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Dear Jill over at JilloJello turned me to Cookie Butter. I had heard about it, seen about it here and there. However, I didn’t get the hype. I mean, since it is not available in Canada, people purposefully travel to pick it up in the US at Trader Joe’s. Due to miscommunication, one of the jars I brought back for her, was opened…so it became mine. The thing is, I didn’t like it. It didn’t get the hype. So I left the jar alone for two months. But it was just sitting there…I had to finish it…right? So I started trying it with different crackers. That was when it started growing on me. I just finished it up (well, there is a scoop left), and got to say that I am a little sad. I’m hoping to go to Buffalo before the new year…but not sure. I hope I do, so I can get us a few more :P I have found out, thanks to CB, that we can find a knockoff in our own supermarkets. Haven’t checked yet, but I hope I do soon.

So I got my BrandBacker Kiss Products Instawave to review. I was pretty exited to get it, because…it is a curler!! My hair is such a pain to curl, that I used to purposefully ruin it a bit so that it would take to heat styles better. Yeah, not a smart thing to do, but I was desperate lol. Anyway, I should have a review about these soon :)

I shared about the Madam Glam UV Gels that I received for review HERE

I met with someone to chat over food. I love that as we get older, yes, experiences might differ. However, you can still befriend someone who is younger than you, or older than you. It was interesting to see how my life experiences, and that of someone in their early 20s, was similar and different. Give and learn. Anyway, we ate at Salad King because she hadn’t had it before, and I hadn’t eaten there in AGES. I was a happy camper.

High school friend had a rather important birthday. Decided to go axe throwing at B.A.T.L. I didn’t get there in time for the actual event, as I had another birthday dinner to attend, but I got to see the venue. Very in the middle of nowhere, and out of sight, but it seems that they had fun. (Oh, that was also my 700th picture post on Instagram :P)

I was a little disappointed. Well, a lot actually. My Mother brought this to my attention, since she thought it was a little odd. I was VERY annoyed. And, I’m glad that it seems I had some right to be, as I did wonder if I was over reacting. Anyway, Mom went to pick up prescribed meds from Rexall Pharma Plus Pharmacy. This is what she got back (the one missing was taken by my Mother). The box wasn’t even the proper box, I guess because they just needed somewhere to put the things. What actually bugged me, was the fact that they were all cut up from different packages, without any expiry dates. Which got me thinking, that how much do we know about even the loose drugs that we need to get when we get sick. I mean, I would hope that it would be carefully maintained. But…with this, I figured you never know. I want to go complain, but she is saying just let it go. Need to check in with my cousin (nurse, husband a dr), and then see where to go from there.



Last week on Instagram…

I hung out with my friend J, as she had a mini break from work. We walked over to the plaza to grab pizza (we were both craving it), and we decided to kill some time at Pharma Plus. Loved seeing the Cargo Cosmetics holiday kits.

I have quite the number of shadows…but I have been using 3 specific ones for the last…half year. I thought it was time to switch it up, so I converted to my larger empty MAC Palette. The thing is…the ones I filled it up with…were VERY similar to what I already had in the last half year lol Anyway, I did end up adjusting it a bit, for a few stand out colours..

I caught a cold, and still have a cold. The first of the season. It was actually funny cause my friend and I were JUST talking about flu shots, and getting sick…and I got sick -___- Anyway, this is Korean Jook, or like Chinese Congee. My first time making it on my own…and I messed up a bit, but it turned out okay in the end. Besides, it was the only thing my throat would let me swallow.

Ah…the change in season also means I need to pack up my lovelies. What better way to do it, than to use Beauty So Clean wipes, to ensure that they are ready for hibernation?

lol I just realized, when embedding this video, that you can hear what we were watching in the background! Anyway, Mom was preparing kimchi. I’m still sick, so I couldn’t help out with the more important stuff. So it took her longer to do. 5 hours of her time, 2 of mine. The thing is, all the kimchi we made, will last us til next summer-ish. So it is kind of worth it…just a PITA to go through. Oh, we were watching the Korean variety show “I Live Alone/나 혼자 산다”.

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Nothing eventful…as per the usual.

This mini crystal thing for our hall, catches the sun rays for a very brief moment. During this time, the hall is filled with such beautiful colours. I usually miss it, as it only lasts a few minutes…

Do you like buying jeans? Truthfully, like the others who commented, I’m not a HUGE fan of going through the process of buying jeans. There are jeans that make my butt flat…which isn’t great cause I have Mom’s flat butt. Also, because I am short, I need to buy ones for my height. I have had some good luck with the jean $7-10 pairs I buy from Old Navy, Super Skinny Jeans in Petite/Ankle cuts. Some of them are also thicker, so they last quite well. I actually loved one pair so much, I bought two of them of the same colour. Tres awesome. Anyway, because of the various sales that Gap and Old Navy have had over the year, I have acquired quite a few pairs of denim. Not a bad thing, but it was just amusing that I used to hate wearing them as a kid. I had to put away the lighter pairs, but took this shot before I replaced it with some of my heavier weight jeans.

Last week on Instagram…

Oh man…still recovering from last night.

I went to a wedding of a good friend of mine. An event I have been waiting for since last December :D

In any case, I was not too impressed with all the staff at The Venetian Banquet Hall. That’s all I will say since I am still hoping that action will take place.

Beginning of the week started horribly for a few reasons. More importantly that people can be so ignorant. Unfortunate. Luckily the rest of the day went better.

I picked up a few things, thanks to the Sephora code I got on an employee on Instagram. Thankful for that :)

Because of the said wedding, I was treating my face like crazy since I was breaking out a lot. Peel off masque for the clogged pores, and a sheet masque to work the pores. I did a clay masque towards the end of the week.

I went dress hunting a few times, and this was the only dress that was ‘suitable’. I wasn’t a 100% in love with it, but it did its job for the night.

I received a few packages I was excited to get. BzzAgent Hair Campaign, An envelope that was STUFFED with Annabelle Goodies. Because I was so happy, I made a mini video too.

The wedding. The Bride was keeping the party favours underwraps, but accidentally let it slip the last time we all met to have dinner. However, I didn’t realize they had found these containers to put them n! So cute :D

The didn’t want to have some of the usual things you have at a wedding, so they hired Ray Chance. Really cool Street Magician, who really did get our attention! The video was poorly done on my end, but basically he started with drawing a circle, writing the world ball underneath. Shut the pad, then opened it, and BOOM! Out fell out the real bowling ball. Haha…It was fun. “Who’s got the lemon? Andrew’s got the lemon. I do I do…”