The Annabelle BigShow Waterproof Mascara

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You can imagine how excited I was, when Annabelle released the waterproof version of the Le BigShow Mascara. You see, everyone seemed to love it. But, because I have monolids, the Le BigShow just could not endure that and my oily skin.

Annabelle Big Show WP Mascara

Alas, I was sad…

But now…

Well, what did I think?

Annabelle Big Show WP Mascara

Annabelle Big Show WP Mascara
(First pic = no mascara, just curl. Second pic = one coat. Third pic = two coats)

Just like other waterproof mascaras, it preserves the curl as much as possible. That is one point for it. The second coat helps to extend the lashes, which is another point for it, as my stubby lashes need all the help that they can get. It lasts very well on me, as I didn’t have racoon eyes even after 12 hours. This means that it get another point, since long wear is important for me. It also means that it was monolid friendly, as that is where most of my mascaras fail.

I could technically remove this with a baby wipe, at the end of my day. I didn’t have to rub too hard, and I assume that my natural face oils helped to loosen up the product for removal. That is nice, as I don’t HAVE to use a different remover, especially when I am lazy. Of course, I would tell you to use one, as you don’t want to pull out lashes accidentally.

I do have to take back a point though. It does take a little longer than some of my other mascaras to dry. Not a huge deal, but I need to remember, otherwise it gets all over my eyelid. This will probably be only a problem for those with monolids. Just give it a minute to let it set. Once it does, it shouldn’t move.

Maybe it is because of my lashes, but I found it to look a little cakey on my lashes. But at the same time, it does give it an illusion that they are fuller in that way. And it isn’t like someone is going to be staring at my lashes within 20 cm. So it isn’t a huge deal. Also, this has help up during this cooler weather, and the slight snow we had the day I wore it. I would have to revisit this review in the warmer weather, as things can change. I know that it happened with the Revlon Potion one. Worked awesome in the cooler weather, a total mess in the summer for me.

I have been currently addicted to my Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara (seriously, I had misplaced it for a month, and ended up going out to buy another. Then I found it. -__-). But the BigShow Waterproof def gives me a slightly cheaper alternative to the Miss Manga, which can get pricey at regular price.

You can find the Big Show mascara, or the Annabelle line at Rexall, SDM, and various Loblaws Company stores for $9.99 RSP. Or you can check out their website HERE.

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