Holiday Nails Silver Smash

Holiday Nails Silver Smash

So this is possibly the last one. I might have one more to share depending on if I can decide on a pattern for my gel nails for NYE. But I can’t seem to figure out what to do…

In any case, thanks for checking out this years Holiday Nails series :D I appreciate all the comments, and the likes, and the pins…everything!

Holiday Nails Silver Smash

Holiday Nails Silver Smash
I used a bunch of stuff, so I wanted to break it down for what nail I used them for.

Holiday Nails Silver Smash
For my index and pinky, I thought I would do a gradient. I applied Sally Hansen Celeb City to the tip of the nails. I applied China Glaze Medallion to the middle bit, as the transition glitter. I then applied China Glaze Nova to the rest of the tip. As a last step, to bring the transitions together, I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Silver SLingblade to the entire nail.

Holiday Nails Silver Smash
For my middle finger, I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Celeb City, mainly because it would take two more coats of OPI Crown Me Already in order to make it more opaque. Anyway I applied a coat of Crown Me Already.

Holiday Nails Silver Smash
For the ring finger, I applied Essie Sand Tropez to the entire nail (to basically neutralize the colour). Then I applied Sally Hansen Xtreme Celeb City half way down the nail, in two round hills, and filled in the rest to the tip. I then applied 2 coats of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (Flakie) to the entire nail. I then applied the rhinestones to the upper curves of Celeb City…but then thought I would continue outlining all the silver…it looks weird though. Like a squished heart, or an apple. Anyway it still looks…oddly interesting lol

Holiday Nails Silver Smash
Holiday Nails Silver Smash
For the thumb, I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Celeb City, then applied a coat of Sally Hansen Silver Slingblade (China Glaze Fairy Dust is similar).

Holiday Nails Silver Smash

The layers of glitter will get thick for some nails, so for each layer, I end up lightly pressing down on them, once they are a bit dry. I feel like it helps, as if it gets rid of the air bubbles of whatever between each layer. Anyway this also helps to smooth out the nail as well, so it does do something :)

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