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Oops, almost forgot to schedule this!
Did you know that Cadbury has apparently changed their Creme Egg packaging?? I mean, too often I would look into the container, and see eggs without their foils. In that case this is a great move for them. But…it just isn’t the same! Having to carefully peel the foil in the event that the creme seeped out and adhered itself to the foil…haha
I have always wanted to buy a lovely “In your face” statement piece. This isn’t as wild as some that I have seen, but it is just lovely for me. I picked this up from Banana Republic online. It was 50% off the sale price, and additional 25% off for a new purchase code (sign up for their email and they email you a special code). Ebates Canada was also having 7% on purchases. Seriously, I have spent too much in the past month on Gap Corp purchases. But I happen to love the things I have picked up. Helps that they were nearly Old Navy prices :P
First celebration. I turned another year older last week, and got to celebrate with people I have known for exactly half my life. I cannot handle any alcohol, and my friends are worried for me, since Korea is all about drinking haha. It’s okay. There will be other lovely yummy things to eat and drink that aren’t alcohol. (Dufflet Raspberry Lemon Cake. They know how much I love my Dufflet). On a side note, my friends picked up a candle that sings :P
I met with other friends who I have known for exactly half my life at Piggy’s (Thornhill, Glen Cameron Rd). It was my first time. LEAVE YOUR COAT IN THE CAR!!! My hair STUNK so badly after lol. But DAMN did we have a fun time laughing. <3

In any case, I still have some more food dates left this week. It isn’t that I mean to be selfish, but in the last few years, birthday’s last a week. It is just a little hard to gather everyone with all our different schedules. I don’t mind…makes me feel more special :P

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