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If you missed it, Im back in Korea. This also means Ill be able to post interesting stuff again, and more frequently. Or so I hope.

Im still quite jetlagged but I knew this would last awhile.

So far, things are good. Ive gad one coworker who is so chill and has taken ut as part of her mission to make me feel absolutely at ease. Ive been super thankful for her help, and sad that shes leaving at the end of the term.


Eating in Korea – Korean BBQ

Back home, my family does this a lot in the summer. There are many times, where I have come home to a driveway/street filled with cars. The parental units usually agree to spontaneous grilling evenings.

In Korea, it isn’t that expensive. This means, that we go for BBQ when we don’t know what else to eat.

This was pig skin. Favoured by some women for the collagen it has. I personally don’t like the taste of it. If I have to eat it, I like it SUPER crispy.

I personally go for the Samgyulsal.

Zion T/자이언티 & Haha/하하 – $ponsor/스폰서

(Different place, different night…)
We always kill it xD

Last Week on Instagram…

Not much to share.
Wonder how long I can sustain this series. I know it was a regular of mine, but then…fizzled. I know that not everyone follows everything. I also don’t share on twitter and facebook always…so that’s why I introduced it here as a series. But, it hasn’t gone all that well for 2016 OTL

So here is hoping I can keep it going for the remaining of 2016. AJA Fighting.

I also post for my students on another account. Here is what I shared there…

I’m sick (again), so I’m a little off…buuuuutttt…I probably normally sing like that. I mean, I didn’t realize until I started Noraebang-ing/Karaoke-ing, that I sing off beat at times O___O.

Last week on Instagram…

Here’s hoping that my pictures show up properly. Instagram linking wasn’t too friendly last week…

(This was a latergram…)
So, since I have early meetings on Tuesday and Thursdays, it meant that I get to have a late lunch with some of my co-workers. This was suggested by one, as the fish soup was her favourite. I’m not usually a solid fan of it, but I have to say…for only 7,000won, it was delicious!

Late last week, one of my co-workers made us homemade Mac&Cheese!! It was DELICIOUS. Made with cheddar and Jack Pepper cheese. She also added a Mexican spice for an added kick. Just…Just…I have no words. I felt so bad asking for more, as we needed to save some for another co-workers Fiance. But dang…so yummy it deserved its own picture :)

I was in Namdaemun to buy Hot Cheetos with K. You know, I had NEVER heard of them…Canada doesn’t get them. But hot dang…I wish we did. They are 5000won a bag here, and in a way, worth it. The flavour is unique. The taste really grows on you. In any case, yummy. The picture is of some of the street food while passing through. This is…Uhmuk? Kind of like a fish cake thing…I think?

I FINALLY got my hair cut. There is no Juno Hair close to me. Luckily, I was able to go to Edae (Ehwa Women’s University area), and visit Juno Hair location #2. Brief review, I like the atmosphere at Location #2, but I liked the head massage and the ladies at Location #3 more. I was waiting for a friend to get her hair treatment done, and was asked if I wanted a drink. They delivered the drink on the tray, with flowers, and mini chocolate muffins xD

We had dinner. I love the way they have the egg ring around the meat. YUMMY! xD It was a good Korean BBQ Meal. I forgot the name, but this is a franchise.

We then went for dessert. Roamed the streets of Shinchon…and ended up at Patbingsu place. I got the milk one, and my friend got the nut one. So yummy xD It was a good day for food lol

We then went to Hongdae to play. I’m much older than her, but we ended up at a club. We wanted to dance, and we did. But DANG…I felt like I lost 5 years of my life, seeing as these kids smoke like there’s no such thing as cancer -___- But it was fun for the most part :) I loved that I could wear my sneakers, and I still wasn’t the most under-dressed person there lol

I then went to the Siloam Sauna and Spa at Seoul Station. I was pretty tired, but the subways were closed, and I needed a break. I only went for the sauna part, since I really did want to get home asap (I was seriously sleep deprived. I can’t party like I used to OTL). But, I had such a great time. Great water massage, and then just a real ‘tub’ to soak in…was good. I would seriously suggest you go to a Jimjilbang, and do the whole naked sauna thing. I would never go with a friend or even a family member. However, when you don’t know the people, it is far easier to do :P

Later on Sunday, I met up with K, and we went to Bupyeong Market to check out. We ended up at Fruili Venezia, where I had pasta. Very good! They also had a deal where you buy two pasta’s, you get a pizza free. Unfortunately, the pizza was sweet, since it was made with BBQ sauce…not tomato. I’d go for the pasta again, but it is expensive without the pizza freebie.

In any case, yummy food pictures are always welcome…right?? :)

Last week on Instagram…

Oops, almost forgot to schedule this!

Did you know that Cadbury has apparently changed their Creme Egg packaging?? I mean, too often I would look into the container, and see eggs without their foils. In that case this is a great move for them. But…it just isn’t the same! Having to carefully peel the foil in the event that the creme seeped out and adhered itself to the foil…haha

I have always wanted to buy a lovely “In your face” statement piece. This isn’t as wild as some that I have seen, but it is just lovely for me. I picked this up from Banana Republic online. It was 50% off the sale price, and additional 25% off for a new purchase code (sign up for their email and they email you a special code). Ebates Canada was also having 7% on purchases. Seriously, I have spent too much in the past month on Gap Corp purchases. But I happen to love the things I have picked up. Helps that they were nearly Old Navy prices :P

First celebration. I turned another year older last week, and got to celebrate with people I have known for exactly half my life. I cannot handle any alcohol, and my friends are worried for me, since Korea is all about drinking haha. It’s okay. There will be other lovely yummy things to eat and drink that aren’t alcohol. (Dufflet Raspberry Lemon Cake. They know how much I love my Dufflet). On a side note, my friends picked up a candle that sings :P

I met with other friends who I have known for exactly half my life at Piggy’s (Thornhill, Glen Cameron Rd). It was my first time. LEAVE YOUR COAT IN THE CAR!!! My hair STUNK so badly after lol. But DAMN did we have a fun time laughing. <3

In any case, I still have some more food dates left this week. It isn’t that I mean to be selfish, but in the last few years, birthday’s last a week. It is just a little hard to gather everyone with all our different schedules. I don’t mind…makes me feel more special :P