Musical Friday – Stained Love

영과영 – 얼룩진 사랑

This was the last song I Shazzam’ed while I was in Korea. It was playing in the taxi the day before I left. What drew me into it, was the fact that I had interpreted it as a man who had been abandoned by their loved one. One whose love had changed. That is, how I somewhat felt about my time in Korea.

Okay no need to get into the long story now.

Anyway, the translation of the title is Stained Love. So when I think about it that way, it still…sits with me.

Funny thing?
I should be in Korea by the time this publishes. Well, have been there for almost 12 hours. Funny how things happen…


Musical Friday with Jo Young Pil

This is funny because my parents listen to him xD
One of the ways I got to hear about him really.

My dad has always been very musical…vocally, and well has a rather large assortment of albums and cassettes he still listens to.

I mean I basically grew up on Trot, and other fun oldies. I should really try and share those…