician, who really did get our attention! The video was poorly done on my end, but basically he started with drawing a circle, writing the world ball underneath. Shut the pad, then opened it, and BOOM! Out fell out the real bowling ball. Haha…It was fun. “Who’s got the lemon? Andrew’s got the lemon. I do I do…”



Last week on Instagram…

Life has been rather uneventful as of late…That is the life of a baeksu.

In any case…

I went to meet my friend AY on Friday. After a rather pitiful afternoon, I needed a pick me up yummy dessert before we went out for drinks. So off we went to Patbingsu. Definitely a great pick me up, especially with the right company :)

Picked up the Arizona. I know it has an insane amount of sugar, but it was on sale for 2/$3 bottles. Anyway, the packaging is pretty…

Lastly, I have a rather important event to attend next week, and since a hair thing fell through, I thought I should refresh the colour of my hair. I dye is every 3 months with the Loreal HiColor for Dark Hair. It works well, but the colour only sticks around for about a month and a half. So right now, you can’t see any of the Auburn Red, that I had initially dyed it with. Anyway, I heard that there were people who refresh their colours with semi-permanent dyes, so I figured I would give it a try…but the horrible bleeding testimonials have me wary. I did pick these tubs up on clearance for about $4 each…so it can’t be too bad…righ?!??? *finger crossed*

Last week on Instagram…

Oh pancakes. So, my mom wasn’t a huge fan of pancakes/making them, so we didn’t have them much as a kid. It doesn’t help that I like it mixed with milk, and I can’t have milk in the mornings. Anyway, I had a HUGE craving for them…so I picked up a box along with Ed Smith Syrup :D Basically, pancakes = happy time lol

Delayed post. I had uploaded it before, and for some reason it decided to post last week :T Oh well…

Friday Night Live at the Royal Ontario Museum is BACK! I went last year HERE. It started last week, and will go on to the end of November. If you haven’t been, getting tickets a few weeks in advance is always good. Otherwise you end up waiting outside, lining up in the cold. Not fun. Anyway, I actually went to check out the ROM with my friend J, since she hadn’t gone in ages, and she had tickets.

Anyway folks, hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving :)

Last week on Instagram…

I’m Back!!

But…going through some stuff (what else is new -___-), so there have been delays on getting back here. Hope all is well with you readers :D It was always so fun waking up to notifications on the phone about the likes that I got for some of the Korea posts. Definitely made me smile while I was there. In any case, I do want to share about it, but…guess who lost one of her memory cards OTL. I was SUPER pissed. So there are a few things I can’t share, while others, luckily were on the phone. So…for now, here are three pictures.

One of the foods I wanted to eat once I was back from Korea..was Souvlaki. Specifically from Zet’s!

I went out on Friday to go apple picking (which I haven’t done since I was in my single digits…), and to go on a little hike on a trail. Definitely had a lot of fun, and loved the fact that the trees around me, surrounded me with their fun chatter.

I stopped by Nuit Blanche. Actually, I was too tired to want to stick around…plus there was a lot of…underage…action going on. I did like how this looked though.