Holiday Nails Shimmer & Shine

Hello Everyone :)

I know its been awhile. Unfortunately the #darkto power outage (the “state of emergency” that wasn’t…) got to me once we finally got power, and I needed a bit of time to recuperate. I’m hoping that those who are still held captive by this outage are saved soon.

Anyway, I wanted to get the rest of the Holiday Nail posts out, so here is one today. I only have two more.

Holiday Nails Shimmer & Shine

I love glitter. Really. I don’t think you are surprised if you are a long time reader. The thing is, I like glitter even more when it has holo in it.

So OBVIOUSLY, despite the fact that I wanted to wear just Zoya Nova, I couldn’t stop at just that…right??

Holiday Nails Shimmer & Shine
I used
China Glaze Nova
Zoya Nova

I was completely amused that both China Glaze and Zoya were named Nova for this mani :D

I didn’t even realize until I was finishing up this post lol. In any case, Zoya Nova is dark pink glitter in a dark pink jelly like base. The thing is, that with Zoya Nova, it really looks better when there aren’t any glitter bare spots. But it would require about 3 or 4 coats of Nova. So I figured that I would sandwich China Glaze Nova in between the two layers of Zoya Nova.

I found that this added the extra shine that I was looking for, while at the same time filling in some of the bare spots…but not all. I took this picture with my point and shoot camera, so it doesn’t really capture how it should look. It emphasizes the bare spots a bit much. IRL it wasn’t as noticeable, and was loud yet pretty. I liked it. So much that I applied this for during my second set of exams…just so I could stare at my nails if I thought I was bombing the exam. LOL…luckily I didn’t :P

Holiday Nails Shimmer & Shine

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If you don’t have it, made do with what you’ve got!

Now I’ve been fully regretting not getting my hands on the China Glaze It’s A Trap-eze polish…

The thing is, I really don’t need more… (though you will see that I didn’t do very well in upholding that idea for others…) but this polish really great on me.

So what is a girl to do, when it is sold out?

Try and recreate her own. I should really stress the try, as it turned out nothing like it! lol but you can read about that more down at the end…

(On a side note, I couldn’t figure out why my pictures would turn out this weird hazy/blurry on the Hybrid. Then it clicked. Maybe I should clean the lens. Yeah…it was a very “Duh!”moment for me. I should now have things under control…)

Glitter Sandwich

Glitter Sandwich
I used:
American Apparel Supernova
Sally Hansen Secrets
China Glaze Innocence

Glitter Sandwich

Glitter Sandwich
(that is what I meant by weird hazy blur…ah…I should have thought of that sooner…)

Anyway, here is what I learned from this.

First off, get rid of the holo glitter. I LOVE holo glitter, but this wasn’t the place for it.
Second, do a double decker sandwich. Meaning, Innocence, 2 coats of Supernova, and then 2 coats of Innocence to finish it off. Now that I think about it, I probably could forgo the initial Innocence application.

THAT should give me a closer look to Its a Trap-eze, though not so in colouring.

Okay it was bugging me so much I redid it on a nail chip. THIS is what I had in mind. But you really do need like three coats of Supernova.
Faking another polish :P
Faking another polish :P
I might consider just mixing up a small batch of a franken. Maybe that will decrease the number of layers I would need? Another experiment for another day :)

Well to move on to something else…
I have the nail chip swatches, bottle shots, and mini info on the Hard Candy polishes. I just need actual manicures of them and I will be set.