Musical Friday w O.When

O.When – Today

Loved the voice. Quite mellow…


Musical Friday – What I Want

니화 (NiiHWA) – What I Want (매드독 OST) 

Lately Ive been watching the Korean drama Mad Dog. Its been interesting to watch. But this is the ending song and really like the pop in the intro. 

I missed the last two weeks. Just been busy/kept forgetting to upload/schedule songs. 

I hope to blog soon, so I hope that itll be up. I mean I have been editig pics right on the phone in the park on my way to work. So hopefully Ill get on it soon :)

Musical Friday w Akmu’s Dinosaur 

Akdong Musician – Dinosaur 

This week was Korean Thanksgiving. So, I had Tuesday until Sunday off. Unfortunately I caught something last Sunday evening…and still battling it now. Thought it was a throat infection, but there was no usual white spots I get, and so the doctor said it was just a cold. Not fun. The meds arent working their magic either. I only have two days left to get better, so Ive been listening to upbeat mysic and dancing to tire myself out so I can keep sleep lol. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday :D 

Musical Friday Yeah Yeah…

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah

Ah…finally the weekend. I have an early work day on Monday, then Im off for 6 days. So, if you wanna visit Korea and have a free translator, now would be the time!!! lol who am I kidding, Id be a poor translator. However, Ill be good company xD 

I really wanted to go to Japan for a few days but oh no. No, my back is not up for that at all. Which is fine. I have my shows ready, and got almost all the food I need. 

Staycation, Im kinda ready for you xD 

Soon baby soon…

Musical Friday – Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

Im not a huge fan of the entire song. Actually only like the whistling bits…

The week was a long one, and Im just excited to be horizontal all weekend. My back is still not fully cooperating, so weekends are rest and recovery days for me. 

I still really want to go home for the first week of October. Problem is that flights back are nuts. Some over 2k pushing 3k for some. Sigh. If I could find a $1200 flight Id come home for 4 days and be happy. But then again, maybe I wont want to return if I go home?