Musical Friday – Jesus Freak

DC Talk – Jesus Freak

A church Oppa I knew was the one who introduced this group to me. We used to exchange emails, and talk about different music. When he moved to Korea to study medicine at Yonsei, he would periodically attach music to emails to check out. He has a younger sister, but he liked having another lol. So much time has passed. He married a lovely lady, and has a little girl himself.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, despite how much I did like this group, it doesn’t seem to have made its way onto the blog. Scandalous.

This one popped up again recently, as I had a random talk with some girls I know. One is 25, and the other 28. At one point, we talked about religion. Normally a difficult topic to discuss. It was fine…until one of the parties forgot that I had mentioned I was technically (don’t get me started on this…but we will leave that word there for now) Christian, and went on a what I like to label as a tirade. The thing is, I know she didn’t mean to put it in the ways that she did. I also understand that we all have our own opinions. I also know that we can criticize in a way that does not challenge the mental ability of a person because of their beliefs. I have had discussions in the past with my best friend who is Muslim, and with another who is Atheist. With those, we could conclude by pondering the points that the others have made. The challenge in that way, was to help us reflect in the way that we act and follow in our own beliefs. I’m never upset in these situations, since we pose in a way that is not to challenge your intelligence, no matter how absurd it might seem.

So, it was interesting to have been challenged in a different way.

The conversation still resonates with me. (I wrote  this a few months back, and honestly still lingers in my mind. It isnt easy seeing people you like in a different light.)

It’s funny how our standings change from one point in life, to another. Which is why I keep thinking back to this song. How I used to be when I heard this first, and how it is now.

Musical Friday w Mamamoo

Mamamoo/마마무 – Decalcomanie 데칼코마니

A tad scandalous…
Actually liked the song a bit more before I watched the MV. However, it was oddly entertaining at times. Loved the bits when they were wearing a tux ensemble. Plus the one with blue hair (in the tux) was rocking it well!

There was a time I wanted to rent out suits, don a pair of sunglasses, and roam the streets of Toronto with my guys. This was back in high school. I don’t know what was wrong with me lol. But, I felt like it would have been fun. Honestly, wearing sunglasses makes you feel invincible, add that with a great outfit, and I can understand why some fashion bloggers start their week with outfit planning (like how those who want to eat well meal plan) xD

Musical Friday – Fairytale

Rosendale – Fairytale

I cannot remember where I heard this. Im going to assume Hongdae. In any case just loved how smooth it was! 

Anyway currently prepping for an open class. Didnt know my workplace did things like this. I might freak out tomorrow cause my weekend is packed. Honestly so much to do to get ready for the next semester. Too much. Also have to meet teo new teachers. Please hope they are great. I need my team to level out a bit. So, really hoping that they do. Fingers crossed.