…May 15 KST, or May 14 EST marked the 3 month anniversary of my arrival into Korea.

3 months.

In around 180 days, I will be back in Canada for a week.

In around 280 days, I will be done my first year in Korea.

Providing I make it that far.

One of the biggest challenges about being here, is the fact that you have to re-establish yourself.

I went out with some people a few weeks back. One of them paid the whole tab as they didn’t have cash. The next day, I paid back my share of the tab.

I was thanked for being considerate enough.

That, to me, was common sense. Something I wouldn’t think twice about. I don’t think I should have to be told I owe a certain amount.

Or, wanting to give my all when it comes to certain things. One had commented on it…and they had made it sound like I was trying too hard. If I took it negatively, as if I were trying to upstage them. With my years of working with younger individuals, training, and schooling, it is just how I am to work in that fashion. I do not play with the lives of individuals who are still so impressionable.

Then there was the event where I picked up a coffee for someone just because.

You are so Canadian.


I like thinking of my friends and randomly surprising them with a drink. Why should that be considered something typical?

Even today…I had an issue.

I broke…I cried.


Had to hide all traces of it.

Apparently, having people not know who I am, is weird. I guess in that sense I am homesick. I’m not sick of my surroundings, nor the children. I just miss being able to be understood, without having to explain it all.

I guess it doesn’t help that I talked to two of my closest friends the other day. Still waiting on one, but not sure how I am going to fit that in.

Not sure if this makes sense.

I’m just all bottled up, and need to get this out before I attempt some sleep.

On the plus side, I was able to chat with one of the teachers a week ago, and boy was I super thankful. To just rant as if I was back home with my fav ladies. I’m also thankful that there are a few who had been awesome enough to make me laugh.

So, despite the minor hiccup, I am thankful.

Now, I just need to make sure I hold on.


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Now much to share this week.

I accidentally ate up my data, and my cousin has yet to refill the new month T__T

#seoulfriendshipfair #seoul #seoulfriendshipfair2015 #food #kore

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The Seoul Friendship Fair was going on last week. I had eaten already, but I liked the concept! I wish I could have checked it out better. There was no Canada though…

This was a real latergram. I had taken it a few weeks back when I met my aunt. It was pretty yummy. I want to go back…but need to go when it isn’t busy.

Bag full of #warheads @warheads_pix #candy #korea #사탕 #데일리

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Warhead candy. The kids apparently like it a lot. I only bought it so I have a prize when the kiddies do something amazing. I personally do not believe in bribing kids with candy unless there is a special occasion. I don’t even like them, so I don’t have to worry that I will eat them all by myself lol

OOTD. I got the package of some clothes. My mother’s friend was able to bring some stuff over for me. Super thankful, as one of the items is a bridesmaid dress. I actually had a dream that it got lost on the way to Canada by regular mail, so I wanted this brought over by someone. One of the other things that I got, was my JEANS!!!! I had packed a few when I was coming over…but started taking one out after another, when I thought my bags were too heavy. Once I got to Korea…I realized I had taken out all my jeans!!! I was so sad :( It was great to finally be in them. My pants felt sooooo good. Super skinny…but felt great xD

#korea #seoul #gate

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One of the gates in Korea. Always really pretty to look at. Prettier when it is lit up at night~

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Musical Friday – JJ Lin is back :D

林俊傑 JJ Lin – 新地球 Brave New World
The man doesn’t age!
Anyway, I was SUPER excited to see that JJ Lin came out with a new album. Can’t say I like it as much as I do his older stuff, but it was still something nice to listen to.

Now this MV, on the other hand…it was a little… :T

But it sounds nice.

You can check out the translation HERE

Musical Friday – JJ Lin is back :D

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Testing week. I need my watery caffine fix in drink & bar form :p #coffeeinabag #korea #데일리

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Coffee is a tad expensive here, so I figured I would try out this baggie coffee. Not the yummiest…But the coffee ice cream bar was lovely :)

Absolutely love these markers. Fine tip, and cheap-ish. I tried them out when I was in Korea in 2010, and have loved them ever since. I like the green ones, but I ended up getting the orange as green was OOS. Stickers were for my little kids.

#mcdonalds #curlyfries #맥도날드 #컬리후라이 #후라이 #데일리 #먹스타그램

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Curly Fries!
I told you that McDonalds was deadly…seriously. When you include the elevator travel, I can walk within 2 minutes… -_______-

I met up with my cousin today. I had asked her back in April, but she was really busy. It was great to chat and catch up. Nice to rant too lol. Anyway, isn’t the stream lovely? Cheonggyecheon stream/청계천 would have been nice to walk, but it was pretty humid. We basically speed walked to the nearest Starbucks :P

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CoverGirl ‘Notice Me Nudes’ Quad

Ooops. Have to revise that… I WAS a Beauty United Blogger. Since the move to Korea, it isn’t like I could still be :P

*Disclosure: I was a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my previous affiliation with this group I received products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*

*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*

CoverGirl Notice Me Nudes Eyeshadow Quad

I got the new quad back at the end of 2014. I know…as per the usual, the reviews are churned out late. But, luckily you can still snag them! They are available at for $10CAN. The stock picture on the website is really…inaccurate. A quick Google search will show you better colours, if mine don’t satisfy you :)

So, I don’t have a lot of CoverGirl shadows in my collection.


Well, I guess I never had a lot of great experiences with them. I had a few with the old blue packaging, but they were always too dry and stiff to really work with. I think I ended up breaking on up to use in clear polish.

CoverGirl Notice Me Nudes Eyeshadow Quad

In any case, I wasn’t expecting much from this new Quad that CoverGirl released. But just looking through the cover, I wished that it would go well…

and lucky for me, it did.

First off, though you can use the sponge applicator it comes with (which isn’t crappy like built in applicators tend to be), I like using my finger tips. This might not be an option for you, if you have larger fingers, or long nails. I know I can only use my ring finger, as it is flesher than the others.

CoverGirl Notice Me Nudes Eyeshadow Quad
CoverGirl Notice Me Nudes Eyeshadow Quad

Now, what I like about this, is the shimmer. Oh dear goodness…THE SHIMMER! I actually used #1 as a highlighter for my cheeks for the holiday season. It gave enough of a shine, without being too crazy. I found it similar to some of the other liquid ones that I had. #2 is also a nice somewhat taupe-y shadow. Again with the shimmer, it gives a nice all over colour for the lazy days. Depending on your brow colour, you might get away using #3 for the brows (I used to use Annabelle’s So Foxy, and eyeshadow, for my brows). #4 gave me the most trouble, as it was falling out all over the place. So using a bonder, and a primer, is a necessity for this one. You might want to use tape to pick up any strays as well.

If you aren’t a fan of shimmer, you may want to skip out on this one. But if you do like it…it is really something you want to check out. You can use the sponge applicator it comes with (which isn’t the usual flimsy sponge applicator we get from drug store products). I actually just like to use my finger pads, as I get to rub the rest of the shimmer wherever I want…Yes…I’m weird.

CoverGirl ‘Notice Me Nudes’ Quad

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I saw Fast & Furious 7. I cried at the end. This was taken as we were walking home. Passing through the underground shopping area. Quite creepy when it is closed.

Celebrating their anniversary, they have the combos + LE cup sale. This was 6,500w (the cup was 1,000w), VERY roughly $7Can. The Tabasco/Ketchup sauce wasn’t that good. Better when you do it yourself at home.

Now, they also have their Birthday Cone. 800w, it is coated with white chocolate that is flavoured like birthday cake xD

One of my coworkers remembered that I said I hadn’t had a BBT in Korea as of yet…so she picked one up for me. Thankful for the ladies who look after me :)

I cannot tell you how delicious this thing was. Grab a B, near Bupyeong Station is just…love. This is the Avocado Burger, which is their special menu. I usually get Cheese Delight, but dang this was awesome.

Mum sent me the picture of my SampleSource box. She labeled the email ‘gifts’ which was amusing :P

#cannival #bupyeong #korea #데일리 #kareoke

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I was pretty tired Friday night. I came home, ate, and started reading the Bill Gates Bio for my class. Then I got a message, and hightailed it to the Karaoke place xD

I went to Songdo with one of my other coworkers, and she took me to Relish. I had the fish and chips, and DAMN. Satisfying, yummy, and loved how friendly the owner was :)

We were walking around, and my friend found the Mexican style Corn on the Cob. It is grilled, then mayo is spread on it. Then they sprinkle some cheese on it.

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