Retail Review: Club Monaco

Ok, so recently I had a majorly infuriating experience with Club Monaco.

Almost as bad as my “I never want to step into a GAP let along buy anything from it!”.

Here’s the deal.

A good friend of mine needed to buy a suit for a very important interview. We found one that was managable, but not a favourite or sure seller in both our tastes…but we bought it just in case we wouldn’t be able to find anything else.

Then we stepped into the Club Monaco at the Toronto Eaton Centre.
We found the most gorgeous style for her…except we needed a different size. Lucky girl is so petite that we needed a size smaller…the smallest size they had. Though the comps said that they should have 3 sizes left, the sales associates were unable to locate any one of them. So we got one of them to check, and was able to locate one at Bloor and Museum Station. But, this was the second choice suit, cause they didnt have the first gorgous one that we wanted. Anyway seeing as it was already really late, we hopped on the TTC and went ASAP to pick it up.

BUT, when we got there, the SA fumbled with locating the item. Took him AGES. When he finally returned, not only was it the wrong cut that we had asked, it was also the wrong size! So not only did we waste our time trying to buy this thing, BUT IT NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE! I am not a patient person when it comes to matters such as this. Especially cause there were other biological factors, (meaning I was deathly hungry). As I tried my best to smile, my eyes and the type of smile totally gave me away and I was close to kicking the man in the balls. (yes…as unprofessional as that sounds, I did. I won’t lie.) I as calmly as I could, told that I was very disappointed. That I had wasted money, and time for apparently nothing, cause they were unable to follow instructions. I told him the issue that we had, and then…

he told me that he would do whatever he could to help us get it. He told us that he will look in the system, and if he could find the right size and cut, that he would personally pick it up, and have it at his store for us to pick up. He continued to apologize and tell us that he wasn’t sure how such a thing could have happened, and that he would do absolutely anything in his power to do what he could for us. (I told him that she really needed it in 2 days, which is why we came here in the first place. I’m telling you this thing was nice on her…so cute…not that the interviewers care…but this could potentially be the first of her career in the medical industry…still I liked the other gorgeous one better…but alas…)

Anyway…unfortunately for us…he couldn’t locate it in the GTA. So he said that if we could find something suitable (ha…) that he would do his best to compensate for the grave mistake.

So I begrudging walked downstairs to find my friend, and break the bad news for her.

We were unable to find anything else, and so proceeded to leave the store…

But as we passed by the rack…I noticed the gorgeous suits that she first tried on…and just flipped through the sizes. I saw her size. WHAT? I told her, and she checked, and said that it was an 8. I was sure I had seen a 0 so I picked at the sale tag (which was odd to start off with cause they were on sale at this store, whereas the Eaton Centre hadn’t had them on sale…) and found that it was indeed a 0!~ The pants had been placed on the wrong hanger, which was labelled a size 8! She popped them on, loved it, and of course we were set to buy them. As she said…a blessing in disguise. We got to the cash, and the tall, rather nice, and slim guy, told us that he would give us a so-and-s0 discount. He asked if that would be alright? I mean at this point, what can I say? I mean I’m still pissed that we had to travel to be disappointed in the first place, but in the end we were able to find the pair of pants that the computer system first said never existed in the first place!

So I told him we don’t really have a choice, so we will take it. To which he replied…no that’s fine, I can do better. He said I can do better! It wasn’t that I was going to get a better deal for my friend, but the fact that he took this issue personally and did his best to make us completely satisfied! He then doubled the discount, and took the price of the sale. Apparently they were mistagged, so he gave it to us at the sale price, and discounted. So not only did we get a fantastic deal…she got her perfect pants.

We still had to get the suit jacket, so we got him to call in to the TEC again, so that we could go back and pick it up…made him double check that it was the right one, with the right stripings and everything! No matter what, he remained pleasant and controlled, handling the situation. I mean I love being pissed off for long periods of time…But how could I not feel somewhat satisfied when he had done everything he could to help out us, acknowleging our struggles to find the pants that were put on hold?

So in the end, yes I wasted TTC tokens, and a heck of a lot of time to get to a place that never had my item on hold, but I came out feeling taken care of, and loved. (As gushy as that sounds…)

Of course I still wasn’t too happy as we were walking back to the TEC, but it was still a lot better than what I first had to deal with, when I first entered that gorgeous building.

I’m not too sure what his name was. I want to say Matt, cause one of the other SA’s mentioned something like that…But to the guy who was a wonderful help, in such a disapointing situation…Kudos to you.

You are probably was saved me from banning buying anything from Club Monaco EVER again…

Honorable Men…

Do you know when to walk away? Do you know when not to take less than you deserve, if you do, then you’re an honorable man.” -Mama Burke

So grey’s anatomy is one of my guilty pleasures. How could it not? Its got McDreamy! I think its his blue eyes that do it for me…Plus for some very odd reason, I’ve been a fan of Sandra Oh. And just the supernatural drama that goes on…and the SEX! My gosh, who HASN’T slept with who! HA.

Anyway so as I curled up onto the couch that night this episode showed, I did not expect to come away with something. I truly didn’t. I get my fill of the Mer & Derek issue, and the wildness of the stories, and then go study my ass off for my midterms…or something. But that night, I sat there, thinking back to what Mama Burke had said. I sat around long enough that I realized I was watching Big Shots (which by the way is way too weird for my liking. Yes Michael is in it, but still it couldn’t keep me latched,).

Do you know when not to take less than you deserve??

I didn’t.

Well in the past I didn’t. For sure. I thought that the friends I called my friends, were all that I could ever get. But after many years of tears, heartbreak, heartache, and trauma, I found that no…they weren’t all I could get.

Now being a more grownup individual, I take guard. But still, old habits die hard. I’m not in a relationship at the moment, so I don’t really have to worry about having to take less than what I deserve in that department, but the friendship department…that still causes some confusion for me. I know the saying may elude to the idea that its a very snobbish, bitchy thing to do, but really, its taking a stance for yourself. Recognizing that you, as an individual, am much stronger than what you may have first believed. It means that you realize your self-worth, in a non-bitchy way, and never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Now if you are a jerk, thoughtless and inconsiderate, then yes, fine, that’s about all you should deserve, and if not, karma will bite you in the ass one day. But really never settling for anything less than what you deserve should be something we should all live by.

Of course that’s within reason. Just cause you think you are worth 100 bucks an hour, doesn’t mean when push comes to shove, you should ignore that 20 dollar an hour job, cause once again thats just being a jerk. We all have to start somewhere right?

But in respect to our relationships, those who we choose to keep close and dear…yes. I do believe that we shouldn’t settle for anything less than what we deserve.

So well done Mama Burke…I mean Grey’s Anatomy writers…

Well done.

E.L.F cosmetics

After yesterday’s purchase, I will now forever ban myself from ever buying anything on their site again.

So back in June, I bought a few things from E.L.F for the very first time. I looked up re
views on, and selected a few items that I thought I would be interested in. I placed my order, payed the shipping, and waited.

A few weeks later, I get my package, tear open the envelope…and realize that they didn’t send me an item. I check the invoice, and there on the list was my item, but not checked off in pencil like the others. Apparently it wasn’t in stock. They had a) not told me of that, and b) still charged me like I had received the item. Yes I only really lost out on a dollar, but I was still furious~! Here I was excited to receive the items, after much researching, and I failed to get the one item I would have loved to receive. Anyway what annoyed me even more, was that even after contacting ever single department possible for help…I got no replies in my inbox. And trying to get through to them via phone, was sooo difficult (I was put on hold for very long periods of time.) In the end, I gave up, and said to myself that I would never order from them again.

That is…until the Canadian dollar got stronger, I realized I like my shadows, and I found another 50% off coupon. So I gave it another shot. Unfortunately shipping went up to 8.95 when shipped to Canada, but seeing as I really wanted my products, I really didn’t care that my shipping was more expensive than my purchase of products.

Anyway I confirmed my address, the products, and clicked the button to confirm the total of 14.45. The next page then tells me that my order of 16.45 has been charged to my account, and the items will be processed shortly.


A glitch in the forms charged another 2 dollars to my account, AFTER I confirmed my purchase! So immediately I hunt down my account, check the purchase form, and there it also says 16.45. So I email 3 different departments to get them to change it, and told them about the problem.

This is my first reply.

“Thank you for your order with e.l.f. cosmetics. We have adjusted your order as you requested.

the e.l.f. team

….as I requested? Couldn’t they have apologized for making me stress over this stupidity? Couldn’t they have been more polite in handling the issue? The made it sound like I had asked them to discount my final puchase of 2 dollars, instead of asking them to fix a problem with their system.

I’m big on customer service. Like many others. I think that in order to sell a product properly, you need sales associates to do their job the best that they can, to represent the company the best that they can. If I am being nice to you, treating you with as much kindness as I can, I expect the same.

Luckily I received another email from a different department…

“We apologize for any confusion. Here is a copy of your invoice, with $8.95 shipping applied.
the elf team”

at least there was an apology?
Now…I’m stuck on whether I should buy more things or not…ESH!


Home Pregnacy Test @ Dollarama


So I stumbed upon this a few months back, while just browsing around, trying to find more ways to spend my dollars. And alas I came across…

The Dollarama Home Pregancy Test!

It was the most ridiculous thing ever. I can understand that you might be in a severe cash pinch, and crave a good piece of chocolate, only to settle for more “bang-for-your-buck” than a regular old Mars bar…but to think that someone would think…

“Holy Crap! I missed my period! I’ve got no money! What am I gonna do?!?!”

“Hey, I know, go to Dollarama and pick up a home pregnacy test, you will just have to skip out on your bi-weekly coffee treat!”

It’s completely absurd. I mean come on…wouldn’t you want to rely on something that is more sound, in the sense that it is more reliable? It just seems really sketchy to me that you would buy it from there, if you were really that interested to know if you were pregnant.

I know I’m not a tester for home tests, so it could be possible that the logistics involved in making a test isn’t all that complicated, and able to recreate under a dollar…but it just seems…weird.

Anyway, I was just reminded and thought I would share that thought…

Note to self: don’t buy cheap when you shouldn’t be…


Happy Thanksgiving.

Every year we are reminded of being thankful.

With all the weird balls I’ve been thrown by life, I can say that it’s way to hard to be thankful…but that’s only if you let it be hard.

What can I be thankful for…

  • my health (despite me not being able to bounce back faster from colds…)
  • my family (despite my family driving me crazy at times…)
  • that I can see, so I can read all these books (of course my glasses do aid me in this)
  • being able to walk, get on and off the public transportation buses (despite having weak knees and having ruined my ankles with all the years of softball)
  • my fingers/hands so I can type, and do things that involve fingers/hands (despite not being able to play the violin properly because of my broken finger…)
  • my voice, so I can sing in the shower and yell at my brother (depsite hating hearing my own voice)

Ok…so all my thankful’s are kinda stupid, especially with my stupid ‘despites’ but I am thankful. For a support group that helps me get through my weeks, for concerned friends at just the right times, for being able to find enough strength to tackle the challenges that are thrown at me.


Happy Thanksgiving…


Just cause you ignore something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will go away.

Yeah…that was a DUH moment for me.

Things…since my last post, hasn’t really been any more different. Life has still been quite difficult, a whole bunch of downs and just not enough ups. I’ve dealt with more things than a normal person should at my age, and at times, I feel like enough is enough.

But…scar tissue is something that is tough. Leaves a mark, but nevertheless tough skin. So I journey onwards despite finding it hard to press on. I guess in my case, that’s all that I can really do, press on no matter what.

Anyway I have filled in a lot of my time reading…so I guess I will write more reviews here as well, ontop of whatever else I need to review on…

Korean Drama – “Coffee Prince”


I have no idea what is the fascination with the whole girls pretending/concealing their real identities as women thing, but it seems everyone is doing it! I blame the manga’s! But then again I am completely taken by them, so I guess in the end, I can’t really say very much.

Coffee Prince.

Everyone was anticipating this because of the two main leads. I myself am not a fan of the two leads Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, but because it was getting crazy ratings, I thought I would check it out. As with most asian drama’s, the series started off quite strong. To see Eunchan go through these encounters where she is constantly mistaken for a guy, was kinda funny. It was encouranging that she was also a hard working girl, without much complaint, to make money and help support her family. Her father passed away early on, and was left with her mother and younger sister. She comes across Hangyul through some unusual circumstances, and even is asked to work as his gay “lover” in order to escape all the arranged dates that his grandmother had set up for him. Eventually he comes to rely and trust in Eunchan, hires him to work for his coffee shop…then starts to develop some questionable feelings for him(/her).

The series was pretty interesting. Laughed, giggled, and sympathized for the characters. I know a lot of fans were very happy with the ending…but I’m one who had wished that there would have been a more…developed ending for Eunchan and Hangyul.