Musical Friday – The Libertine

Jeong Cha-Shik – The Libertine

I was watching Chief Kim/ 김과장  when they were playing it at the bar in the background. Loved the way the words were punctuated.


Musical Friday with an oldie…

Sanulrim/산울림 – Your Meaning/The Meaning of You/너의 의미

I’m on this music kick…
I was watching an episode of Infinity Challenge (Last Years Masked Singers one…), and got really into a few of the songs that were shared.

This was the first.
Yes, I had heard the IU version, but I like the original better.

Musical Friday with Old School Kpop Members

The first generation idols, Moon Hee jun, Tony An of H.O.T., Eun Ji won of Sechs Kies, Danny An of god, Chun Myeong Hoon of NRG got together to remake the song “May I love

Since I am preparing to leave for a mini vacay, I thought it was fitting that I share an old school kpop song to commemorate it. The remake is so cute :D Anyway have a great Friday!

Musical Friday Looking Back #8 Dreams Come True

A trio made up of Bada (which means Sea in Korea, thus making up the first initial), Eugene, and Shoo.

I remember my brother being obsessed with Finkl and SES. We were in New York visiting family, and my cousin had asked him what he wanted. Shy, but eventually told her that he wanted the SES album…which she prompted proceeded to hunt down in Flushing NY. I remember him being super happy.

I wasn’t a huge fan, but for some reason LOVED Dreams Come True.

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