If you don’t have it, made do with what you’ve got!

Now I’ve been fully regretting not getting my hands on the China Glaze It’s A Trap-eze polish…

The thing is, I really don’t need more… (though you will see that I didn’t do very well in upholding that idea for others…) but this polish really great on me.

So what is a girl to do, when it is sold out?

Try and recreate her own. I should really stress the try, as it turned out nothing like it! lol but you can read about that more down at the end…

(On a side note, I couldn’t figure out why my pictures would turn out this weird hazy/blurry on the Hybrid. Then it clicked. Maybe I should clean the lens. Yeah…it was a very “Duh!”moment for me. I should now have things under control…)

Glitter Sandwich

Glitter Sandwich
I used:
American Apparel Supernova
Sally Hansen Secrets
China Glaze Innocence

Glitter Sandwich

Glitter Sandwich
(that is what I meant by weird hazy blur…ah…I should have thought of that sooner…)

Anyway, here is what I learned from this.

First off, get rid of the holo glitter. I LOVE holo glitter, but this wasn’t the place for it.
Second, do a double decker sandwich. Meaning, Innocence, 2 coats of Supernova, and then 2 coats of Innocence to finish it off. Now that I think about it, I probably could forgo the initial Innocence application.

THAT should give me a closer look to Its a Trap-eze, though not so in colouring.

Okay it was bugging me so much I redid it on a nail chip. THIS is what I had in mind. But you really do need like three coats of Supernova.
Faking another polish :P
Faking another polish :P
I might consider just mixing up a small batch of a franken. Maybe that will decrease the number of layers I would need? Another experiment for another day :)

Well to move on to something else…
I have the nail chip swatches, bottle shots, and mini info on the Hard Candy polishes. I just need actual manicures of them and I will be set.


Holiday Nails: American Apparel Supernova

Holiday Nails

For the final day of my holiday nail colours/attempted artwork journey, I have a crap load of glitter.

Holiday Nails
The centre of this look is the American Apparel Supernova glitter. Love it. Not as dense as one would like, but it gets the work done.

Holiday Nails
Holiday Nails
I then layered a coat of Nail Junkie over the glitter.

Holiday Nails
Finally I set a layer of Nicole by OPI Make A Comet-Ment over it all, just to add a little more glitter and shine.

Holiday Nails
Holiday Nails

Holiday Nails
Holiday Nails
I did the accent nail as a diy nail decal (which i first learned about HERE).
I globbed Orly Enchanted Forest on plastic, and lightly dabbed it with Nubar Verde.

Once it dried (overnight), I peeled it off, and cut it out the shape with scissors.

I slapped it on the nail, tried to recreated tinsel with Art Deco Polish, and put a “gem” as the star.

That was that. This better last til Monday cause I don’t want to redo this lol

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