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I was pretty poppped. This meant caffine lol. The ice cream bar is called “Wild Body”…yess…

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I took a picture as the lady was mixing the rice. She tells me, I’m not done yet. I thought she meant mixing the rice…then she proceeded to shape it into a heart. “NOW I am done. You can take your picture now.”

This is one of the entrances to the grill place (from the previous picture). It is MASSIVE. I just cannot even begin to explain how large it was. You could probably host 4 weddings here. It was just nuts.

Cookie butter, and flats. All ~$4 each. I love my Emart :D

Yet another picture from the grill place. This is the action shot at one of the other tables…The rice comes at the end, after grilling the meat.

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I went to meet one of the other teachers. Being Korean born, she knows the place. She also studied abroad for several years, and gets the feeling of being on your own. So I was so happy when she called me up and said let’s hang out xD We went to a Karaoke place. Ended up spending about $30 each, and had a blast for three hours. That was after the massive dinner, and Korean movie :)

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Musical Friday…Cheer Up~

Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up/산다는 건

Today, I have Hong Jin Young.
I had heard this around the time it came out. However, I would always be in a place that didn’t have data access (Wind network), so I couldn’t check.

I came to Korea, and wanted to buy something. I rushed to the speaker, and Shazaamed it.

It was only a few weeks back when I had seen the lyrics. That was when I realized that I bonded with the song on a another level.

We all have our hardships.

Actually, as this posts, I just edited it.

I’ve been going through issues with the apartment. I had mentioned it when I first got to the work place, and the others made it seem like I was being spoiled. Their comments had :T’ed me, so I ended up shutting up about it to the others. I felt like I was going crazy, as there was so much that was bugging me. However, I just held on, and went along.

Today, one of the teachers was leaving, and came to my room to help me move some of the stuff she needed me to pass on to others for. I didn’t want her to see me with the living situation…but she had to come in.

She did.

She was appalled.

I felt bad, as I didn’t think it was part of her duties. In addition, she is now off to start her vacation, and her lovely life. She also would only have 4 hours of sleep before starting her adventure.

But she finally got why I had complained in the beginning.

She scolded me for not bringing it up sooner.

But, when I had, there were those issues, and the comments that made it seem like I was…in a way…wrong/mistaken.

In any case…
I forgot what the link was to the story of the MV. Sucks as I am sure I had a point lol. Anyway…

It is late…but I can’t stop talking about our conversation. So had to quickly dump this out before attempting sleep. Let’s see how that goes :T

According to WordPress, this is my 1500th post. Here I am thinking…”That’s it??”

Musical Friday…Cheer Up~

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I love that Tim Tams are half the price here. LOVE. I mean, one place had them on sale for about a buck. A BUCK! Insanity…Regret not buying more thought…already finished the first box I bought -____-

So yummy! #sushi #incheon #먹스타그램 #데일리

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There is this sushi place near by. The name basically sounds like, “Buy me sushi”, but it looks quite classy inside. In any case, went with one of the coworkers who will be leaving soon. This meal was never ending. I paid ~$20CAN/20,000won, with absolutely NO regrets. I have to post more pictures soon.

Oh so yummy!!! #데일리 #먹스타그램 #korea #songdo #instafood #koreanfood

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I love eating Ssam. Basically put in a bunch of things into a lettuce leaf. Then you must proceed to shove the thing in your mouth. Always a good time :)

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We had some paper work to do. I saw some, but it was about 700 thingies that we had to fill. The plus side was that we got pizza xD

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Coffee cafe. Opened up recently, and I really do like the interior. Tres cute. Cheap coffee.

Beautiful ride along the #hangang river #korea #biking #데일리 #loveit #weekend #63building #한강

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Riding along the Hangang River. Not my first time. I wish I could do it more, but the place we go to is where you can rent for free, and it is a little far. In the distance is the 63 Building. I haven’t actually gone there yet…I need to.

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Musical Friday Listening to Handwritten Past

Jay Chou 周杰倫 – Handwritten Past 手寫的從前

I want a handwritten note on my drink!

On that note, I don’t write anymore -_____-
A damn shame…since I have been saying every year I will write more in my journal. Now that I don’t have to attend classes, I don’t have an excuse not to. So hopefully this year I will be able to write more…hand wise…not type wise.

Check out the translation HERE

Musical Friday Listening to Handwritten Past


…May 15 KST, or May 14 EST marked the 3 month anniversary of my arrival into Korea.

3 months.

In around 180 days, I will be back in Canada for a week.

In around 280 days, I will be done my first year in Korea.

Providing I make it that far.

One of the biggest challenges about being here, is the fact that you have to re-establish yourself.

I went out with some people a few weeks back. One of them paid the whole tab as they didn’t have cash. The next day, I paid back my share of the tab.

I was thanked for being considerate enough.

That, to me, was common sense. Something I wouldn’t think twice about. I don’t think I should have to be told I owe a certain amount.

Or, wanting to give my all when it comes to certain things. One had commented on it…and they had made it sound like I was trying too hard. If I took it negatively, as if I were trying to upstage them. With my years of working with younger individuals, training, and schooling, it is just how I am to work in that fashion. I do not play with the lives of individuals who are still so impressionable.

Then there was the event where I picked up a coffee for someone just because.

You are so Canadian.


I like thinking of my friends and randomly surprising them with a drink. Why should that be considered something typical?

Even today…I had an issue.

I broke…I cried.


Had to hide all traces of it.

Apparently, having people not know who I am, is weird. I guess in that sense I am homesick. I’m not sick of my surroundings, nor the children. I just miss being able to be understood, without having to explain it all.

I guess it doesn’t help that I talked to two of my closest friends the other day. Still waiting on one, but not sure how I am going to fit that in.

Not sure if this makes sense.

I’m just all bottled up, and need to get this out before I attempt some sleep.

On the plus side, I was able to chat with one of the teachers a week ago, and boy was I super thankful. To just rant as if I was back home with my fav ladies. I’m also thankful that there are a few who had been awesome enough to make me laugh.

So, despite the minor hiccup, I am thankful.

Now, I just need to make sure I hold on.


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Now much to share this week.

I accidentally ate up my data, and my cousin has yet to refill the new month T__T

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The Seoul Friendship Fair was going on last week. I had eaten already, but I liked the concept! I wish I could have checked it out better. There was no Canada though…

This was a real latergram. I had taken it a few weeks back when I met my aunt. It was pretty yummy. I want to go back…but need to go when it isn’t busy.

Bag full of #warheads @warheads_pix #candy #korea #사탕 #데일리

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Warhead candy. The kids apparently like it a lot. I only bought it so I have a prize when the kiddies do something amazing. I personally do not believe in bribing kids with candy unless there is a special occasion. I don’t even like them, so I don’t have to worry that I will eat them all by myself lol

OOTD. I got the package of some clothes. My mother’s friend was able to bring some stuff over for me. Super thankful, as one of the items is a bridesmaid dress. I actually had a dream that it got lost on the way to Canada by regular mail, so I wanted this brought over by someone. One of the other things that I got, was my JEANS!!!! I had packed a few when I was coming over…but started taking one out after another, when I thought my bags were too heavy. Once I got to Korea…I realized I had taken out all my jeans!!! I was so sad :( It was great to finally be in them. My pants felt sooooo good. Super skinny…but felt great xD

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One of the gates in Korea. Always really pretty to look at. Prettier when it is lit up at night~

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Musical Friday – JJ Lin is back :D

林俊傑 JJ Lin – 新地球 Brave New World
The man doesn’t age!
Anyway, I was SUPER excited to see that JJ Lin came out with a new album. Can’t say I like it as much as I do his older stuff, but it was still something nice to listen to.

Now this MV, on the other hand…it was a little… :T

But it sounds nice.

You can check out the translation HERE

Musical Friday – JJ Lin is back :D