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Musical Friday…Rather Be

Last month, I attended the wedding of a dear friend from high school. It was the first time I would be going to a wedding where I wouldn’t know anyone at the table, as the two people I did know, would be sitting at the head table. So I was pretty stressed…as I get a little…anxious.

The thing is, I was so happy to celebrate the occasion of one of my good guy friends being wed to the love of his life, that I had so much fun.

They also did have some decent music, though I cannot say that the DJ and Company were all that great themselves…as they did something questionable at the end, I did like the music that they selected.

Clean Bandit’s Rather Be, was one of the songs that caught my ear.

What caught my attention was the strings element of the song. Plus, it was just so crisp.

Playing around with the Kiss Instawave

*Products in this post were provided for review by Kiss Products as part of the Brandbacker program. Views and opinions about the product are of my own experiences*

Do you like curling your hair?

I don’t.

The reason? It is such a painful and long process. So when I saw the opportunity on BrandBacker, I JUMPED on the application to try out the Kiss Products Instawave.

Kiss Products Instawave


The goods arrived on my doorstep, and I rushed to immediately try it out!

So a mini unboxing…

Kiss Products Instawave
It seems a little big, but it isn’t heavy. In fact, due to the ease of use (I mean come on, it is fully automatic!), you don’t really notice the size.

Kiss Products Instawave
It has two settings, where the HIGH setting is approximately 420 degrees. It also has a dial to direct the curler left or right. With the slightest touch, you can control the direction.

Kiss Products Instawave
The barrel is a little short, so if you have SUPER long hair, you won’t get curls from root to tip. That is, unless you decide to work out two sections for each curl. I also found, that at the very least, you need hair that is long enough to wind around the entire barrel once. Otherwise it can really grip anything, and it cannot curl (tried on Mom’s hair OTL).

Kiss Products Instawave
The inner, taller prong, is the one that helps to keep the strands in place.

This was my first go at the Instawave. I sectioned the side of my head, and I believe I split that up into 4 separate sections. The time to section (just what you see in the picture) and curl took about 3 minutes. 3 MINUTES! That, for me is REALLY unheard of. I mean I am usually struggling to try and get the curler or flat iron to work its magic on my hair. But this? Super easy.

In my excitement, I forgot to use a heat protector spray. Which I would really suggest, as even on the low setting it is quite hot! Oh, on that note, it warms up quite fast (just wait for the indicator light to turn blue), meaning you don’t have to let it sit for awhile, grab a coffee…and ultimately forget about it (like I have done a few too many times -___-). Even if you did, there is a safety feature where it automatically shuts off in 90 minutes! Would have been nice if it was maybe 60, or 45 minutes, as I doubt it would take anyone that long to curl their hair, but still a good feature.

A little walk through video, if you aren’t interested in reading. There are days I rather not read as well :P

So, lets see this baby in action. Skip ahead to 3:26, for demo. The beginning part is just explaining what I already mentioned in the pictures.

Hold InstaWave vertically
Simply place section of hair on the InstaWave curling rod
Touch the Curl Dial either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair
Hold for 5-10 seconds (I hold for 8), hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves
Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out

Kiss Products Instawave
Oh lovely curls, how art thou?

So to recap the features (I also added my comments in brackets)

KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls (I think my pictures prove they are a beaut!)
Easy for anyone to use, from any angle, with any hand (This makes it easier to do both sides of the head, and back of the head…even if you are a total hair newb like me)
Features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions (Very easy to switch between the two)
Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes (Bonus)
2 heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420° (Quite hot, and I don’t need to use it at the highest setting)

One thing to note, is that there is a bit of a whine when you are using the product (and when it is not rotating). Apparently it is the motor, and does not pose any issue. Just means it is working.

So, would I recommend you check it out?
Heck ya. As mentioned in the video, I pretty much use this every other day since I have received it. It prolongs my wash, and makes me feel glamourous.

If you are in the US, you can find it In the US for $59.99 at Ulta &

In Canada, you can find it at Walmart for $69.99 Walmart Canada. Don’t forget to use ebates when buying :)


Do you have a automatic curler? Or have I tempted you with the Kiss Instawave??

Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam

*Products in this post were provided for review purposes. Views and opinions about the product are my own*

It is always a good day when a package arrives from Annabelle HQ.

This time was no different. Because there were a lot of fun goodies, I wanted to split them up…so today I’ll be sharing the Metal Glam TwistUp’s.

Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam TwistUp

Back in the beginning of September, I was in SDM when I noticed the Metal Glam display. Of course…that meant I had to swatch.

I thought they were pretty, but a little too metallic-y for my own taste.

That thought remained when I received them.

The thing is, once applied…it was game over…in a good way.

Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam TwistUp
Consisting for 4 LE colours, we have Heartbreak, Heavy Petal, Rock & Rose, and Nude of Fame. A good range of colours, as we have the bold and the nude.

Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam TwistUp
I told you they look pretty XD

Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam TwistUp
So pretty…*gets lost in the shimmers…*

Now, as I said, they look a little metallic-y/frosty. It does diffuse a little though.

(I actually read a tweet that said frost was coming back for 2015?! I don’t like frosts in my lippies -___-)

Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam TwistUp
Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam TwistUp

Annabelle Cosmetics Metal Glam TwistUp

They apply quite nicely, and are more sheer than you would have initially expected. Yet, there is still enough of a colour payoff. I passed on Heartbreaker to my mother, who is a diehard fan of reds. I kept the others :P

Have you seen the collection in stores?

What’s been going on…

So, some of you may have gathered from my tweets over the last two years, or have heard it straight from me. Either way, I am gearing up to apply to teach abroad for a year.

What took you so long to decide this?

Ideally, I would have loved to do this 5 years ago, when a few friends had decided to go after graduation. But they had degrees, whereas I did not. Then I pursued Early Childhood Education (ECE), while eventually ending up back at the University of Toronto to finish that piece of paper.

The other thing was, it took my time in ECE to realize how much I did love facilitating learning with children.

I mean, I have always enjoyed/loved working with children and youth since I was in high school. Makes sense, as the first occupation that I was serious about as a kid, was to be a teacher (then I wanted to be a Police Woman, or Fire Fighter lol…I had flirted with the idea of going in to policing…but the last year made me realize how jaded the profession can be :T). In any case, the majority of the last decade has been dedicated to work with the youth. It was something I have loved and enjoyed, as I volunteered in whatever way possible at our church. And seeing as it was one of the largest Korean churches in Toronto, there was always a capacity for me to help out. This meant I got to work with the Kindergarteners, school agers, to the high schoolers. Then there is the fact that I have worked with a number of students over the last decade, by tutoring them in math, or acting as a medium to teach an online course for the high school diploma. There was also the years I spent as a teacher for the academic summer camps.

Generally, a week felt incomplete without the kids, as there was just so much we could learn from each other.

Even now, I ponder a teaching issue that I hit when trying to explain a mathematical concept to a student late last week. The usual methods of helping to explain the concept, was completely lost on the student. Not his fault, as he brought up a number of legitimate questions as to why the concept couldn’t equal what he knew it should be. I mean, it seems like a little thing, a little roadblock, but it isn’t when you just can’t get over it. Basically we ended up leaving it for now, so that we can tackle it with fresh eyes next week. But since then, I have been looking into, and asking advice from others about any unusual alternatives to teaching the concept.

This is a concept that I have taught…well…I don’t know how many times, but I would approximate that I have taught it to 40 different students over the last 5 years. That might not seem like a lot, but in a way it is. In any case, my point is that, despite having taught it so many times…his confusion made me look for yet another way to try and explain it to him.

So back to the school thing. I finished up my classes at the end of August, and convocation was actually this past Monday (which I did not attend). As such, I am ready to move on.

The only problem is trying to find an employer who is willing to let me take my vacation at a different time than they normally make their teachers take it. But, it is necessary as I need to be back for a wedding in the fall. Not sure how this will work out, as two of the recruiters I have asked…have basically ignored my question. I didn’t have my paper work then, so that might have been the issue. Hopefully though, I find something decent.

My fingers are crossed.

I’m going to take a TEFL course soon, and hope to have that done ASAP. I have also been browsing/planning random lessons/ideas in the event I do go.

It should be interesting.

Mostly because it seems age can be a huge factor OTL

But keep your fingers crossed for me??


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