Musical Friday Kang Gary 조금 이따…

Before you click, a disclaimer.
It is a little on the NSFW side. Very…suggestive at times.

Now personally, I like Gary. I was excited he was coming out with his singles.

OF course I didn’t expect this at all lol

Now, I don’t think it is cool to objectify women. To see them as merely sexual objects is dehumanizing (took a whole philosophy course on this last year). That being said, when you ignore the visuals, the music and lyrics aren’t technically bad. So this might be one of those times you may want to listen, rather than watch.

As a side note, this MV was banned from numerous stations in Korea, and people have done countless videos on their reactions to it.

But for Valentine’s Day, I felt it oddly appropriate to share.

Crass? Perhaps, but let me be haha…

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