Oh how I wanted to do a Korea Blog like all the others out there…

But, in all seriousness…I just couldn’t.

Though you may read this a lot, I am just underpaid for the amount of work I do. Well, all the teachers in my younger division are.

Normally this wouldn’t be that much of a problem.

I mean, there is a lot of work that I have to do even if I were a teacher back home. A lot of extra time that isn’t really clocked.

That isn’t the case here.

Being paid merely for teaching hours, can be brutal.

In addition, the other section doesn’t seem to understand the amount of work that we do.

As someone who splits her time evenly between the two sections, I can speak for both. I get that each has their own difficulties. More behvioural issues with the older, whereas there is more detail common sense situations in the younger.

So, I really hated hearing..”I would rather do ____ cause it is sooooo easy.”


Please. Please do my job for a week, and let us see how you turn out.


The reason I cannot sleep tonight…
is because a change is upon me.

After a month, I shall be promoted to a position. Usually this would mean something completely different in the bigger chain. However, it just means more hours added to what I am doing.

The thing is, I was excited to be offered it.

Why? Especially when I knew I had to work more hours.

The fact is, in the last 6 months, the direction of things had taken a turn for the worse. The previous holder of the position, failed to maintain the duties of their job.

As such, the Principal has been kept in the dark about the issues that have gone on within.

The previous holder, has received all this extra money…just to glorify themselves, rather than work for the greater good.

I get that not everyone can, or should want to work for the greater good.

I also get that not everyone sees this as a profession.

But the disrespect was something that was difficult to swallow.

Why didn’t I mention this sooner to the higher ups?

I did when I had an issue that the previous holder. I called them out on their BS “job”.
I then pulled our Principal out for coffee at a coffee store, and had to turn everything out.

I reassured him that this wasn’t because I wanted the job, rather that I would rather the party be held accountable for the position that they were supposed to have been doing. To settle my frustrations, I was told that one person was already being cultivated to replace the individual when they left.

Fast forward to now.
The other new party still needs time to adjust. As such, I am the best option at the moment.

Which is why I accepted the position.

Failing to remember to negotiate a proper increase in pay to cover the additional work I would be doing with the new responsibilities. My friend already worries about me -____-

I spent some time researching, but failed to come up with a salary range for the position OTL

But, I want the students to benefit from the place as much as we can offer to them. At the rate that we are going right now, there is not much we can offer them…if we factor in the issues caused by others.

So, I need to overhaul the system. Rather, I need to restore it back to what is was 6 months before.

Yes, this place might be in the money making business…but as long as I am there, I am putting my students first. I won’t disrespect my students by bribing them/buying their love. I won’t strive for the superficial ratings. I would rather build a firm ground, where they can understand that I am working for them as a student. Not them, as a money maker.

We will see how things go.

For now, I just need to hang in for 4 more weeks, 3 if you include the fact that I will be back in Toronto for a week.

Prayers, or any other experience/guidance is always welcome :)


13th International Beauty Expo Korea

October 15-17, 2015 – @ COEX Hall C, #rd Floor in Seoul – WebsiteExhibitor/Floor Plan
Organized by Korea Cosmetic Industry Cooperative, and managed by SeoulMesse, I had the opportunity to attend the 13th International Beauty Expo Korea.

I had wanted to attend in 2010, but I had gotten sick the night before. I was super disappointed that I had missed out. So, I was thinking about it last week, and did a Google search…when I found out that it was next week (or rather started October 15th!) I applied for the Pre-registration, which meant that I could have the entrance fee waived. I mean, the entrance fee is nothing compared to what I have paid in the past for IMATS Toronto. 5000won/ ~$6CAN. ONLY that!

International Beauty Expo Korea//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
The space was also quite large, with generous aisles.

There was this place, Unni’s Pouch (언니의파우치), which is a new beauty app. If you downloaded the app, you got a few tote bag (for the first, i think, 150), or a small makeup pouch if you weren’t part of the previous group. I got the small pouch, but I actually think its cute.

International Beauty Expo Korea
Being one of the sponsors, Incoco Korea was there as well. I have seen the silver blue packaging back at home, but have never tried it for myself. I picked up a few…but I gave them to the teachers at my branch. Wasn’t to surprise them a little this week.

The designs were all 50% off, so it varied from about 4,000won – 6,000won. Not bad at all.

International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
It was nice to see a booth I actually knew. KONAD was all bright and happy. They were saying that it is easy to use the metal places for gel polishes as well. I need to try it out…

Also, they seem to have skincare as well!

International Beauty Expo Korea
No Joke…I was intimidated by this booth -___- I don’t know why lol

International Beauty Expo Korea
Scalp consultation. I kind of wanted to do this. I did, however, figure that I wouldn’t get a good reading. I’m annoyed by how my hair is going lately. I should look into Viviscal which Melody Iafelice has mentioned a few times on Instagram.

International Beauty Expo Korea
Lots of samples out for you to try out.

International Beauty Expo Korea
This booth was pretty amazing! It was like an airbrush system, with a little vial of magic. They would let the air and serum massage the deep set wrinkles, and it would slowly soften them up…to the point where it wasn’t as visible!

International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
In terms of polish. I had actually wanted to check out Nfu-Oh…but they didn’t make an appaerance this year. Though they had last year. I was super sad about that. There wasn’t a lot of regular polish. A Lot of the salons in Korea specialize in the gels. As such, they were geared for all that heavy duty stuff instead.

International Beauty Expo Korea
International Beauty Expo Korea
I had to get to work, so I had to leave earlier than I had expected. But it was an interesting experience for sure. Wish I had a Korean friend with me so that it would have been easier…I did see some translators, so I’m sure if you were working with a larger company you could use that service.

I honestly wish I could have taken more pictures, but for a lot of the booths, they were so hard to get to. A lot had events going on, where gaggles of women were standing to complete the mission. Other areas, I just had no idea what they did…

In any case, a good experience for sure :)

13th International Beauty Expo Korea

Last week on Instagram…

I know I know…
I haven’t done these in ages…

It was a coworkers birthday recently, so we all went out to eat. This was a seafood and bean sprout mix…which was oddly amazing. But then again, there are few things I have found not to taste amazing in Korea…

Can I just say how awesome Uniqlo is? I have bought some great dress shirts for about $11CAN. Super happy camper. I’m not petite in width, so I was glad I fit in their sizes. Plus, their fabulous organizing process for even socks…blows me away :P

It was Hangul Day last friday. Hangul is the Korean alphabet. Designed to increase the literacy rate for his people, King Sejong created it based on the speech anatomy. Luckily I didn’t have to work, which meant I could go biking on the Han River with the coworker. There was a festival going on at Yeouido, so we catch some action there.

Just look at this. What a beauty. It looked better on the phone…as the colours were brighter.

Took a wall to pick some stuff up. Dedicated players… ##soccer #park #spectators

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Plans fell through for Sunday, so I walked about for a bit. This is a park about 10 minutes from my place. The older men are always playing soccer. So energetic.

Last week on Instagram…

Musical Friday w Influences from My Kiddies…

BEAST/비스트 – 일하러 가야 돼 (Gotta Go To Work) M/V

There are so many boy groups…that I can’t keep track of them all. But, my kids are always bugging me to listen to them. I’m not a huge fan, but I can’t say that this wasn’t somewhat catchy.

Musical Friday w Influences from My Kiddies…

Eating in Songdo: Bornga

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Bornga (본가) – WebsiteGoogle Maps – 인천 연수구 송도동 3-2 드림시티 101-104

Back in the spring-ish, early summer. I had the opportunity to follow my then coworkers to Songdo. She had worked there, and liked to visit the people she used to know.

We basically just ate the entire day…

This was our dinner location.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Located alone a strip of stores, Bornga was one of the “Must Eats” on her list. The windows are huge and you get to see all the awesome things that people are eating inside. Very enticing.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
One of the reasons why this coworker loved it here, was the fact that the meat was sliced SUPER thin, which means that it cooks faster. I mean, just look at how thin that is! You do need to keep an eye out on the meat, otherwise it will burn quick. Also, you need to be careful when you pull it off the plate, to put in on the grill. As it is thin, they will rip to shreds if you aren’t careful.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Bornga 본가 Restaurant
What I liked about the meal, was the vegetable selection. They had so many different types of wraps, that it really made my heart feel content.

Bornga 본가 Restaurant
Use a leaf, put in some of the red chili paste, meat, rice…and shove in your mouth. Ssam is the bomb.

The service was pretty good (not sure if it was because I was seated with an obvious foreigner…Since I have noticed we get treated better when there is one), but I didn’t have any complaints. The only thing is, the washroom is a shared public one, for the entire building…so you do have to walk quite a ways back. But, it was still worth the yummy food xD

I have to say, that it was pretty good.

Eating in Songdo: Bornga