Yet another SDM 20x the Points Event…

Oh dear goodnes!

I just read this in the RFD’s forum. Love that I get an extra heads up on this. Cause I am LOVING the Sunblock I bought last time around, and seeing as I will be using TONS playing softball, might as well get another tube.

I will start making a list of some of the things I want to buy…

So maybe you should too^^

And share some of the things you might pick up…cause I need a few ideas to fill in the extra 20 bucks~ I can’t fill it all up with chocolate…otherwise…well…the obvious. ha.

PS My packages have yet to arrive. I’m expecting end of this week, or early next. I hope sooner than later :)

PPS Who isn’t addicted to TaeYang’s new single?? 나만바라봐 / Only look at me / Look at me.

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Silk Naturals, thank you??

Anyway I wrote about my experience with SN here.

I found that I wasn’t buffing it into my skin as well as I should have, which is why I needed to reapply after such a short while.

The main reason why I am writing about this again, is not to mention that the sealer is out, but rather to make a comment about what my mother asked/said to me the other day.

“My daughter, you look so lovely lately.”
“Oh really? Heh, must be the new foundation that I’ve been using.”
“Hmmm,” Mother contemplates that answer. Then replies with, “Do you have a boyfriend?”
I am completely floored by this answer. “Uh, no. Why?”
“You have this glow (that only a girl would get if she had a boyfriend).”
“Well, no, I think the foundation is just making my skin nicer. I’m pretty sure it’s the foundation.”


Anyway I didn’t share my recipe for SN.
I use 10 scoops of white, a scoop of buttery gold, and one scoop of warm
(When I tried BE, I got the Light/Fairly Light kit. So I think that this colour is a little bit darker than that.)
Which means I probably shouldn’t buy the actual refills for buttery gold, but get the samples, seeing as that is what I am still using at the moment. (Those samples last forever! I’m still using them!)

I think the other reason why I am mentioning this, is because I am anticipating my EDM samples. Some people actually prefer this to SN, because it comes as an actual colour. Which is wonderful in its own way, seeing as it took me forever to mix the right colour for me.

Plus, isn’t that just funny?
Because SN works so well on my face, my momma thinks I’ve got me a man. I don’t know whether I should be happy…or sad. Haha…

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I gotta have it…Now!

I’m antsy.

Why you ask?

I want my Electric Cosmetics Haul! I was browsing this lovely site, when I noticed the post about their sale. So quickly I searched the site, seeing as it ending in a day! Anyway I put in an order…

Malignity Rouge& List Free Sample: Sassy Vixen
Cinnamon& List Free Sample: Allure
Frost& List Free Sample: Hey Doll

Because the colours were gorgeous, it was SO difficult for me to choose. But I ended up with those 3. I love the fact that they come with samples. Each order produces one sample for every jar! How cool is that?! Unfortunately what sucks is the shipping. For my order, it was 4.50. Booo…Not that it’s their fault. Luckily I will be going to visit my cousin in NYC soon, so when I do go, and I fall further in love with the colours, I will send them over to her place, and I will bring them back with me, when I return. Except…I wonder if I can wait that long…

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“20X the Points” event at Shoppers Drug Mart


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So imagine my surprise when I got an email on Thursday, from SDM, about a correction. The correct was to retitle the email, as 20X the points!
If they had not resent it…I might not have paid any attention to what was going on around me, and noticed too late. But luckily they did, and I got to plan a bit on what I needed to buy.
But of course, as per usual, I got distracted. So I ended up only getting what is pictured there.
(Sorry for the pathetic excuse of a picture. I edited it to add in the writing, and it messed up the colours.)

Other than the Jamierson. I have yet to try the other 3 out. So hurray I’ll have something to post soon enough.

On another note, I put in an order at CoastalScents, and Everyday Makeup just a few hours ago. So when those come in, I’ll have something else to share as well^^

Bio-Oil and Hyrdafresh Gel-Creme


So I bought this at the last 20X the points event at SDM.

And have yet to do a proper review on it. Sad. Esh. In my defense, I’ve been busy…Very Very busy…*shifty eyes…*

Ok So first up is Bio-Oil

Alright, so I can’t lie. Like I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I have wanted this item since I saw some people reviewing it on Unfortunately for me, it was not available in North America. So I patiently waited. And waited. Stalked the website to see when it would come over to us.

Then the news finally broke late December 2007. It was here.

So every time I went out to a Shoppers, I made sure to check to see if there was one in stock.

Long story short, I got my hands on one. Sucks I bought it at 13.99, cause a week after it was 9.99. On sale. Though seeing as I got the last one when I first bought it, I wouldn’t have been guaranteed that it would still have been there a week later.

Let’s recap my face.

  • slow cell turn over, meaning my pores get clogged VERY easily
  • my t-zone is the oiliest on my face
  • I majorly break out with stress, but that isn’t to say that I don’t break out in general
  • I scar pretty easily in general
  • I have red areas on my face (typically around my nose)
  • my skin is highly sensitive…booooo
  • visible pores…another booooo….
  • and finally, I’ve got slightly uneven skin tone

I know lots have claimed that this helped reduce their acne, and cleared their skin…blah blah blah.

In truth the reason why I went for this is for the moisturizing effect, and because of my easily scarring skin. So based on that, I felt that it does help out a lot. Yes it is an oil, but because of the whole “dry oil” thing, it isn’t so slick that I look like I dipped my face in oil. Luckily for me, it doesn’t make me break out more, but that is because I am massaging it into my face, unlike some others, that I believe rub it into their skin, aggravate their skin, and end up clogging their pores with all that annoyance.

When I used it reguarly, I did find that it helped to minimize the redness around my nose. Something I’ve had for a good…8 years of my life, and it helped to minimize it. I found that it also helped to smooth out my skin on my upper cheeks.

What did I like about it the most?
Well a few days ago, I had this semi-allergic reaction to something, and broke out in this WEIRD way. I haven’t broken out like that since I was in highschool… So I was completely floored. Also it itched SO much that I had to pop allergy meds for a day. In any case, the oil, despite the fact that it’s not supposed to, helped to ease my itch, and pain. I put a dab on, and just lightly patted it on. It seemed to react to it well, seing as it started coming down after two days. Which, if I compare it to highschool years (oh those dreaded years,) would take several more days to completely heal. These things were my biggest annoyance in HS. I would dread my monthly because of it.

Anyway, when used in the proper moderation that is suggested in the booklet, and instructions were followed, I felt that it was a good face massage to end a day. Personally it didn’t make me break out, though others have for one reason or another, but I got lucky. Or so I believe :P

At SDM, I was with my friend, and as we passed by the aisle, she started raving about it when she saw it. And seeing as I was going to buy a new bottle of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Gel, I figured I would try this out first.

The reason why she loved it was because it was very light, and still moisturized her face. She loved the dewy effect it gave her skin, and also seemed to minimize her oily skin.

So, I shelled out the 18.99 for this thing, and the next morning I tried it out. (Since then, I have used it pretty much every day.)

What do I have to say?
So I have weird skin, therefore sometimes this isn’t enough to moisturize my skin the whole day. I mix a bit of Jamieson E cream into it, and then put it on. I do agree that it is very light. A few weeks ago, when it was ridiculously warm out, I put it on, under my foundation, and DANG it looked great. I didn’t feel like I was sweating it off, and well it smoothed out my skin. has varying results, so basically I can only assume this is a huge hit-or-miss. I find that this is great for a summer/warmer weather moisturizer. It contains SPF 15, and helps to manage my skin during the days. I would say that it is somewhat comparable to Clinique, and for the price, well…I really like it^^

Review Design a Tea

So about 2 weeks back, I received an envelope.

Puzzled I opened it, and found…2 packets of my sample tea I ordered few weeks before!
I was excited to try them out…

I found that I misunderstood what was written on the site. I thought it meant that you get two teas favours with two different bases. So for my black tea I picked Apple, Perppermint. And Raspberry, coffee for my green tea base.

But since I misunderstood the description…

I got one Black Tea Base with Apple & Peppermint Flavouring.
And one Green Tea Base with Raspberry & Coffee Flavouring.

AH! I can’t believe I made that mistake! Cause…Any normal person wouldn’t pick Raspberry & Coffee!

But oh how I wish we could share scents over the internet :P
Cause I opened it up to see what sort of disastrous tea I got, I was surprisingly greeted with a smell that wasn’t as disastrous as I had first thought.

The smell wasn’t over powering, and well even the taste was quite alright.
SWEET! I luckily made it out alright in this whole tea sampling.

In any case, a dollar to try specialty teas was quite fun. You get a coupon for 2 dollars off your next purchase with the 1 dollar sample (the dollar is to over shipping.) And overall, I might take that offer soon!

Just a note about the website, it is very well constructed. Very informative about the different types of teas, and what they are supposed to offer in terms of health benefits. They have a wide selection of flavours so it’s a fun experiment to try out.


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