Last week on Instagram…

Hello Folks!

It has been two weeks since my last Instagram update. I was battling cold…flu…then throat & sinus infection. Yeah…let’s just say that being stressed over the holidays did not help me out one little bit.

Still, things are looking up, and some things are finally falling into place for me. Well, in terms of some of the plans I had for 2015. I’ll talk more soon, just need to hash out a few more details.
I was chatting with friends the other day, how all the readings we got during out years in undergrad, RUINED recreational reading for us. I mean, I used to be a HUGE reader. Nowadays…not so much. I popped by the library with my friend J, and felt compelled to pick up Philosophy related things. Driving with Plato was one my friend noticed, so…checking that one out.
I usually don’t cut and drag out the last bits of life from a product. Well, not usually face wash. The thing is, I really wanted to stretch this out for another two weeks…so I figured I would cut it up. Glad I did, cause there is enough for the two weeks for sure…maybe a tad longer…

Nothing too spectacular in terms of sharing on Instagram last week, but hopefully this week I will have something? Who knows…by the time I remember to edit and post…a few days have usually gone by :P

Anyway, hope you have a lovely Monday, and stay warm!

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