Real Techniques with the Chapman Sisters

*I attended this event courtesy of Farley Co Beauty, where I got to eat yummy foods, take a picture with the Chapman sisters, and leave with a goodie bag. The opinions on this blog are my own*

Real Techniques Road Show Event

Last month, I got to travel downtown to welcome the Chapman Sister duo to Toronto on their #RTroadshow Tour. This also meant I got to see the Farley Co team, and the other bloggers who I have gotten to know over the years. Also thankful for opportunities to catch up with them.

In any case, this was all about the Real Technique brushes that you might already know about. If you don’t, I do suggest you check them out. For budget brushes, Real Techniques are what I suggest along with Ecotools. Great bang for your buck, and quite durable.

Anyway, seeing as I have watched their videos for a long time not (seriously, I think this was around the ABB days…if you know what ABB stands for in terms of beauty blogging, I applaude you lol wait. It was ABB right? I wonder if I am recalling…wrong…)

Anyway, the sister duo Sam and Nic both post videos to the Pixiwoo channel. When they first started out, I just remember thinking, “DANG! I don’t have their bone structure…wish I did” xD But I think that is always great about their videos, like many tutorials out there…is the fact that it starts off with a bare face. The sheer bareness of it all, and to show how they can transform into characters, or various looks for occasions, was always so fascinating. As such, it was a delight to have the opportunity to meet them.

Real Techniques Road Show Event
We even had a time to ask questions, after being told about the history of their time in the world of beauty. I have it recorded somewhere, but off the top of my head
– have an aunt who is also a makeup artist
– they attended college for makeup artistry
– worked their craft by the practical application of working with their aunt/on their own
– don’t like to subscribe to other beauty channels, in order to make sure they don’t rework other ideas
– they do however subscribe to family on Youtube :P
– they do have a favourite brush
– they are part of the RT bush process from beginning to end
– they have videos of their own that they hate haha, loved this part :P

Basically, these two ladies are so down to earth. They know how important it is to make something that is affordable and accessible. So I am glad that they were able to work with the Real Technique line, and continue to develop to ensure that we get the best.

Real Techniques Road Show Event
Real Techniques Road Show Event
Most of us are aware of the pruple, pink, and orange handled brushes. Each colour representing a specific target. But I loved that the ladies shared that they also vary the uses for the brushes. I mean, we shouldn’t be contained to just what they are labeled as. So it was nice to hear that they use them for other uses as well.

Real Techniques Road Show Event
I actually didn’t know about the new set that has silver metal handles. Apparently they are the Nic’s Picks (behind the flowers). I was informed by Michelle.

At the end of the event, I received a baggie with makeup bags (which I am putting to use for organization of samples and such), Lindt chocolate (which I was SUPER thankful for), and the Duo Fibre set. You will probably see a mention about these guys next month.

Oh! I did my nails for the event as well (people have been saying it is Holiday Nail Inspired, but I just did it cause I liked red and holo :P). I used FingerPaints, and Gelish. Threw in some of the Wet n Wild holo glitter that comes out during Halloween…and BAM! I actually still have them on my nails…and it has been three weeks since I had them applied :P I should change them, but SUPER lazy.

Real Techniques Road Show Event
Real Techniques Road Show Event
Shimmer and shine baby…shimmer and shine!

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