Musical Friday – 느낌이 와/Feeling

젝스키스 Sechkies – 느낌이 와 Feeling

Heard this in Daiso. I had fun bopping along to it xD

Its Friday folks. From some of the news the weather is just all over the place. Hope you stay warm and careful walking and driving!


Musical Friday w Park Myungsoo

Park Myungsoo 박명수 – 바보에게 바보가

Honestly most know him for his funny music and odd character on his variety programs in Korea. I enjoyed him odd sense of style since Tralala.

But I didn’t expect this, nor do I know how I missed it.

I was in a store listening to the song, and fully enjoying it. When suddenly it hit me.

This is Parks voice…

Sure enough a quick Shazam concluded I was right.