Musical Friday – Get Away

George Ezra – Get Away

Its funny cause Im just so bad with names.

Recently beard a song and thought it was great. Though the voice sounded familiar. Then realized that I used to listen to him during 2015!! Now I see this posted…and cant believe I forgot that I had scheduled this!!

Anyway…April is just a few days away :( Time just keeps flying by.

Musical Friday w Paul Kim

폴킴/Paul Kim – 초록빛
So the title of the song is literally ‘Green Light’ or apparently ‘Traffic Light’ on the Google (yes I put ‘the’ there on purpose).

I knew a PK before. Not this one. He was a few years older than me, and my complete opposite. This meant he drove me up the wall with his antics. I wonder if he is doing well (he was more my brother’s friend than mine).

In any case. Today marks the last day of this term. It means that in just over a week, I start my long practicum. It also means that if everything goes well, I will be done in three months.

When I think about what I was doing at this point last year…I laugh. I was incredibly stressed, and lonely. Something I didn’t think I would have to experience again, and yet did.

But look at this moving and changing. Still hoping for bigger and better, but its moving along and hope that things will go my way very soon xD