Brown paper packages…(Black Friday)

So, been doing a bunch of paper work at home today, when I decided to take a break and browse Instagram.

JilloJello had posted her Sephora Black Friday haul.

Look at all that awesomeness! But then, it hit me. We roughly placed our orders at the same time…where the heck was mine?! So I walked over and opened the front door…which is when I saw the two boxes.

Sephora Black Friday 2014
Here is what I got.

I have VIB Rouge shipping, so I split up the orders.

Sephora Black Friday 2014
Not sure what is going on at the warehouse, but this is the first time in like 4 orders have I gotten the free samples. Even here, you notice that there are only 5… :T

I like doubling up on same ones, especially skincare. That way I can use it a little longer, and get a better read on the sample product.

Sephora Black Friday 2014
Here is the rest of the awesomeness!

I NEVER forget to use a code when I can. You shouldn’t either. So Ebates, 3 free samples, and a code.

I also redeemed this time around as well. I have a hoarded points, and have been having troubles using them. I redeemed for the Loccitane kit (one for each package, since one will go to a friend).

Sephora Black Friday 2014Sephora Black Friday 2014
SUPER small, but SUPER cute. Value was high 20’s, so not too bad, though not the best value kit that they have put out for 500 point redemption.

Sephora Black Friday 2014
Then I used the code (I believe it was) PARTYPACK. I love these ones, since I like getting the bags! It helps to sort out the different samples I have into categories.

Sephora Black Friday 2014
Finally the code SURPRISE to get this special Black Friday sampler. So happy I got the eyeliner, as I’m seeing that others have gotten nail polish. I don’t need more polish…everyone knows that lol

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