Chameleon Gels from Madam Glam

*Disclaimer: Products in this post were received for reviewing purposes. Views and opinions about the product are of my own experience with the product. If you intend on trying Soak Off Gels, please read up on proper application.*

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When I arrived home a few weeks back (Toronto Home), I looked at the pile and thought “Damn…I bought more than I thought I did.”

Madam Glam Thermals

Then I noticed the little black box, off to the side…

It kicked in.

Madam Glam had been able to ship these babies to me, just in time for my week in Toronto!

In the little box was Pop Goes My Heart, Dancing in the Moonlight, Love on Top, and Glam Me. These are all classified under the Chameleon Gel heading on their website. Basically, this is known as thermals/colour changing polish for the rest of the world :P

Thermals/colour changing polish, are polishes that change under different temperatures. Think Mood Rings.

I have two Regular polish thermals that I had a friend snag for me, but they were fairly on the weaker side. They didn’t seem to want to work with me at all.

This meant…I didn’t have true colour changing polishes in my collection.


a Polish hoarder, lacked this little type.

Until, I received a lovely email asking if I wanted to check them out.

My first experience with the brand was written HERE. The Deep Brown Red was my go to colour for my toes in the winter. It wore well, and looked lovely.

So, I had high hopes for the Chameleon line…and boy…was I far far FAR from disappointed.

One issue I have with gels in general, is that similar to some polish, you get drag marks. This can be a huge bummer when glitters are involved. 

Not. With. This.

Madam Glam Thermals
Madam Glam Thermals
Pop Goes My Heart
Blue glitters to purple, which first seems quite thick out of the bottle, but you quickly find that it is deceptive. It applies well. Two coater, though there was a slight VNL for me. The colour changes quite easily, and doesn’t look too chunky after it has been cured. The contrast is quite strong, so it might not be for everyone, but a great to stare and get lost in.

Madam Glam Thermals
Madam Glam Thermals
Dancing in the Moonlight
Is a lovely pink shimmer that changes to a pale/lavender purple (Or in MD’s description “blush pink to a soft lilac” ;P). This was SUPER pretty. What I enjoyed was that I could technically get away with one coat. It was pigmented enough, yet still gave you the satisfaction of the changing colours. I did two coats in the pictures, since I wanted to hide the VNL, which in truth distracts from the beauty of this gel polish. My only wish was that the pale purple/lilac would have been more prominent on the regular nail. However, the polish is just so pretty either way. I think I will have fun using this in the winter xD

Madam Glam Thermals
Madam Glam Thermals
Love on Top
It only gets better, since Love on Top was another love of mine. On that note, I am so happy that their computerized swatches are fairly accurate, and that they have real swatches up as well. In my view, Love on Top starts off as a sheepish white, that transitions to a bright pink. What I really liked about this polish, was that the bright pink shows up quite easily. It was sensitive, but persisted without having been introduced to cold water.

Oh, you can also see the broken pinky! I had been eager to shape my nails, and glam them up once I got home. On my way to Incheon International Airport, I broke the nail. I didn’t have a file with me, and drove me BANANAS on the plane ride over. Note to self: pack a file.

This was what remained on my nails when I came back to my Home in Korea. The kids were fascinated by the colour change :)

Glam Me
Glam Me was the last one I tried out. The thing is, I accidentally thought that they were the exact same! LOL. In reality, Glam Me is pale pink that shifts to a bright pink.

“Where are the pictures?”

Well…I thought that they were the same when I was editing…so I deleted them.


It also doesn’t help that it seems to be OOS or something, as it is not on the website at the moment.

In any case, these babies sell for $19.95 US. Yes, that may seem like a lot, however, you are not changing it up every day. That means you save that much. Plus, you don’t need to layer it a handful of times. The wear, when cured correctly, should last like any other gel. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

You will, however, experience high shine, and gleefully look forward to washing your hands the full proper required time.

If you don’t think that the really bold ones will work in your daily routine, I would suggest Love on Top, Glam Me (if it comes back in stock), or Dancing in the Moonlight. Not too bold, but beautiful in their own way.

Thanks to the Madam Glam team for allowing me the opportunity to check these out! So glad to have colour changing, Chameleon Gels in my collection xD

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