Musical Friday w 솔리드

Solid – 천생연분

Forgot to schedule!

Was just about to sleep when I thought Id double check. Old school stuff that I was reminded of recently xD

One more week and hopefully I can breathe easier for the last month I am here. I hope. At least Ill have some of my awesome students who understood me…

Just 5 more week until I can say farewell to the boss who doesn’t understand, nor care… Almost got into a thing with him again mostly cause he wouldn’t even try to understand.

“He will do it if I tell him he has to.”

But thats why I don’t want to stay longer for you. Besides the only reason I staying the month is because it benefits me. Not the other way around.

To my replacement…I tried dude…I have honestly tried to change him while I was here. But theres only so much I can do.


Musical Friday – Black Sun
Se So Neon (새소년) – 검은 해
I cant actually watch historic or intense drama’s in Korean, mostly because the wording is harder and the speaking patterns tend to be faster. So, I couldn’t really get into the drama Return/리턴.
Still, I watched the last two episodes because my mom had missed them while preparing to come to visit me.
It was there I heard this.

Musical Friday – Love Scenario

iKon – Love Scenario

Ah…another week down…today was hard on an already frustrating week.

This week was a mess. Good news and then directly followed by potentially very bad news, and other complications.

On the plus side, Im allowed to start walking…but since the muscles haven’t been used in a month, baby steps.

So for today, really poppy songs to cheer us all up.