I miss my gels…

I used a Christmas release soak off gel by Fingerpaints (bought at Sally Beauty Supply).

I did these for my friend Lo’s wedding. A grand night filled with a lot of laughter :D



I really miss doing my own gels. I wish I could have brought my system with me, but the lamp was not compatible with the voltage (amps? I don’t know) here. I should go and get them done, as they aren’t overly pricey…but just haven’t had the time to do the research to look for a decent place.

That being said, my first main goal is to try and make them long! Haha…I miss that :)

I miss my gels…

Musical Friday “‘Cause I Been Caught In Between”

Joseph Arthur – In the Sun

I rediscovered this song through Scrubs. I actually used to listen to it non-stop when I first heard it on the show all those years ago. His voice, though scratchy, gives it that raw feeling. Soothing…comforting.

“‘Cause I Been Caught In Between”

So, I did something I probably shouldn’t have. Earlier this week…I did something so that it would help/benefit another party. That was at a sacrifice of my own…It was a decent payoff, but because of my actions, I had to deal with a lot of follow up stress.

I am a little pooped from that…but I made it through another week. Going to do some prep for the upcoming week, and head over to Costco with a Coworker.

here is to surviving almost a month in Korea :P
I do miss a lot of things…
– seeing my dear friends
– chatting with blogger friends in EST
– my dog Chaney
– affordable fruit
– a vacuum cleaner
– a microwave
– rice cooker
– my own bank account

…but it is still a learning experience, and I am thankful for that.
I hope to get my bank account next week *fingers crossed!* so hopefully I can rectify the acct and a vacuum cleaner asap~ haha

Musical Friday “‘Cause I Been Caught In Between”

Last week on Instagram…

I had this huge love for Pucca and Garu back in high school. Loved it so much, one of my close friends at the time gave me this pucca pencil set. I still have the mechanical pencil a decade later. I was always paranoid that I would lose it, but still carried it around in my pencil case :P

In any case, I’ve been loving the promotion of Pucca. I’m not sure why she is being promoted though…

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My Coworker K said that these burgers were great. So we made our way over after work one day. I must say, that the friendly attitudes of the workers, and the super yummy cheesy food…I was SUPER happy with my meal. Yes, it is a tad expensive for what we think should be cheaper. But I had no regrets. NONE. I wanna go back now :P

I FINALLY got to start my Alien Registration Card! If Canadians wish to stay longer than the 90 day period, you need to get one. This also allows me to open up a bank account (used to be that you could temporarily open with your passport, but the two places we went to said they don’t do that), I can sign a contract for my phone and internet…I cannot wait! It was also pretty quick. We took the public transit, and I left and was back in my area within 2 hours. We got there in the morning, so that was also REALLY helpful.

#friedchicken oh how well it's done here…#korea #bupyeong #incheon #goodeats

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Is there anything more that needs to be said?
I had this nutritionist friend awhile back, and she used to say how technically fried things weren’t as bad as we make it seem. The reason they were, was because the oils are not heated high enough, thus does not drain off the food. So when you eat the food, all that oil that has been trapped is consumed. I’m not healthy, or think about oils…but the fried stuff here…is just awesome. It isn’t oily. Perfectly crispy. The only oils are from the chicken itself, if you even find any. It is almost as if it has evaporated during the frying process. So all that is left is the delicious, moist chicken…

I might be drooling while typing this LOL

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Musical Friday The Offspring

The Offspring were another group I liked listening to a lot of back in the day.

“Fragile lives, Shattered dreams…”

That sentence really means a lot, not just in the context of the song. I have mentioned a long time ago that a person I know, whom I had called a friend, ended his life shortly after his graduation. In another case, a person who should have been considered a mentor, of someone I knew, was so harsh with her words it nearly destroyed the dreams of that person.

These two were the main examples as to why, as a support for children and youth in education, I never ever wanted to be a part of. Our lives can be quite fragile when our lives hit crossroads, but it is important to support them rather than destroy their dreams. We all have some sort of potential, why destroy the hopes in them finding if just because we can’t see it for ourselves at that immediate moment?

Anyway, just something I have been thinking about again lately. On another note, this MV was amusing to me because of the way that it reminded me of the SIMS in a weird way…and that was another game I liked playing a lot of back then (…and I might have a version of it on my phone now to pass time sometimes lol).

Musical Friday The Offspring

Last week on Instagram…


Sorry I’ve been so MIA. The new place doesn’t have wifi, and I haven’t been able to set up my own phone or internet. I still have to register for my alien registration card, before I am able to do so. I am, however, alive.

Guess that is the important part :P

I do miss blogging though…and I sacrificed my camera at home cause of weight issues for my luggage. But hopefully, I will get one here, or just deal with the only point and shoot that I did bring.

In any case, let me do some catch up on the Instagram posts…

I flew from Toronto to Incheon Seoul, South Korea on Valentines Day (aka Red Day as my students have told me). It was a direct flight, but not the best. I had a woman who coughed the entire trip, and a baby two seats infront of me. Still better than the flight I had back in early fall, which had 4 babies. That was a nightmare.

On a side note, that is the new, really pretty under black light, passport of mine. 10 years baby. I have preserved my youth with this on…too bad my passport picture wasn’t the best.

I had a week of training, which I needed to pass. It was hell. On the plus side, my roommate and I got to go grocery shopping. I spotted these CUTIES! I didn’t buy any, but even if I had…I doubt I would have been able to eat them :P

We had training during the week of Lunar New Year. This meant that nearly everything was closed. I went out to dinner with some of the other trainees. Good times. Though I can’t say that the Lotteria meal I had was any good. McDonalds>Lotteria for sure.

I ate this. It is off to the side, you can’t really see. But I had the Korean version of Japanese Natto (fermented soy beans), soup. I REALLY dislike it, mainly because the smell is just like a dirty rag. But, since nothing was open…you do what you gotta do. The entire meal was just a little over $13 for my share. Was really yummy, despite the fact that it smelt.

For training, we work with Samsung Note Tablets. A pain, but at the same time, quite cool. Anyway, I ate my tofu and instant ramen. Twas good. Had to memorize a lot of info that night…I passed one of the tests the second time around (failed by one the first time).

Once I finally got to my new area (Bupyeong, South Korea), I was looking around for free wifi. I actually bought two things before I headed to Starbucks. A lot of the wifi access here is based on signing up for a site first. Then you can access in different stores. Or I have to pay about $1.50 to use for 3 hours. Well, problem is that they don’t accept Overseas credit cards :T So whats the point?! Anyway, I thought Starbucks would be fine, since I had used it for free at the Starbucks in Myeong Dong. Oh how wrong I was. Not sure if this was because this wasn’t a real stand alone store, but I couldn’t access it. So I wasted about $10 trying to find Wifi. I then walked around, and finally asked these two girls if they knew where I could find a computer room in the area. they used to be so popular, but I couldn’t find one that was open! They didn’t know OTL. She fully bowed to me (proper bow, with her hands folded), and ran off with her friend. Was so cute XD

The next day, I went to another training thing with one of the other teachers. Super thankful for her guidance during this time. I also got to bring this kit home with me. This was gifted to the teachers, but the teacher I was replacing didn’t want the extra weight to drag to his new location. SOOOOooooo…I got to keep it xD GREAT for me, since the spam comes in handy for some small meals I can make. The oils are expensive, so I don’t have to buy them. The tuna was great in the noodle dishes I made. I was a happy camper for sure!

To celebrate, my coworkers wanted to go eat and drink. One of them wanted to take us all to her favourite place, where they serve blueberry makgeolli (Korean rice wine, though it isn’t really a wine). It WAS really really good. But, I’m a weak drinker, so I didn’t have much. But definitely something I want to make when I’m back home. Fruits are too expensive here.

Finally, I went to celebrate a coworkers birthday. My goodness did we have fun! I spent more than I really should have, but there was no regrets. Okay…maybe a little the next morning when I had to work with the kids again…but other than that :P But yes, Karaoke was totally a blast. I was pretty hoarse the next morning :P


that is a mini update on me. I’m hoping I’ll have a few things set up within the next two weeks…but we will see. All depends on the Immigrant card I need from the country. Fingers crossed it gets processed soon!

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Musical Friday w Rose Motel

장미여관/Rose Motel – 내 스타일 아냐/Not My Type
I got to know about Rose Motel because of the Korean Show 나 혼자 산다/I Live Alone.

You see, Yuk Jungwan is one of the members of Rose Motel, and he is also part of the show. Mom actually got him mixed up with Kim Jong Min, so I showed her the video. Apparently Rose Motel has another…meaning. But…aide from that, I found the MV pretty funny.

Not my type dude…not my type.

In any case, I’m still alive. I promise you that I am :) Things have been a wee bit hectic since I am not fully aware of what I am to do with one section of my kids for the week. Things should look better after your Thursday, since I should have talked with the head teacher of the section. Otherwise, I am sleeping…okay…on a couch, eating relatively okay…considering I’m running out of hard cash to spend and a lot of the food I want to eat is cash only. But that should solve itself within a week, so I should be okay for that as well.

I haven’t done much frivolous shopping aside from groceries, cleaning supplies, and water. Again, somewhat related to the hard cash thing, but also because I wanted to decrease spending there. I brought a bunch of things so I could somewhat try and avoid frivolous buying. But…it has only been a week. Let’s see how long I can withhold from buying lol

Anyway have a great weekend folks!

Musical Friday w Rose Motel

Hello from Korea :)

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I finished up training just after noon on Friday, and spent most of the afternoon/evening cleaning.

I got to Korea in the afternoon on Sunday, and went straight to my Hotel room.

I also got REALLY lucky and got a cool roommate. I think I would have been fine with the other two girls as well, so it isn’t that bad anyway :P

Then hell broke loose lol

I slept about 19 hours from Sunday night to Thursday night. I was miserable. I mean, I knew I wouldn’t get a LOT of sleep, but then my trainer sent this rather…depressing email, which caused me to freak out. Nice guy, and attractive, but after that email -______-

In any case, he was still great for trying to explain things, so I can’t knock him too much. I do appreciate the information I did get from him.

Met some interesting people from our training group as well.

Anyway, I ended up passing, but even if I hadn’t, my location would have taken me anyway. I mean why wouldn’t they…I’M AWESOME!

Oh, I didn’t think I Would have internet for a few more weeks, but then the teacher who trained me today for the younger grades said all I needed was a LAN cable. SURE ENOUGH…it works XD

Not sure for how long, but seeing as I still have a few weeks left to try and make my immigrant card, this will hopefully hold me over. On that note, not having a phone is pretty hard. I mean, there are times I really REALLY want to call my mom or friends who can translate something for me…but I can’t. Like last night, I wanted to do laundry, but couldn’t figure it out. I then tried to wash my feet…but it was only cold water. I found out MUCH later that it was because I didn’t turn on the heating. Oops. Didn’t know.

Anyway, I’m so SUPER Thankful for everything, despite the week of hell. My director is nice, the teachers are quirky in a wonderful way, and from what I got to see of the students on Monday, are awesome. I start my first class on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hope to update you all again soon…but for now…bye :)

Hello from Korea :)