My first Korres Nail Polish

A friend of mine went on her Honeymoon, and was so kind to ask if I wanted any Korres stuff. I mean on her Honeymoon with the love of her life…and she was still super considerate to ask if we wanted her to CP anything for us.

Of course I was thankful, and said yet :D

While checking out reviews, I found out that Korres had nail polish! We don’t see those in Canada, so I immediately looked up swatches. I actually checked out this blog for some recommendations. Just so pretty, it was hard to make a decision on what colour I wanted. So I left it to my friend to pick something, whatever she could find.

Korres Nail Polish

Look at how shiny that is! No top coat :D

Korres Nail Polish
The formula was very easy to work with, and you could get by with two coats. If you show more patience it will be more opaque than what you see on my nails (and won’t be sheer in spots). I actually don’t know how much it actually was, but I know it was a little more expensive than drugstore $5CAN range. But not horribly much more. Anyway, I’d love to see some more in Canada, but seeing the comparison in price it would be too pricey for my wallet. I mean I believe she told me that lip butters would nearly half the price that they were being sold here! But if I could get them at the SRP in Greece, I’d totally think of picking up a few more :) even though its just red xD

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