Cherry Blossom Sparkler by Barielle

*This post contains products that I have purchased with my own funds*

At the beginning of summer, I went to a buffet with some of the people I tutor with. It was a nice time to chat and discus random things. Plus it was nice sharing the tips on certain students that we would potentially adopt for the next year.

In any case, the location was pretty out of the way for me, so I ended up browsing about…and luckily there was a Winners next door.

Or unluckily. Its really hard not to buy anything when you step in to a Winners store…ha.

In any case, I like checking out the beauty section first, jewelry, than shoes.

It was the first section that got me in trouble.

I went in…and BAM saw a Barielle 5 piece nail polish set…for only $9.


How could I say no…

Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler

So today I wanted to share Cherry Blossom Sparkler.

Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler

Pink glitter in a jelly like pink base. It really is a lovely pop of fun.

Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler
I used two coats in the swatches, but you could do more if you want. Also it is good to note that it isn’t gritty, which means you don’t have to pile on a top coat to smooth it out.

Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler
On a side note, I have SOG polish on my ring finger. I mixed a few difference SOG glitter polishes I have, added it to the tip. I cured it for 10 seconds, than I added the gold nail tape (using the sticky layer from the glitter curing). I cured the gel again for the full 30 seconds, added the top coat, and cured again. In the future, if I do this again, I will add a second top coat, as the first was not enough to hold down the edges of the tape. But I liked how it looked :)

Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler

After I applied it, I realized that it is actually similar to China Glaze’s Mrs Claus! Mrs Claus is actually a tad darker than Cherry Blossom Sparkler. However they are comprised of the same kinds of glitter. Both are made up of pink glitter and than silver glitters. So anyway, they are similar enough. I would say that Mrs Claus is just a tad more gritty, but really it is hard to see the difference between the two. So you really don’t need both.

Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler
I applied Mrs. Claus to the ring finger, and it does look darker. I think it might be because the jelly base is just a tad darker. In any case I love them both. Not that I need both lol

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