Musical Friday w M-Flo

The actual MV of this song is so ridiculous that I couldn’t share it. So this is just the song.

I know its old, but it was rather new to me as my brother only recently shared it with me :)


Musical Friday: I Love You

I am soooooo late on this one. This was released during the summer, but I only heard it for the first time a few weeks back, when I went drinking with my friends. I swear that (drinking with friends at an Asian Bar), or my brother, is the only time I hear new music from korean female groups.

This MV of 2ne1 is a tad awkward for me to watch. Mainly due to the the clash between the video of them speaking, in connection with them singing. It was weird for me! lol Like…I’m sure they meant to do that, but my brain was disturbed by it.

With that aside, I kept checking out their shoes and their nails xD

Romanization and English translations HERE

Anyway, as this goes up, I will be having some fun with some friends DT today. Rather than sulk, or pretend that it doesn’t exist. I have decided to embrace it and be surround myself with happy people for the night :)

Hope you all have a great weekend~


lol I laugh every time Korean Music Companies release a new group.
Their names…where the heck do they come up with them?!

Anyway this week for Musical Friday we have 2ne1.

I wasn’t a fan of their music, until they released their recent album, To Anyone (which is a small play on their name 2ne1)

This group is intriguing to me, not only because of their outfits, but because of their age range. The youngest clocks in at 16, while the oldest is 10 years her senior at 26! To be that diverse…is a tad odd, but interesting.

Highlights from this album were…

Go Away
But this MV was a tad messed up. I was mad at the end of the video. And WTH with the part near the end?!

I liked this one, but omg the insane promo of CASS (Korean Beer, which I can’t wait to drink when I’m in Korea XD It will be an interesting experience, as I don’t like beer as much…) But I love the attitude that the girl has. I was annoyed she accepted the gifts, but was glad to see what happened after XD

Can’t Nobody
But the one that really got me started was this one. The MV for it was just…insanity! But I found it quite great. Plus the song is ridiculously catchy…no?