Musical Friday – The Libertine

Jeong Cha-Shik – The Libertine

I was watching Chief Kim/ 김과장  when they were playing it at the bar in the background. Loved the way the words were punctuated.


Musical Friday with Lee Moon sae

Basically I wanted to find a video for the song, but came across the song done on the show Hidden Singer. I found it funny, so I added it.

이문세 – 깊은 밤을 날아서
Lee Moon-Sae Flying into the Deep Night/Fly into the deep night (or something along those lines)

The audience is trying to guess which individuals are not the real singer.

The grand reveal. The funny bit was that 3, was dressed like 4, meaning they looked like the singer from afar…but…the 4th is the real singer.

Anyway, it was funny xD

Brown Eyes Vol. 3 & BaeChiGi Vol. 3

Brown Eyes Vol. 3 Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose and 5 Objects

Finally, putting their differences aside, where they able to come back together again and create another album. Finally…after all these years. Now, just to refresh your memory, Brown Eyes is the creator of the song, to this MV on Youtube, or this one.

Their album in general is one that was greatly anticipated. Even I couldn’t believe that this was to be released.

They brought back the original feelings of the first two albums, and in a way, it almost feels as if they never left. But I stress the almost, because there is a slight new flavour that exists, and can be detected. A good new flavour of course.

A nice album to sit back and chill to. Or study to if you’re still in school. (Luckily for me my course is done, which is why I am updating like a mad woman on this thing…)

Also to note, apparently they are donating all the profits made from this album!

BaeChiGi Vol. 3 Out of Control

I personally am consumed by track 1, 3,  though all of them are quite entertaining, and intriguing in their own way, to listen to. It’s so funky! The music really makes me want to move. I saw a performance video, and was surprised that they sang pretty well live as well. I think that the way the music was arranged is one of the best parts of the album.

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