Toronto: Winners @Yorkville/Bay

So a reader (Cici) of my blog (haha, its always funny thinking that I have readers…me of all people :P ps thank you everyone for reading^^) mentioned to me in another post that she had noticed that WINNERS sold an Ecotools Package! So seeing as I passed one by today with my friend, I checked out the beauty section…and…Voila!

(Also a heads up, Winners has just started their Clearance Sale, I don’t know when it is until, but it might be worth checking out depending on the store near you :))

Anyway thanks Cici for the heads up (she also found them at the Yonge/Sheppard location)!

Winners@Yorkville Toronto, Ontario
Personally seeing as I dont need a brush holder, I don’t think that this package is for me (cause I don’t need the holder), and cause I got it for a TAD cheaper from MakeupMix, when Toma had her sale. But for a few bucks more, the brush holder isn’t too shabby to have, it was priced at $19.99CAN. And it gives you a bit more options to buy Ecotools from. Just a note, I only saw this kit, nothing else at the store.

Also saw a few more ELF kits I had not seen before, which is always nice if you like the particular product.
Winners@Yorkville Toronto, Ontario
Winners@Yorkville Toronto, Ontario
There were a few more, but I only snapped pictures of these two, for the general idea.

They also had GORGEOUS Matt&Nat bags (who are best known for their Vegan Leather Goods, and for being oh so drop dead gorgeous, AND CANADIAN), but they were in the triple digit range, and I didn’t have the cash for that right now :( which is what tends to happen with their products. I absolutely ADORE them, but they are out of my price range :( I want to say that it was THIS bag that I saw, but now I can’t be sure…if it was, it was cheaper at Winners than on the website.

And finally…my package from my friend…

And the wonderful things that I requested…that my lovely friend bought back for me in Korea :)))
Haul from Korea :)
She even got a bunch of them on sale! lol always looking to help me out, and sought out the best prices~

I had actually wanted Shisem lashes, but she couldn’t find out where they were sold, and I didn’t know who to ask as to where I might be able to get them (seeing as the people I thought would know, didn’t know!) So she got me darkness instead, which isn’t too bad~

So ridiculously excited about the Konad though! Which is what I am going to go do…right…NOW! XD

ps I saw Funny People (the one with Adam Sandler) and it wasn’t too bad…just a tad longer than I would have wished at 2.5 hours, but not too bad.
Good Night Everyone^^