Musical Friday w MAJIK

Majik – Save Me

Found this because someone suggested it on a OhHyuk/오혁 video. And, Ive got to say that I like it!

Anyway, this is my official last week of all obligations of teaching in Korea.
I get to relax, and clean for the next week.

I plan on seeing a few musicals, and hopefully go to Lotte World. What’s funny is that I failed to go to the really touristy attractions in Korea. So, I doubt that I will go to most while I am here in the next week.

In the end…
I just can’t wait to be back on Canadian soil…

Musical Friday w MAJIK

Winding down D-31

Yesterday marked the end of my teaching obligations. I have to go into work for one more week. Just to help out with the transition, as a lot changes next week.

Then, I’ll have a week to do all the major things that I want to do in Korea. It’s nice cause I also rented out the room for an additional week. After that, I will be living from a small backpack. Let’s also hope I can find a coin operated washing machine in the city…I actually don’t know if they exist…

But, this is not the point of the post.

Yesterday, I popped into work. Though I am done teaching, I needed to clean up my classroom, and wanted to see the younger kids I taught for a year and a half.

I also dropped off a box of cookies for one of the classes, as they had asked for them 3 months ago, and I didn’t get a change to give them. I ensured that I brought back an extra box just for them when I was back in Toronto in October.

So, I saw M and R.
They were so cute. The R started crying, which made me tear up. I told her that today was not the day to cry, since she would see me for one more week. So, let’s cry next week instead. She agreed.

But, she said…

“Esther teacher, I miss your words!!!!!”
“What do you mean?”
**clings onto my arm…**
“Say, ‘FAIL, Kiddos…’ pleassseeeeeee…”
“I miss those words…they way you said it! PLEASE!”
“Not like that teacher, like the way you say it when I dropped my cookie before.”
**Now I am laughing…**
“Omg R you are so weird!”
“M, she said weird!, I forgot that one, I missed that one too”
**Both girls are nodding, and giggling at this point**
**R does her happy dance**
“Now I feel like I can live xD”

This made me laugh so hard.
I know if I said this back home to a student, I’d be reprimanded. However, they know I don’t mean it in that way. They know my sayings are terms of endearment. Things I would only say if I loved them. And I do.

I know it was my fault. I just didn’t want to work the crazy schedules of holding 3 different positions. But, I know that I stayed in that position, I would have stayed until February, or at least before the summer.

That was my fault.

How do I know this?

Cause of the interactions like this.
They bring me a side clutching laugh, and happy memories.


Winding down D-31

Musical Friday Bawling

Primary/프라이머리 & OhHyuk/오혁 

Oh yes…
Something I did felt like doing a few weeks back.

And with this…
Today marked the end of my teaching obligations in Korea (I am a floating entity at work next week, so I don’t consider it “work”). I broke my contract two months early…sacrificing a lot of money. However, I had to think about my own self, which is more important than money. Well, I’m lucky that I can act on my own self, without having to worry about the money.

Keep me in your thoughts as I wind down the last few weeks in this part of the world :)

I need it, since the last week of teaching didn’t go as well as I had thought…it was…anticlimactic…which is something I haven’t experienced while working with young people in over a decade. Just shows how much I need to go back home…


Musical Friday Bawling

Night time thoughts…

Is started typing this, but I couldn’t find a way to condense it.

Back in high school, I lost a teammates ring during softball practice. We were practicing for the tournament that was coming up (I played centre, and third base).

Grandmas ring that was given to her before she passed.

You see, you shouldn’t wear rings in the event of an accident, and your fingers swell/cut off circulation. So, she popped it into my pant pocket. Unfortunately I didn’t know there was a hole, can you believe it?!

We were all over the field for practice. I skipped classes & spent 3 hrs combing that field, praying that we didn’t stomp it into the soil. I eventually found it. But with consequences.

Currently trying to do something similar right now with life. I’m persistent…but I find that as I’ve gotten older, I give up faster than I used to. I think that is also why I’m thankful I have people around me who push me, encourage me when I get down.

Thank you.
In the last 3 years, you have no idea how much your interactions, no matter how little, have been for me.

Trying to remember my blessings, and trying to stay optimistic.

As a side note, I desperately wanted to be on the school softball team. I went to tryouts with a broke toe. I actually ran laps around the field near my house. I worked on footwork to try and be more responsive. I was proud when I made it. I was lucky that I was able to throw further, and more accurately than most of the other girls.

Night time thoughts…

Musical Friday “And July”

Heize/헤이즈  – And July

Her room is killing me. But, though who know will know that that would be hypocritical lol.
Anyway, Im not a fan of female singers. Usually its too high pitched for my ears. Yet, I found this to my liking. Actually Dean was the one who was too high lol.

Musical Friday “And July”

Musical Friday Listening to Bad

David Guetta & Showtek – Bad ft.Vassy
I know where I was when I Shazzamed this. I was in a club in Hongdae, lol.
I didn’t know, so I had to. I’m glad, that despite being super noisy, that it was able to pick it up!

Happy Birthday to my little bro. Not little.
Interesting birthday for him. Landmark. Milestone.
Hope he has fun.

Musical Friday Listening to Bad