Last week on Instagram…

Ooops! I almost forgot about this today :P

Anyway, this is apparently the 81st post of this type…how time flies.
There was a fun giveaway last week (already ended), but I got to share some stuff in the Christmas spirit…
Oh, that Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate is AWESOME. So rich…so decadent…definitely not the same using water though, so ensure you have milk! Thank S for that
Playing with food…
An Unni friend of mine didn’t know this account was mine. When I told her…she said it all made sense lol…all the posts are very me
My fuzzy pj bottoms are still alive! Got them in Korea back in 2010.
I have to do my post for this shadow quad by CoverGirl. I am actually really liking it. Reminds me of the M brand kind…but better for me.
My friends and I had our monthly dinner at Pero Restaurant. It is between Christie Station and Ossington Station, on the North side of bloor. Got to say that despite the fact that it got REALLY messy, it was pretty yummy. After we were done eating with our hands, we were given these bowls of hot water to rinse our digits.
The injera was a little pricey (since I am used to the price of Naans, which give you a lot), but the food was great. We totally destroyed the dish XD
I had to make a trip downtown to return something, and ended up buying the SUPERCUP BBT at Chatime, near the Bata Shoe Museum. For $6CAN, this was TOTALLY worth the walk there. I did get some odd stares on the TTC Subway ride home…but it was worth the yummy :P

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