Musical Friday – Ko Ko Bop

Exo – Ko Ko Bop

Heard this while flipping through channels two weeks back.

Played it nonstop.

My kids were amused I finally understood their obsession lol


Happy New Year

Honestly it’s wild how quickly a year passes…

Anyway, since its the first day both back home and (still) right now in Korea…

Here’s a few things I learned/reminded of…

  • AHA & BHA are now mandatory for my skin. Saw how they worked, saw how my skin reacted when I got lazy. Lesson learned? Don’t be lazy.
  • Save. Even if it is a little. Do it. People aren’t kidding when they say that you need to.
  • People can be jerks no matter what you do. Though its hard, don’t let them harden your heart to others.
  • Even if it’s silly, enjoy the silly things you like to do. The end game is your happiness.
  • Rest. I worked a lot while I was in Korea my first time around. My almost three month break was very much needed.
  • People change. No matter how close you think you were.
  • Invest in some quality pieces. I do love my $10 deals in Korea, but some need a bit more cash to last.
  • Document life somehow. You see, if you have horrible memory like me, there are some things you’ll want to remember. Thats why, Instagram, an email account, secret blog, notes on your phone, all these can be helpful later.
  • It’s okay to be a little afraid. Really. Just don’t let it paralyze you. That’s when the trouble happens. This year was a reminder of that.

I know this blog isn’t what it used to be…but at least it is still my little space in this cyber world.

Hope your first day started well :)

Musical Friday w Park Myungsoo

Park Myungsoo 박명수 – 바보에게 바보가

Honestly most know him for his funny music and odd character on his variety programs in Korea. I enjoyed him odd sense of style since Tralala.

But I didn’t expect this, nor do I know how I missed it.

I was in a store listening to the song, and fully enjoying it. When suddenly it hit me.

This is Parks voice…

Sure enough a quick Shazam concluded I was right.