Advance Readers Edition: Shadow of Power by Steve Martini

In all seriousness and truth, I am not a big fan of mystery/thriller type novels. But the written description for this novel by the publisher was just too hard to deny a request to read an advanced copy.

Imagine my surprise getting this novel (and another! different one of course), when I hadn’t received anything in ages.

Anyway, I had never heard of the author before reading this novel. And thankfully it was perfectly fine as a standalone novel. I might not be able to see Madriani, as he was in the past, but Martini still carried the personality quite well, and by the mid point of the novel, I was convinced I knew this character quite well!

Anyway, as written by

“The Supreme Court is one of our most sacred—and secretive—public institutions. But sometimes secrets can lead to cover-ups with very deadly consequences.

Terry Scarborough is a legal scholar and provocateur who craves headline-making celebrity, but with his latest book he may have gone too far. In it he resurrects forgotten language in the U.S. Constitution—and hints at a missing letter of Thomas Jefferson’s—that threatens to divide the nation.

Then, during a publicity tour, Scarborough is brutally murdered in a San Diego hotel room, and a young man with dark connections is charged. What looks like an open-and-shut case to most people doesn’t to defense attorney Paul Madriani. He believes that there is much more to the case and that the defendant is a pawn caught in the middle, being scapegoated by circumstance.

As the trial spirals toward its conclusion, Madriani and his partner, Harry Hinds, race to find the missing Jefferson letter—and the secrets it holds about slavery and scandal at the time of our nation’s founding and the very reason Scarborough was killed. Madriani’s chase takes him from the tension-filled courtroom in California to the trail of a high court justice now suddenly in hiding and lays bare the soaring political stakes for a seat on the highest court, in a country divided, and under the shadow of power.”

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Canon Powershot SD750 in Silver

So, for the longest time, my main camera was my camera phone. The Sony Ericsson w810i in black.

I claim to be a minimalist, despite the true fact that I am an extreme pack-rat. So having the w810i, which includes a mp3 player, a 2.0MP camera, alarm system, and well the obvious a phone, I was somewhat content with my travelling set up.

Before that though, I used the family camera.
It is the Canon Powershot S60. An ancient camera, which is pretty much 4 times the size of the SD750.
BUT! a very good camera despite its annoying, and heavy size.

Still, it was a bit of an embarassment to carry around, and well it just wouldn’t fit into my lovely, and cute clutch bags.

So I have been eying camera’s for quite some time now.
(read ancient post here)

Anyway, after playing with it non-stop, I can say that this is an okay camera.
I think, I hyped it up a little bit too much for myself. Perhaps thats why I was a tad disappointed by its performance.

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Album Review: Epik High Vol. 5 – Pieces, Part One


To sum it up.

I totally forgot that this was being released soon. So imagine my excitement when I saw it online.
I have listened to most of the album already, and personally am loving it! Mainly cause it suits my weird musical taste at the moment, and because, I have pretty much killed everything else. I love that the music, in itself, is very upbeat, and so moving. I just wanna dance all night! LoL.

As you have read, I have just bought a whole crap load of stuff this past week…and now…I’m gonna have to add this album to my purchases. SHOOT! My Visa is really gonna Cry.

Track List:
1. Be
2. Breakdown
3. 서울 1:13 AM
4. One
5. 연필깎이
6. Girl
7. Slave
8. The Future
9. 20 Fingers
10. Ignition
11. Eight By Eight
12. Decalcomanie
13. Icarus Walks
14. 낙화
15. 우산
16. 당신의 조각들

Some might say Tablo has sold out…but…I still love his style. Can’t help that.
Ill see if I can post lyrics later. Everyone comes searching for lyrics, and never clicks on the links that I provide for the lyrics…so I guess I’m gonna have to start posting them~

Anyway check it out. If you can, it sounds pretty decent.

Well, I’m loving it :)

Korean Lyrics After the Jump…

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Online Review:

RFD’s can be the ultimate enemy of an individual who lacks self control, and likes to shop.

This past Friday, April 11th, I was doing my regular browsing when I came across THIS thread.

I have been eying the Canon SD 750 for SUCH a long time now. Except I couldn’t do it, cause I somewhat lacked the costs to fund it. (If only I have stopped buying all those miscellaneous products, then I wouldn’t have…esh…) Anyway I jumped right on it, thinking…well…seeing as I am still a bit on the fence, I could always return it if I don’t want it, when I eventually receive it.

But no. That’s not how it went.

I placed my order on Staples.
ACTUALLY I tried to place my order on Staples.

It took several refreshes on my screen, to get the price needed. Though I had 40 mins left til the deal was dead, when I clicked on the link, it would show 288.96, instead of the 100 dollar off price. Then when I was finally able to get the 188 price, and checked out (read: “TRIED” again…) It would check out at the 288 price again! So I had to repeat the entire process, going back, adding it to the cart, checking out…I probably did this for a good 10-15 minutes, until it finally showed up at the right price on the checkout. I clicked, and immediately received an email confirming my purchase at the 188 price. THANK GOODNESS.

I received it on Tuesday, though everyone else was able to get theirs Monday morning. (If only I were able to order it during the day…At least I caught the deal :) )

I wrote to them about the messed up system, when checking out. They said it might have been because of the number of people trying to score the deal at that time, before it ends. But they said that they would look into it in the future, to prevent poor girls like me who desperately need to buy it at that price! HAHA…

Now I have to hope that it won’t drop too much more…and make me regret buying it totally on impulse…of RFD’s has on me…

“That Was Easy…”

Perhaps my review on the camera will come?

Online Review (again):

I’ve been pretty busy this past week, buying a whole lotta crap. I owe it to the stresses of school matters. Blah!

Ok so it all started with my first purchase from DX, which I will get into in another post.

So I placed my first (second ever,) purchase with Aldo.
I wanted this bag for awhile, and seeing as it was on sale, and it was free shipping, how could I say no?
(a side note: RFD is addictive. I’m screwed when my VISA bill comes in…You will understand later…)

So I picked out this BAG
I have wanted it since I saw it a few months back. I don’t know why really, I think its the colour that has attracted me.
Anyway I placed my order on April 8, 2008 EARLY morning, (meaning I couldn’t sleep and it was placed at 3am-ish.) I received it April 10, 2008 at my usual drop off time. (I do love that they are reliable when it comes to drop of times in your area :) )

Unfortunately I wish they would post sizes online. The bag ended up being MUCH smaller than I had expected.

(image from my flickr)
LxHxW = 37x25x15cm(at its widest part…). It would have made my decision to buy the bag almost N/A had I known about the measurements. (I am a bit obsessed with larger bags. Curse the fact that I couldn’t have seen this bag in stores!) It was also much heavier than I expected.

Anyway, for the price though (Note: find coupons from sites, or sign up with their newsletter.)
I am loving it. It’s still cute despite the fact that it is smaller than I had though. I love that it has this funky print on the inside as well. The details on the bag, really define it, and is one of the other reasons why I happen to love this bag. The colour is refreshing for spring/summer.

I think I might keep it :P

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Album Review: Ibadi Vol. 1 – Story Of Us


So the news is that Alex and Horan are doing separate projects, putting a hold on their works with Clazziquai…or have completely left? I’m not too sure. All I know is that I will not be a happy camper if Alex doesn’t release something soon. His voice is just sooooo sexy! Soothing.

Anyway, the reason why I mention that, is because Ilbadi is a group that Horan is now apart of. The lead singer, and still shows us that she hasn’t really “changed” just cause she is in a new group.

The tracks are slightly funky, with the different instruments used in creating the music. And her voice, at times raspy, fits the tone and the style that they seem to be trying to achieve.

Personally I like track 1, 2, 7, 10. They stand out for me.

I’m sitting on the fence with track 12. It’s…weird. But Horan shows a different side to her voice. (I guess that’s what you would call it?) It’s…unique. I can’t say I like it, but I don’t hate it. Everything is just…weird though…

Anyway, it’s not to bad in my opinion. It may be slightly all over the place, and different from what you would expect to hear in comparison to Clazzi, but it’s still kinda nice. Pleasant on the ears.

What bug’s me Today…

LOL weird title, I know.

But seriously…it’s really getting on my nerves.
So here it is.

I REALLY dislike crazy shipping prices for something that shouldn’t be all that expensive to ship.
So here’s the backstory.
I want an original Nintendo Gameboy. The one I have, it way beyond busted, from all the years as a child…not having a care in the world whether I dropped it. (My current NDSL is babied like there is no tomorrow…the things you do as you get older…) Anyway seeing as it doesn’t work, and I felt like playing my old games (which I didn’t have very many to start off with. Asian parents = not wasting time and money on frivolous entertainment as a child…), I logged onto EBAY, despite all the horrors of the new president person.

So I saw several that were decent, people swore up and down that they worked. Then I saw a deal. The console, games, battery pack, blah blah…and it started at 5 dollars. Then I checked out shipping, seeing as many sellers didn’t ship to Canada. $45 dollars?!
Everyone else was shipping them for around 10-25 dollars. But 45?that markup, no matter how cheaply you are starting your bids, cannot justified!

Anyway…I’m still looking. But even after all these years…it’s still pretty expensive to get one of these things. I guess its cause it was the first of its kind, type of thing. But I do want one. So that’s my new mission. Get a Classic Gameboy :)

Hopefully I don’t get screwed by sellers, wish me luck.