Musical Friday – The Crooked Kind

Radical Face – The Crooked Kind

This is just so…mellow. I love that I can listen to it for long periods of time, and yet still be intrigued by it.

Another one from the Elementary viewings of recent days.

Musical Friday – Follow Follow

Tunng Follow Follow

On an Elementary kick right now. Well, I’m using it in the sense of background noise, but hey, it is bringing me back to some old music that I did like when I watched it the first time.

The plucks in this contrasted the overall song. In a sense, it is just busy. And yet, it is oddly becoming an earworm for me.

Musical Friday – If You Came into My Heart

Lee Jonghyuk – If You Come Into My Heart
So, I was going through my songs, and came across this again. It made me want to watch the drama all over again…which I proceeded to do. This was the clip from the drama, and it has the subtitles. Lee Jonghyuk did his rendition for the drama, A Gentlemen’s Dignity. I do like his voice, but it was originally sung by Jo Dukbae, and its longer than what they previewed in the drama. So, of course I have to favour the longer version more :P

조덕배/Jo Dukbae – 그대 내맘에 들어오면/If You Came into My Heart

Anyway, it is just so heartwarming, which makes me feel all happy.

Musial Friday – Reminiscing

Xue Zhiqian/薛之謙 – 官方完整版

Okay, so the MV is kinda depressing. So, not a great way to start off the weekend, but it was another I heard during my travels in December and wanted to share :)

Actually, it reminded me of another singer, and another song…but cannot recall. Haven’t listened to Taiwanese or Chinese music in ages…If you have suggestions, do lmk.


Musical Friday – Habits

Maria Mena – Habits ft. Mads Langer
A song I heard while I was in Okinawa. I was at Starbucks, and desperately trying to catch this song on Shazzam. It was hard. But, did it in the end.

Love that the two vocals play together.

Guys, have you done something out of necessity, rather than desire?
I guess if I put it that way, we all have.
I’m going to have to do something out of necessity, rather than desire. I know it sounds silly, but I truly believed 2017 was my year. Then this and that happened at the end of 2016, which…messed up everything for 2017. But the year just started, how can it mess everything up?! It can. So…2018 will have to be my year. But, as I get older, it gets harder and harder to really want to do that which is motivated by passion.

I was at a friends house a little while ago, and it was just amusing. I loved seeing everyone. But, the way that the conversation was steered. For example, basically out of 10 topics, I could contribute to only 2. Which isn’t a bad thing, and in no way was I pressured. However, my inner self won’t let me stop comparing.

Anyway, I heard the same points I heard last time. But, if I think about money, this is the best option for me at this time. Hopefully this will prep me better for 2018, rather than being in debt for too long. I just finished off paying my undergrad, and college debt from my first round.

Musical Friday w Ken Hirai

Ken Hirai/平井堅 – Plus One
Sony Taiwan only released a short clip of the total MV. Oh well.
I heard this first while I was in Taiwan in December. Thought the higher pitched English didn’t appeal to me, the melody was fun. It was just so upbeat. Since I had unlimited wifi, I ended up streaming it a lot.

Musical Friday YOUTH

Troye Sivan YOUTH

The Christmas lights in the hallway is fun! I want to do that!! Lol…though…Im a little old to pull it off. I do like it though.
So, I missed another post. This is why I usually schedule things. Life, and fhe fact that Im losing track of time. Already we are at the middle of the month. A little nuts if you ask me.