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Seoul…My parental units Motherland…


Ahnyoung from Seoul. While I was trying to keep my calm on the plane, I figured I would type up a post. So this should post while I’m getting my bag…(actually this post goes up when I tried sleeping and woke up early -__-

Anyway, a few people asked, so here it is. I’m only in Korea for a tiny bit over a week.

My goodness! Such a waste of money!!

Yeah, I would say that seeing as I still have osap debt. However, with everything this year, I deserved it. In addition, the tickets were only $440 taxes in.

Wow! Plane must be crap!

In all seriousness, after my disastrous trip with United Air (or was it American Airline?), I didn’t have much hope. But boy have things changed a lot in 4 years.

I am on Deltas flight schedule, and dang…aside from the fact that the layovers are annoying, the fact that I got one annoying Ahjumah in my row, and there are 5 crying babies…I’m enjoying myself.

The layovers, though annoying (especially on my way back home) will be hard, but the airport is really nice/clean. And quiet.

I’m having a foot war with this ahjumah, as its just her and I in this row. She thinks she’s allowed to take up 2.5 seats…though rightfully we should only get one…it is common sense to share. But alas…she kept kicking me because she was in my area…and kept waking me up. So I gave up on napping. On the bright side? I shouldn’t be jet lagged then lol.

There are crying babies, but the parents are trying their best to keep them calm, and the poor parents have hard hardly any sleep. Plus one of them is a little over one, and she keeps waving to people xD how can we be annoyed with that?!

Plus…it is hard to see in the picture, but at least I get to listen to music (like seriously they have TLC Waterfalls! Loved that song in the late 90s), and I get to watch current movies! I was SUPER excited for How to Train Your Dragon. So cute. Definitely underated. I watched Dhoom 3 as well!

I also was having a bit of stomach issues, and motion sickness for the plane bus didn’t help. But the food has been pretty good. No really complaints other than bloating.

One thing that has been annoying is that I forgot my toothbrush, and this air+lack of sleep has been hell for my face. I have two massive gross pimples. So tempted to pop it, but going to run to nearest Watson’s or Olive and Young and buy the Nexcare Acne patches…let’s see how long I can hold out >_< (I didn't get to a stop as it was late and I was tired…)

So that is my plane update. If my phone is up and running faster, going to try and blog my train ride from Incheon Airport to Seoul using the All Stop Arex :) (actually change of plans…I'll post about my phone tomorrow :))

Hope it's a great mid week for y'all!

Well hello from DTW :)


So I’m waiting for my connecting flight for Seoul at the moment, but just wanted to say hi!

I should have posted my weekly Instagram update post, but it was just too Darn busy yesterday. In any case, I’m off to Seoul for a very mini getaway. Thankful for being able to snag the Delta deal :D

Anyway, I’m hoping to have data set up by Thursday, so hopefully will have mini updates if I can manage it on the phone, as I didn’t bring laptop or iPad w me. Kind of weird not to have them, but…less is more philosophy applies to this trip!

Okay, going to go check out the Sanrio store and check out Miss Kitty…the “girl”….lol

Check out for random pictures :)

What is your method of choice for your brow game?

*This product was snagged complimentary at the AnnabelleXShenae Party from the makeup wall. Contents within the post are my own personal views on it*

Brows…brows…brows. Brows are SUPER important for me. Because I have such sparse brows to start, it is a must for me to draw them in. If I don’t, I will wear a cap, and you will not see my brows for the rest of the day lol. Plus, since I have a chubby face, brows help to add some dimension to it.

So I was happy that I was able to get a pal to snag me these pencils in the mad dash that was crowded around the free for all makeup stand at the party.

Annabelle Skinny Brow
Annabelle Skinny Brown pencil in Universal Medium and Universal Light.

Annabelle Skinny Brow
The product pushed all out. Light had been used for about two weeks at this point, where Medium has been used about 4 times. So I loved the fact that the product doesn’t run out too quickly on you.

Annabelle Skinny Brow
The “brush” on the other end

Annabelle Skinny Brow
Medium on the left, Light on the right

Annabelle Skinny Brow
I used Universal Light here.

So what did I think?
One of the biggest things was that, because the formula is on the harder side, it required a bit more work to draw with the pencil. It is waxier than I had expected. ㅆhere was a lot of trial and error for me, as I would over draw the end and the little hairs I do have would all clump together. I outline first, fill in the brow with short strokes in the direction of the hair, then use a brush to brush it out in the direction of the hair. Going in the direction of the hair works for me because my follicles are pretty weak, and doing anything else seems to pull them faster. Oh and sorry for the mess of my brows. Been trying to grow them out…for a year…lol
I should just tattoo these suckers -____- I also don’t get the brush it comes with. It is a little too stiff for me to manipulate. No loss for me though. I can pull off both Universal Medium and Universal Light, but I prefer the Medium.

If you like a stiffer, slight waxier formula to your brow game, than this might be something for you to check out.

It retails for $8.95, and can be found in three shades. They can be found on the Annabelle Website, SDM, Pharma Plus…well anywhere Annabelle can be found.

Eating at Yueh Tung

Yueh Tung Restaurant

Yueh Tung Restaurant
(416) 977-0933
126 Elizabeth Street,
Toronto M5G 1P5

A long time ago, a pregnant woman and her husband, after closing up shop, made their way to this restaurant. There, despite not having a lot of money, she would order three lobsters for them to eat. Two for her, one for him. She couldn’t help it, it was one of her necessary cravings!

A few decades later, we still make our way to this restaurant to eat.

It used to be located right underneath the condo that is beside the new place.

This is actually the place we usually bring people when they come to visit. I think, after all the years of going, we have only been disappointed a few times, and even then, only for one or two dishes. Even then, they were promptly fixed when brought up with the staff.

The washrooms could use some work, as they aren’t in the best shape.

But I enjoy the staff. Always smiling, there are still people there who worked back in the late 80’s/90’s. That makes me smile.

Anyway, this one day, cause it was Mom’s birthday, we made a trek down.

Yueh Tung Restaurant
Yueh Tung Restaurant
Yueh Tung Restaurant
We ordered the usual. Lobster in black bean sauce, spicy fried squid, vegetable chow mein, and beef with Chinese broccoli.

Usually the fried squid isn’t as oily, and is more crunchy, but it was a little on the soggy side this day. Still fine, as everything else was super yummy.