You would think they would care a bit more…

This is a rant.

So if you don’t care for it, please continue on.

But I’m just so unsatisfied with Yorkdale Cineplex Odeon that I have officially vowed to ban that location from my places to go.

A few days ago, I wanted to watch Les Miserables with my mother. She hasn’t gone to a movie since I was born, which is just too much time. Plus I wanted a mother daughter date. So I picked up the cheaper movie passes on campus, and we headed to Yorkdale to watch it (out of my way by a lot, but it was the only place showing at 1:05pm).

Now when I get there, there is one person manning the ticket booth. Okay, that’s fine, I mean considering the time. Usually Matinees aren’t busy.

HOWEVER, there was a group of high school kids, and some guy that was currently being served that was backing up the line. There were 5 people ahead of me, not including the high school kids, and the man already at the counter. But this worker was going SUPER slowly! I should also mention that right in front of me, was an elderly man, and an elderly woman in a wheelchair behind me.

It took me 7-8 minutes to get to the counter.

All this time, he worked alone.

It just so happens when I get to the damned counter, that is when the other guy comes.

Now I bring this up, “Look, if you are being backed up, you should call for backup instead of making us wait like this. Thankfully because of the previews I haven’t missed my movie.”

To that he replies, “I called for someone see,” and gestures to the guy.

“Well calling someone near the end of the issue, and after so much time has passed, isn’t really helping the situation is it?”

Then the MORON, yes I will call him a freaking moron (seriously dude, if I saw you on the street, I would probably want to kick your shins,) didn’t scan my Scene cards correctly. My mother and I each have our own. I separate the tickets and the cards, and told him to process them, “This ticket on this card, this one on the other”. That isn’t a hard request.

I finish up and check my receipt. He scanned ONE card, putting both tickets on the one card. You Jerk. “Why did you not do as I asked?”

“Well cause I can process them both on one card.”

“Well obviously you need to read your manual on the Scene membership, as you just failed to redeem an extra 100 points for me. Forget it, I’m going to catch the movie”

and I left.

Once I got to the entrance, I was so bottled up by the moron’s rudeness, that I ranted. Right to the two guys that were standing there. The other Cineplex workers.

I gotta say, they know that when a girl needs to rant, let her rant. Just nod and say nothing until you are asked. They did a great job. Once I got that out of my system, one of the guys (the other slowly sidestepped away…) asked if he should call the manager for me, if the rant wasn’t enough. I laughed and thanked him, but told him if anything I will talk to him after the movie.

Except when I sat down, I was still peeved.

So I went back out and asked him to call a manager for me.

Now the manager experience was interesting. At first I was glad that he was listening, and understood that there should have been an apology, and a quicker reaction time to a call for help from the ticket booth. But the problem there was that I realized afterwards, he kept cutting me off. And I HATE that. You listen to my issue, and then you can have your turn.

So he told me he would add the points on for me after the movie, and include vouchers.

But guess what.

I was watching the movie, and realized that something was off. The screen was not calibrated properly, and scenes were being cut off weird. Like a huge shot of Russel Crowe’s face, cut just above his eye. It was just off! Not to mention that it was overly loud. Like, I wish I could stuff my ears with cotton loud. Which I know is not normal :T So it was definitely uncomfortable in the beginning of the movie, and I dreaded any moment that would have a musical scene with drums and such.

So, one trip where Cineplex Odeon dropped the ball not once, but twice.

I understand it is a matinee show. HOWEVER, you need your staff to do the work properly. Not ignore their duties. What do you pay them to do then?

It also wasn’t cool that the Cineplex Odeon twitter account also ignored the issues I raised. I checked their previous tweets, and it seems that they only use the account to mention new movie releases, movie facts, or giveaway. No interaction with those on twitter otherwise. What a fail at using Twitter.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system…

Back to regular blogging lol