Musical Friday – My Solo Duet

動力火車 Power Station – 跟自己合唱 My Solo Duet

Judging by the time stamp, I heard this while I was in Taiwan in December. The date also tells me I was in Starbucks at the time.

Looking for this video to post, it was the first time I had seen it. Power Station is a Taiwanese Duo.

The video, is in a way open to interpretation when you don’t understand the lyrics. And, I have to say that this was an interesting one to watch, so I do recommend you check it out rather than just listen to it :)


Musical Friday with JJ Lin + Lang Lang

Variation 25:Clash of The Souls

Oh man…the intro piano duet. I don’t know much about playing the piano, as I wasn’t a fan of it (was forced to quit lessons after 3 years cause of my brother and our move)…but this one…Then again it is Lang Lang, who I do like, so I might be biased xD

English Translations can be found HERE