My first official day was yesterday (Monday here is 13 hours ahead remember:)) <- I actually dont know how to deal with that, but apply what I learned in math/doesnt matter lol

It was nuts cause I ran late for checkin while setting up my phone. Need to ensure Im not ever again or boss will kill me (not really…just heavy scolding)

#검암역 #icn #geomamstation

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Musical Friday – My Solo Duet

動力火車 Power Station – 跟自己合唱 My Solo Duet

Judging by the time stamp, I heard this while I was in Taiwan in December. The date also tells me I was in Starbucks at the time.

Looking for this video to post, it was the first time I had seen it. Power Station is a Taiwanese Duo.

The video, is in a way open to interpretation when you don’t understand the lyrics. And, I have to say that this was an interesting one to watch, so I do recommend you check it out rather than just listen to it :)

Last Week on Instagram…

If you missed it, Im back in Korea. This also means Ill be able to post interesting stuff again, and more frequently. Or so I hope.

Im still quite jetlagged but I knew this would last awhile.

So far, things are good. Ive gad one coworker who is so chill and has taken ut as part of her mission to make me feel absolutely at ease. Ive been super thankful for her help, and sad that shes leaving at the end of the term.

Back story, the girl in my room was nasty. Big fuss. Peeps who know me, know I hate cleaning unless Im mad, or forced to. This was a bit of both. Anyway, when I removed the cover, I found what looked like natto in the trap. But it didnt smell like natto. Turned out it was corn kernels, that had looked like it fermented since it was rotting (which is also why the kernels are foggy looking. It had rotted into a somewhat solid chunk). The outer part of the trap had crystallized w fungus, making it look as if there was a weird plastic film. I bleached the hell out of everything there. After an hour of soaking, scrubbing, swearing…you get the final result which was my last picture. I dont get how people can be so malicious and disgusting. The sad part is, eventually Ill have to move to another room. After all that effort lol #oTL #ew #sink #adulting

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Musical Friday – Stained Love

영과영 – 얼룩진 사랑

This was the last song I Shazzam’ed while I was in Korea. It was playing in the taxi the day before I left. What drew me into it, was the fact that I had interpreted it as a man who had been abandoned by their loved one. One whose love had changed. That is, how I somewhat felt about my time in Korea.

Okay no need to get into the long story now.

Anyway, the translation of the title is Stained Love. So when I think about it that way, it still…sits with me.

Funny thing?
I should be in Korea by the time this publishes. Well, have been there for almost 12 hours. Funny how things happen…

Last week on Instagram…

In my defence…
I was really busy today.

I’m…heading back to Korea soon.
It was not the ideal situation, but a necessary one. I do hope that things will go better this time.

Muhahaha…. #arcdisc #arcsystem #plannerlove #staplescanada #discbound

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I didn’t know these things existed! Mine is a little flimsy since I don’t have a cover yet, but hope to rectify that soon.

Musical Friday – Lights Out

Virginia to Vegas – Lights Out

“I always feel like somebody’s watching me”
No joke, I loved this song because of that one bit. I was in the car with my dad, and I heard it on the radio. I kept trying to Shazzam it, but for some reason he was trolling me and kept lowering the volume. I didn’t realize until I heard him laugh.

Dad… oTL

Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me

Green with Envy (not :P)

Revlon Emerald

Did I ever say that I love Ryan?? So damn cute.
Anyway this is Revlon Emerald. I got it from either Meredith or Jill when we met up oh so long ago.

It was a beautiful green that I couldn’t help but wanting to bring home, despite having…a Helmer and a half full of polish. oTL

Revlon Emerald