Musical Friday: While you’ve been saving the world…

Robert DeLong Long Way Down

I walked over to my coworkers room, to bug her yet again about some teaching stuff…when I heard this. I swear this woman is my music twin. Ever song she has played at her place (while I was over), I’ve totally fallen for.

The next few songs will be all because of her :P

Musical Friday: While you’ve been saving the world…

Musical Friday…No Other Name…

I don’t usually share much about my faith.

Good Friday

THe last few years have been tough. Yet, despite the changes, I know I am slowly returning back to the place where I know I belong.

Baby steps, when I should be taking leaps…but I will take what I can for now.

Thank you for the cross…

Musical Friday…No Other Name…

Musical Friday w Muse

Muse – Dead Inside

No, I don’t feel dead inside, but this really REALLY grew on me fast.
The video is a little weird though…the fingers creeped me out lol

Still no phone…
Still no internet…
Still freaking out…
Still over prepping…
Still putting in overtime…

Still not regretting my decision…

So I guess that’s a good thing?

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Musical Friday w Muse

Musical Friday listening to Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

I came across this by clicking on the links presented through last weeks song.

The use of the violin, and then the electronics…gave it an updated feel. I liked the mixup. I mean…then he started beatboxing! xD

Musical Friday listening to Kishi Bashi

Musical Friday “‘Cause I Been Caught In Between”

Joseph Arthur – In the Sun

I rediscovered this song through Scrubs. I actually used to listen to it non-stop when I first heard it on the show all those years ago. His voice, though scratchy, gives it that raw feeling. Soothing…comforting.

“‘Cause I Been Caught In Between”

So, I did something I probably shouldn’t have. Earlier this week…I did something so that it would help/benefit another party. That was at a sacrifice of my own…It was a decent payoff, but because of my actions, I had to deal with a lot of follow up stress.

I am a little pooped from that…but I made it through another week. Going to do some prep for the upcoming week, and head over to Costco with a Coworker.

here is to surviving almost a month in Korea :P
I do miss a lot of things…
– seeing my dear friends
– chatting with blogger friends in EST
– my dog Chaney
– affordable fruit
– a vacuum cleaner
– a microwave
– rice cooker
– my own bank account

…but it is still a learning experience, and I am thankful for that.
I hope to get my bank account next week *fingers crossed!* so hopefully I can rectify the acct and a vacuum cleaner asap~ haha

Musical Friday “‘Cause I Been Caught In Between”