Korea 2014 Purchases

Korea 2014 Purchases
So I picked up a few things in Korea. Emphasis on few. I mentioned in previous posts that I didn’t take large luggage with me. My trip back home was going to be deadly, so I didn’t want to struggle too much. In hindsight, I suck. I totally ran out of room, and ended up tossing a few things to make room.


Korea 2014 Purchases
I picked up this set of Etude House Don’t Worry Hand Cream, from the market at Seoul Station. I believe it was about $20 for 8 of them. They were just so damn cute! So I picked them up to give to my friends as touristy gifts. On that note, we accidentally found out that THE SHOES COME OFF! You can swap them like barbie shoes lol. It was VERY amusing to us :P

Hi~ It’s me. When you’re lost in the chaos of tests and competition…Do you panic from the unexpected stress and pressure? Don’t worry and just hold my head in your warm hands. Now my cheer up message makes you feel comfortable.

Don’t Worry
Hi~ It’s me. When you’re lonely and feel like nobody’s on your side…Do you feel alone when everybody you’re wrong to what you feel is right? DOn’t worry and just hold my head in your warm hands. Now my warm comforting message makes you feel comfortable.

That was two of the sayings on the back of the lotion :P

Korea 2014 Purchases
My Chew Taffy
I bought this cause I wanted to give something to some of my students…but I ended up snacking on them myself -_____-

Korea 2014 Purchases
Tony Moly
I picked up the Kiss Kiss Lip Balm (키스키스립, Korean Link), and the Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (쁘띠 바니 글로스 바, Korean Link, UO Link). These guys were actually for friends. I wanted to put the Petite Bunny in the Christmas Loot Baggies for friends, and the Kiss Kiss Lip Balm was for another group of friends. I did however keep on one of the Kiss Kiss Lip Balm…so I will share about that in the future. The Petite Bunny ones were all given away…which is sad, but at least they went to good homes :D Oh, I picked these guys up at the Shilla Duty Free. A much nicer place to check out than the Lotte one (that one was HEAVILY saturated with tourist, making it IMPOSSIBLE to shop comfortably…). Also, my skin was pretty stressed by the lack of sleep, so the guy took pity on me and gave me a bunch of stuff.

Korea 2014 Purchases
I picked these up on the way home, at the Incheon Airport. Su:m37 was STRONGLY suggested to me by Macnunu, and I love it. I wrote about it HERE. The O Hui is a product that my friend HJ introduced me to, and I really fell in love with it. Much cheaper to get it at the airport, and apparently is notorious to be hoarded by those that live in Japan and China on their way back home. That post will go up within a week…it has been scheduled :) The lady noticed my skin, and gave me a few things to try out. Haha…oh man…

Korea 2014 Purchases
Korea 2014 Purchases
Korea 2014 Purchases
One of the things I REALLY wanted to do, was to pick up glasses. My eyesight is horrible, and lens alone usually cost about $300CAN for me. That is without being the thinnest option. Korea is known to be cheaper for glasses…so I figured why not. I went to Namdaemun, and walked into Somang. Mainly because I recognized the word as being related to something Christian-y. I think it means hope/wish? something like that. Anyway the lady was REALLY nice. The top pair was $150 for the frame, then $75 for the lens. The bottom frame was $25, and $75 for the lens (I believe…I may have gone for the cheaper option, so it could have been $50). The $25 frames are usually discounted to clear out. I bought them to wear at home, so I didn’t care if they were ugly…but it turns out that my mom likes them better than the other frame! Haha…Anyway, what a great deal. They were also done in about an hour. Also, you can get your eyes checked right then and there…but since I had my prescription I passed on it. I will definitely get more when I go back. I totally get why Koreans who wear glasses have so many now. I also get why there are people who just wear them as accessories.

Korea 2014 Purchases
Mom and I use these for our knees. I have pretty bad knees, and this was suggested to us by my aunt, who usually ships us a bunch. I needed change for the lockers at the station, so I picked up a bunch.

Korea 2014 Purchases
Lastly, I picked up some random stuff. On the very left, is actually a freesize dress. It was ~$5/5000won, so I bought it. It is a little short, but I actually really really like it. It should be the loose/big style, but seeing as I am way bigger than the size small that is what freesize it supposed to be, it is fitted on me.

Korea 2014 Purchases
In the little, the animal print and the polka dots, are pants that I picked up for mom. When I went to visit my aunt, she was wearing the polka dot ones. She was saying how they were SUPER comfortable, and they were only ~$3/3000won. I picked these up 2 for ~$5/5000won. I got it so that mom could be connected to her sister in a little way :P (One of them was technically for me…but she loved it so much she refuses to share one haha).

Mom then told me to get stocking like socks. So I picked up 10 pairs for ~$4/4000won.

I picked up other food related things at the airport to give to my coworkers…but didn’t take a picture of that. I also was forced to bring back dried Ginseng…which made me nervous that I would lose my luggage as it was expensive.

Anyway, that was what I brought back. Not super exciting, but I was still happy with what I got :)

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