Musical Friday with Old School Kpop Members

The first generation idols, Moon Hee jun, Tony An of H.O.T., Eun Ji won of Sechs Kies, Danny An of god, Chun Myeong Hoon of NRG got together to remake the song “May I love

Since I am preparing to leave for a mini vacay, I thought it was fitting that I share an old school kpop song to commemorate it. The remake is so cute :D Anyway have a great Friday!

Musical Friday with G.O.D Saturday Night

Boy, am I easily amused.

G.O.D was a group back in the days of early Kpop. I was a partial fan. I was more interested in other groups, but loved a few of their songs (well written).

They’ve gone through a lot…but here they are, back together again.

Anyway I laughed hard at the auto shop part xD
Oh and the last minute of it, when it takes them back.

English Translation at Popgasa


Yesterday I finished my last class.

I wrote my last essay, and last test. Well…at least for the next two years. Not sure if I want to pursue more yet.

In any case, it isn’t a big deal. It took me far longer than others. But I’m thankful that I did go back to it after finishing up my ECE diploma. University of Toronto was one of my fears. It caused lots of days where I just would cry on the bus home, hermit myself multiple times, regretted not going to other universities, and got to the point where I just hated life. So I am glad I took a break from it. I needed to be able to step back.

So, finally I have finished. Again, it isn’t a huge deal, but it is an obstacle I’m glad that I did come to overcome.

In any case, the fact that I am done, means I can FINALLY get back to the blog. You have no idea how hard it was not being able to churn out posts. I miss chatting with you folks on Twitter, Facebook, or here on the blog…You were all definitely missed :)

If everything goes as planned (meaning I catch up on some sleep, the week was hellish for me), I should be back to regular scheduling on Sunday. I got a lot to share…makeup…food…randoms…so I can’t wait!

For now…hope that you all have a great Friday! Kick up your feet and enjoy the weekend :D

Musical Friday Looking Back #9

Back in highschool, I listened to a bit of Kpop, and followed Soompi (I am still proud of my badges :P). In any case, I thought it would be fitting to share one of the many crushes I had back then…

Fly to the Sky being one of them.
I was more Hwanhee fan than Brian. However, Brian was an acquired taste as he was just so witty when he was on variety shows.

I’m sharing this MV because it is just so hilarious looking back on it now. I mean blue contacts were all the rage (I don’t deny I wanted a pair…and might still now…), and the hair was very typical for that time.

Funny how different things are now…or not…lol

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